Significance of Personal Qualities in Workplace


Personal qualities in workplace

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When we look for a job, everything matters. Naturally, professional qualities are extremely important. It is impossible to carry out a job without them. However, personal qualities of a worker are not less important. This is what experts of our online service are going to speak about in this post. You can totally trust their opinion because they are among the leading specialists in the job search field. Our service offers support and professional advice on the job search related issues. Here our clients can order creation or editing of any professional document or get any other kind of assistance. If you wonder “How to fix my resume?”, the answer is “Fix it here with our help!”. You are welcome to email us or use live chat anytime. The service is available round-the-clock and seven days per week. The additional good news is that discounts and freebies are included. So while you are reading, think about what kind of help you might need and let us know.

There is something wrong with your face...” or personal and business qualities of an employee

Both personal and business qualities are important for an employer. Which qualities are more important? How to treat negative features? Every profession requires its own qualities. We are going to tell in this post how to make a right decision and how to evaluate a prospective employee.

Business and personal qualities

Business qualities of a worker are his (hers) ability to perform particular work duties. The most important among them are the education level and work experience. If you lack them, read our post on how to get a job with zero experience. When you choose employees, you need to be oriented on the profit, which he (she) can give to your company.

Personal qualities characterize an employee as a personality. They become essential when candidates that apply for the same position have an equal level of business qualities. Personal qualities characterize the attitude of an employee to a job. An employer (manager or HR) should be oriented on the independence: an employee should not implement their work but carry out his (hers) duties at the demanded level.

Business qualities are the following:

  • education level;
  • specialty, qualification;
  • work experience, occupied posts;
  • work efficiency;
  • analytic abilities;
  • quick adaptation to new information systems;
  • fast learning skills;
  • attention to details; readiness for extra work hours;
  • mind flexibility; literacy;
  • analytic way of thinking;
  • clients communication skills;
  • business communication skills;
  • planning skills;
  • report preparation skills;
  • public speaking abilities;
  • organizational skills;
  • pushfulness;
  • professional honesty;
  • scrupulousness;
  • ability to work on several projects simultaneously;
  • ability to make decisions quickly;
  • ability to work with a big amount of information;
  • strategic thinking;
  • striving for self-improvement;
  • creative thinking;
  • ability to conduct negotiations / business correspondence;
  • ability to agree;
  • ability to express one's thoughts;
  • ability to reach an understanding;
  • ability to teach;
  • ability to work on a team (and manage information:;
  • ability to attract people;
  • ability to persuade;
  • nice neat appearance;
  • good speech;
  • good physical shape.

Personal qualities are the following:

  • neatness;
  • activity;
  • ambitiousness;
  • conflict-free temper;
  • fast reaction;
  • politeness;
  • attentiveness;
  • discipline;
  • initiative;
  • resourcefulness;
  • communicativeness;
  • maximalism;
  • persistence;
  • creativity;
  • charisma;
  • being organized;
  • responsible attitude to a job;
  • decency; loyalty;
  • adherence to principles;
  • punctuality;
  • decisiveness;
  • self-control;
  • self-criticism;
  • independence;
  • modesty;
  • stress-resistance;
  • tact;
  • patience;
  • exactingness;
  • diligence;
  • self-confidence;
  • stable mental state (calm down your job interview nerves with our help);
  • sense of purpose;
  • honesty;
  • energy;
  • enthusiasm;
  • ethicality.

Qualities selection

If a resume contains more than 5 qualities, this is the signal that a candidate is not able to make a smart choice (in this case it would be better to use professional resume crafting). In addition, the standard "responsibility" and "punctuality" have become banal, so ask in detail what these words mean when you have such opportunity. A good example is a phrase "high work efficiency": it may mean "ability to work with a big amount of information", meanwhile an applicant means "readiness for extra work hours".

A candidate can express such general notions as "work motivation", "professionalism", "self-control" in other words, which are more specific and meaningful. Pay attention to qualities that do not match each other. To make sure that a candidate is honest we can ask him (her) to give examples to the presented qualities.

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Negative qualities of a worker

Sometimes they are also added to a resume. In particular: hyperactivity, excess emotionality, greed, vindictiveness, impudence, inability to lie, inability to work on a team, restlessness (inability to sit calmly), touchiness, absence of work experience / education, lack of sense of humor, bad habits, addiction to gossip, directness, self-confidence, modesty, weak communication skills, striving for conflict creation. Get help building your resume online and present your weaknesses as strengths.

An applicant that mentions in a resume negative qualities can be honest or can be mistaken (learn how to make your resume flawless). If you want to know what problems you may have with a candidate, ask him (her) to enumerate some negative qualities. Be ready to provide the candidate with an opportunity to present negative qualities in a favorable light. For example, excess energy means easy adaptation ability and quick switching from one task to another; directness can be very useful in the negotiation process.

Qualities for different professions

Certain professional qualities are required in almost all fields of activity. You can make it easier for the candidates and limit their number a little bit if you add information about required characteristics to vacancy advertising. For a worker in the promotion and entertainment field the main qualities are communicability, ability to work on a team and attract people. The list of beneficial features also includes charisma, self-confidence, energy. In the sales field the list of the best qualities is the following: mind flexibility, skills of communication with clients, ability to make a deal, work on a team, also, quick reaction, politeness, persistence, activity. If you are active, then the career ideas perfect for extroverts will suit you as well.

A leader in any field should have such professional qualities as organizational skills, ability to reach an understanding and work on a team, resourcefulness, conflict-free temper, charisma and ability to teach. The abilities to make decisions quickly, self-confidence, attentiveness and self-control are also important.

The strengths of a worker that deals with a big amount of data (an accountant or a system administrator): attention to details, carefulness, ability to learn quickly, attentiveness, organization, ability to work with a big information amount, of course.

A secretary position implies various positive qualities: skills of interaction with clients, of business communication, literacy, ability to conduct negotiations and business correspondence, ability to perform several tasks simultaneously. Also, the attention should be paid to such features as good appearance (here is a related post on the best outfits to get hired), attentiveness, sense of tact and stability, reliability. In any profession responsibility, attentiveness and stress-resistance are very helpful. However, candidates do not always treat these qualities seriously when mention them in their resume.

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Evaluation of professional qualities of a worker

Sometimes, a company evaluates and tests new employees before hiring them not to waste time and money on their testing. Special staff assessment centers exist for this purpose. The list of testing methods for those who prefer doing it personally is the following:

  • Recommendation letters
  • Tests. They include ordinary proficiency tests and abilities tests, also, personal and biographical tests.
  • Interviews (if this is your weak point, here are helpful ways to answer about yourself on an interview).
  • Employee’s knowledge and skills test.
  • Role-play or cases.

A role-play will help figure out whether a candidate suits you. Create some usual for this position situation and look at how the candidate will manage to cope with it. For example, test the candidate’s skills of interaction with clients. You personally or one of your competent workers can be a customer and a candidate is asked to demonstrate his (hers) actions. You can set a goal, which he (she) needs to achieve during the play, or just observe his (hers) behavior and work style. Such method will tell much more about a candidate rather than “personal qualities” block in a resume. Cheap resume editing services will make all blocks of your resume worthy.

Defining the assessment criteria, you may base on business qualities: punctuality, potential amount and quality of performed work, experience and education, skills, etc. To get more efficiency make an emphasis on those qualities that are required for a position, which a candidate is applying for. Consider candidate’s personal qualities to be sure about him (her) as a specialist. You can conduct assessment in the form of the candidates’ rating, giving each of them marks “+” or “-” for each particular criterion. Thus the candidates will get points and will be divided into groups and levels. Avoid mistakes related to the evaluation, such as prejudgment or stereotypes. Also, do not give too much importance to one of the criteria.

Qualities that distinguish the best workers from the “medium” ones

People often ask themselves: “What to do to make others notice and appreciate my contribution?” Sometimes it goes just about recognition of the importance of the job they perform, but sometimes a worker expects to be promoted. They say “Great job!”, “Well done!”, “Continue doing the same!” but at the same time there is no promotion and a career remains at the same level. However, do not become obsessed with your career:

There was conducted research to find out what distinguishes an outstanding worker from just a competent one. There were gathered more than 50 thousand questionnaires with the evaluations of more than 4100 workers for the last five years. Thus “good” employees (with a mark from 40 to 70%) were compared with the “best” ones (a mark more than 90%). The very first thing that strikes the eye is the incredible gap in productivity. We have prepared the best tips that will help increase productivity at work significantly.

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What makes some workers outstanding? The best ones are more productive than medium ones ( The productivity percentage is 46% for the medium employees and 89% for the best ones. What leader qualities distinguish the best workers from just good employees? Here is a list that begins with the most important features and proceeds with the qualities of less importance. Both, men and women can become great. However, such phenomenon as sexism exists, so it would be better to know how to react sexist interview questions.

1. Outstanding workers set ambitious goals and increase their personal bar of demands. This is a major difference. The best among them set such goals that seem to others unachievable. They not only set them but also achieve them. Furthermore, they encourage others to achieve better results. However, when the survey participants were asked to name four qualities that they considered the most essential for personal achievements, not even one of ten persons mentioned high self-demand. It means that ambitious goals distinguish the best workers from ordinary (because this is something what others do not expect).

Less effective workers perfectly know how to “stretch the time” because they have concluded: the better and faster you perform your work the more tasks you are given. They are afraid that their managers will give them more tasks, that there will be so much work that they will not cope with it. Such problem should worry not only workers but companies as well because it is not fair to “punish” the good staff for its additional efforts.

2. Work on a team. Most respondents gave the following answer to the question about main qualities of a worker: “Ability to solve problems”. The answer “Presence of technical and professional knowledge” took the second place. These qualities are present in both, the best and ordinary workers. The third place was taken by the “ability to work on a team, reach the results with a team”. This is what distinguishes really great workers from simply competent. Also, great workers know how to combine travel and a job and get the maximum benefit from both processes.

Many people prefer working independently from their co-workers. Some of them think that their “solo” will be noticed sooner. They recollect their school where everyone is evaluated according to personal efforts and results of different tests. However, in this case such people do not understand the main company or organization purpose, which is with the help of joint efforts to create new values, which separately or outside the company / organization cannot be created.

3. They represent their working team willingly. The best workers represent their team in other departments or structural parts of a company effectively. If you want to stand out, then you need to be courageous, raise your hand and take the responsibility to represent your team. In such a way you will gain acclaim, build new contacts and get useful experience (

4. They do not resist the changes but feel glad about them. There are people who are afraid of changes and do not want to accept any reform. There are companies that consist of such people. Such companies are often called “frozen”. Of course, changes are always hard to accept, but they are vitally important for the company existence. The best workers more quickly and willingly accept the changes as in practice, so as in strategy.

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5. They take the initiative. Often the team members due to their subordinate position just sit and wait when someone tells them what to do. Often introverts behave like this. That is why we present the top careers for introverts that may come in handy. Whereas the great workers do not wait for orders but express their mind and offer help. Think about the programs and projects that are in the execution process right now. Do you have relation to any of them? Have you participated in the process? Initiative is always something bigger than mere performance of current tasks and duties.

6. They say, they do. Some people easily agree to do something but then they throw it out of the head. Do they forget about it? Hardly, more likely this is deception or cheating. If you have agreed to implement something, you have to finish it, whatever time and powers it may take (but only if you really can fulfill this). The best workers pay much attention to the fact that their promises should correspond to the reality. They are perfect role models for others. This is the quality, which the whole reference group has evaluated with the highest point. In other words, the matching of a word with an action is an obligatory condition. However, the best team members are not satisfied with this only. They are extremely scrupulous and always implement what they promise. Do not cheat and do not let others cheat you. Read the resume lies you probably don't know, in addition.

7. They rely on common sense. If there is a technical question or a doubt about the practical use of some offer, the best workers think about this issue from all possible sides and do not hope that it all will solve itself somehow. The decision-making takes very little time but the consequences are extremely big. Great leaders are ready for any decision and think in advance about who and how can suffer if something goes wrong.

8. They can stand the failures. Nobody can be right all the time. Sooner or later everyone faces failures and disappointments. The best workers admit their mistakes and move on. They are not focused on their own mistakes or mistakes of others. They ignore the remarks that can offend them. They realize that reputation can be damaged not by mistakes but by the absence of desire to admit them and learn. We present the list of dull jobs, beware of them. A worker will not have desire to build a career or improve oneself carrying out a dull job.

9. They criticize others honestly. We tend to think that the critics are the privilege of our bosses. This is true but partially. No one expects criticism from a colleague. However, this is how the best workers can stand out and help others with their advice or remark. Even an equal criticism from co-workers is important because almost no one ever hears it. The only condition is to make it with good intentions: you can demonstrate your co-worker how you would treat the problem, ask some questions gently, point at something that is done wrong and at the same time remind your colleague what he (she) has performed well and correctly. All this is very useful and the best workers know how to make remarks so that others treat them not as harsh criticism but as demonstration of good intentions (

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If you want to stand out, it is enough to bring to life at least something from the mentioned tips and you will be noticed. So we advise choosing one-two tips that will suit your position and activity field the most. There is sense to ask your boss or colleagues how much efficient you are in these aspects. First of all, their advice will help you see yourself from another side. And second of all, if you share your self-development plans with other workers, it will be easier to bring them to life. There is more, having learned what goals you set, your boss will manage to select such tasks for you that will contribute to your further development and growth.

If you are a boss, try to conduct discussions with the subordinates time to time, help them learn such behavior patterns that will help them stand out among others. This will contribute to their career development. Also, they will bring more benefit to the company. Read more helpful tips here:

What role do personal qualities play in the job search process?

Any person can lose a job, and suchlike trouble usually turns into a pretty difficult stage for anyone. However, if you face this trouble, do not panic because thus you will only make the situation worse and reduce your “price” in the market. Each profession is demanded today. So the knowledge of how to use professional and personal qualities in work gives the chance to get the desired position.


It is possible to handle the stress and find a new job quickly if you possess a set of particular personal qualities. First of all, it is required to get mobilized, demonstrate activity and to be able to cope with a hard situation. There is no need to think much about the failures and errors, try to find the guilty ones or blame yourself that the situation has happened. A quick evaluation of mistakes and wrong actions, plan of further actions is what is required now. When it all is done, it is high time to start looking for a new job. Pay attention that a prospective employer can treat with suspicion the fact that a job seeker has been looking for work for more than two months.

Flexibility and patience

Flexibility and patience as personal qualities that help in the search are especially important for older job seekers. Analyzing the labor market situation today we can see that most leaders of big companies are energetic young people that choose a suitable for them team. Consciously or unconsciously they set certain age limits for each vacancy in advance.

It is necessary to have much patience and flexibility in communication not to get focused on such approach of employers. This is the only way you will manage to be employed. You need to demonstrate persistence and present yourself as a specialist regardless of age (or maybe even thanks to it because work experience is also counted in years).


An employment process does not happen without an interview, during which a candidate needs to present oneself as a self-confident personality and demonstrate personal charm and broad outlook. Even if you are a specialist in your field, no one can guarantee that you will be definitely hired for work.

Employers during the interview often want to hear an affirmative answer to their question: “Will you manage to deal with a direction that you do not know well or have never dealt with before?” Being confident inside that you will definitely cope with it, you will manage to increase your chances to get a job significantly.

It is important to notice that you should never try to make an impression of an “unsettled, offended by fate” person and look pitifully at the eyes of a recruiter. You should always present yourself with dignity, demonstrate interest and never crouch.


If a person does not possess the skills of effective communication, this fact very often nullifies all other personal qualities that can be useful for work. This rule works for all fields of activity. Besides, in this case the job search efficiency depends on the presence of useful contacts or on the wide net of personal contacts (as experts say). Professional recruiters advise paying more attention to the creation of such net. Also, do not forget about the skillful handling of your contacts in emergency cases. Although, today many people apply to recruitment agencies for help, eventually many employers give preference to the “recommended” job seekers.

Unconventionality and courage

Imagine such situation when your candidacy is suitable but the offered salary is lower than at the previous workplace. To refuse or agree? Psychologists believe that if you accept a lower salary, it will not reduce your self-esteem but, on the contrary, such situation will encourage you to prove that you deserve more. Furthermore, being sure about your professionalism, you can make the paradoxical move: accepting the job offer, simultaneously you ask to increase your salary on condition that during the first month you will perfectly cope with your professional duties. This is quite a non-standard and challenging move, however, in practice, such kind of courage is always rewarded.

An updated modern resume makes the job search faster

We hope we have managed to prove that personal qualities matter a lot in the job search process. Naturally, this is not the only factor that can help you get the desired position. A competently written modern resume is another essential factor (maybe even the most essential). If you want to get the maximum profit, it would be better to order professional resume writing. Experts and specialists in this field will edit and update your resume. As a result you get your professionally written modern selling resume that will increase your cost in the market. Order it on our site and you will start getting more interview invitations and job offers immediately. Low prices, discounts up to 20%, bonuses and different freebies will surprise you pleasantly. All customers will find something to their liking and demands. Do not miss the chance to get the wanted job and build a more successful career.

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