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These several minutes of reading will make one’s wages at least twice bigger for good. Forget everything read before about resume creation. A lot of tips given by different sites and services are total nonsense. They are written in the interests of companies, representatives of which publish them. No one of them is interested to help a candidate to sell resume expensive if possible. They are interested in a single thing: make one’s resume adapted to expectations of these companies. Listen to professionals, who have already worked with a great number of resumes and are really aware of making it as much attractive as possible. We mean professional resume writers of best online company. Let’s make a deal in the very beginning: there should be no deception in resume, truthful information only. Our lifehacks are devoted to issue of making resume really great without lie.

Lifehacks for resume, which will double one’s wages

There are easy ways of how to get an increase in wages, among which search of new job is on the last place. However, it often happens that further development is possible only after job change. How not to lose a chance and get a really amazing job offer – this is what we are going to tell about. We believe that salary is a reflection of an employee’s value for a company. So, each person has to find a job with a maximal salary. It will mean that:

  • a company really need this very employee;
  • a company appreciates him / her;
  • it will continue investing in a worker, because having invested much money, they will want to get maximum efficiency;
  • a candidate has found work of a dream.

There is so-called three-sphere model in one’s career: sphere #1 is love of work; sphere #2 is qualification; sphere #3 is wages. When all three spheres match, it means that one has perfect career. In this model salary size is such a factor, which allows to say that one has perfect work.

1. Realize it: resume is a greenback, not an invitation

There is a mind that it works as a pass card, which gives access to interview. Making potential future boss contact a candidate is its major target. Opinion like this is extremely incorrect, it has “ruined” a lot of professional employees. For instance, a man thinks that if he has worked at Microsoft, Yandex, Google etc. companies, then it does not matter what is written in resume; mentioning suchlike workplaces is half the battle. Somewhat, it is true: suchlike resume will definitely make a recruiter interested, but not more.

Resume main aim is to show real value of its owner as a professional employee. If it does not demonstrate real value at once, then in interview process it will be much harder to demonstrate this. There are situations when a candidate is amazing, but employers, looking at his / hers resume, think: “Something bothers me about this resume… I will keep on looking for someone else”. So, it is necessary to work on resume hard before sending it to potential employer.

Recruiter is interested in making resume look expensive. If a recruiter works at an agency, then income depends on income of candidates, whom recruiter finds for customers’ vacancies. If a recruiter works at a company, then recruiter is interested in filling their vacancies with candidates of highest qualification, what gives a hope to get bonus. Why do we keep saying “recruiters”? Recruiter or HR is a person, who gets resume first, and recruiter is a worker, who makes decision on where to direct this very paper next. So, now our intention is to tell what to undertake to make wages at least twice bigger.

2. Think it: ways to sell resume

This kind of paper should look great. Recruiter should want to buy it. For recruiters resume is among main working tools. People, for example, care of what program interface or site design they see and deal with. Anyone will make an attempt to avoid interfaces, which he / she does not like. The same is about recruiters: if a resume interface does not conform them, desire to deal with such resume is smaller.

An experienced recruiter, if likes candidate’s resume content, will redo it and make it more selling. However, this is an exception, rather than rule. Next expert, after recruiter, who is going to look through candidate’s resume, is a potential employer or HR manager (useful tips from HR are here: In such a way, this paper passes check two, sometime even three times. Good resume causes desire to read it all and reread it again.

3. Get maximum number of scores

HR managers get from one hundred to three hundreds resumes per day. So, manager spends only five to ten second to look through every next received written paper. These seconds are required to look at main resume elements: photo, name, dates of workplaces change, companies’ names and occupied positions, education.

Recruiters do not read thoroughly every resume, but look through its main blocks, searching for key words, which he is interested in. Find ways to add keywords to resume in our blog.

When recruiter looks through paper, he gives points to its elements. If resume get necessary score number, recruiter starts to process it: makes a phone call to a candidate, sends interview invitation, shows resume to a customer, etc. Wherein, each paragraph of resume can bring new points as well as take previously got ones.

4. Customize it in conformity with profession

Universal resume is a dream of any job seeker. However, this is just a dream. In reality we have many resume types (check out our tips on effective international resume). Each one is targeted to present essential profession features. Thus, for jobs in selling sphere, for example, it is essential to demonstrate how an applicant has earned money at a workplace. Technical and IT professions require to demonstrate possession of different required qualities, marketing jobs demand implemented projects, etc.

5. Demonstrate personal development

Separated elements, which maintain information on work, education, training, etc. can not be called resume. Priceless brilliant resume is created in a history of success format. What is meat here? It goes about resume that gives clear idea on how education, work path, different training and diplomas, individual features and required position are connected. If there is no logic in these elements, recruiter will probably neglect it or just put it aside. Achievements at each workplace should be mentioned. If companies’ names do not reflect career development, then it should be clear from duties and achievement description.

Good resume is a resume that is written and rewritten. During its history (from very first till last workplace) resume needs to be rewritten up to twenty or even thirty times. Furthermore, first class resume is the one, in which every phrase brings it more value.

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6. Take an example landing sites

Everyone most likely has already visited amazing landing sites. Resume paper has to look even greater than these sites. One will definitely want to get acquainted with its full text. Every next word combination makes customers want to purchase it. There are no troubles connected with orientation in paper elements. By the way, resume paper needs to correspond to commonly accepted norms. In such a way, if a candidate is not a representative of any creative profession, background images in resume paper must be avoided or removed if present (list of several creative professions is here:

7. Business spoken language and nothing else

HRs often attach great significance to resume language. It should consist of simple words, word combinations, formalism (words copied from job description) must be avoided, phrases should be written by a candidate personally, not copied from internet. All sentences need to be short enough, without compound and complex structures.

In overwhelming majority of cases it is better to replace official or book word with a colloquial, long word with a short one, complex with simple, abstract with specific. Also, be careful when build resume in English or foreign language. It requires especial attention.

8. Ideal order of paper blocks

We have seen huge variety of paper units order along with their presentation. To our mind, perfect order of blocks in paper is as following:

  • Full name (first and last name)
  • Photo
  • Contacts (only phone number with locality name, home address should not be mentioned)
  • Goal – post, which a candidate would like to occupy. Avoid clichés, such phrases are not taken seriously any longer.
  • Duties – experienced candidates fill in this field. HR probably will look through this unit only, so it requires special attention.
  • Education
  • Courses
  • Work experience (at the top – last workplace, lower – previous workplaces)
  • Additional information (whatever useful candidate may add).

9. Format it: font, type size, no tables, single line spacing

Here everything is very simple. Any type of written paper needs to have common for everyone format. There was pretty widespread font, but now Calibri and Arial became more widely used. Consequently, HR managers recommend to create resume using these fonts.

All resumes are better to have the same font size. There is exception for headlines only, which are allowed to be typed two size points bigger. Also, a lot of recruiters are categorically against tables in resumes. Text in tables can be damaged, thus, resume looks extremely unattractively. List of duties and other lists are better to be presented as bullet lists. If resume contains links to portfolio, it is better to use short link service (for example,

This is how almost perfect resume looks. Why almost perfect? Here are several brief tips, which lead to perfection:

  • take photo on a monophonic background (white or gray)
  • mention one telephone number only (why should recruiter think what to choose?)
  • use personal e-mail, not workplace e-mail
  • remove family status (read more about what to remove from resume)
  • combine competencies and key experience; cut sentences to seven-ten words and present them in the form of a list
  • remove recommendations
  • remove all possible mistakes and misprints
  • do not write duties on more than ten lines
  • make all links short  (,
  • general volume no more than two pages.

10. Making resume look costly

So, let’s sum it up what can make resume look costly. Our experts give advice to people on how to improve their resumes. Representatives of various professions (ordinary salesmen, company heads) send us written resume papers. Often we see the same mistakes. All pieces of advice given above are aimed at making created papers more valuable, more expensive. Go ahead, use them, make it bring profit!

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