Why Keyword Is Important Part Of Every Resume


Have you known that a job-seeker, who is at the job searching site, spends just one minute on looking through a job posting? This time is not enough to go deeply into the sense of it. It’s not enough even to read the text to the end. General info about the position, the job requirements and responsibilities are usually left out of eyeshot. The job-hunter is able just to run the eyes over it and press ‘Apply’ without thinking for too long. Is this vacancy really of any value for him or he sends his resume here just out of curiosity? While his motives are inexplicable and seem harmless, his actions increase the number of applicants’ responds, which a recruiter should process and the procedure of searching for the best candidate increases three-fold. How can a great and solid corporation find the needed worker in the shortest possible time? The short path has already been found.


Every Second Counts

Just imagine how many letters, resumes, and phone calls receive a recruiting department daily. It’s really hard for a hiring manager not to go crazy. Add dozens of resumes that are sent by those, who have no real interest in the proposed vacation and who are called just the resume spammers, and it will become clear that a hiring process is a killing undertaking.

Although being engaged in resume compiling is considered to be a hard trial that irritates its performer, in fact, the mission of a hiring manager is not easier. A serious man with moustache, who is drinking coffee all day long, smoking a thick cigar with no stop, getting great satisfaction from looking through the resumes sent to him, and choosing between two stamps ‘Approve’ or ‘Reject’ is just a figment of too naive job-seekers’ imagination. A recruiter is a workaholic, who is always in hurry and for whom every second counts. As he receives too much correspondence daily, some new methods of reducing stress, economizing time, and providing more careful selection were designed. ATS is among the best computer programs that have ever been created for making the process of candidates’ selection easier.  

Applicant Tracking System: Simplifying Selection

ATS is a computer program under the name of an Applicant Tracking System, which helps a hiring manager to scan the received resumes for special keywords that are related to a certain job posting automatically. Thus, the resumes, which contain no keywords, are rejected right after they get into the hiring manager’s mail box. Such a novelty that becomes of great popularity among big companies allows to decrease the crazy inflow of unqualified applicants’ resumes, which are of no interest for a company.

The investigations, which have been carried out recently, showed that in general a company receives only 20% of qualified applicants’ resumes, which entirely satisfy the requirements of an employer. 80% of candidates don’t fit for a position at all. An Applicant Tracking System recognizes them at once.

Must-Have For Every Applicant

By knowing the principles of ATS system working, it becomes evident that it is a must-have for a winning resume to contain the keywords. The correlation is not difficult for understanding: the higher percentage of keywords in your resume is, the more chances to pass the ATS control you have. Bad news for the job-seekers, who have already made a decision not to customize their resumes and insert no keywords into them: the advantages you will have in comparison with your competitors are critically small.

If you are still wondering whether to keyword your resume or not to pay extra attention to this question, Resume-writer.net proposes you the next reasons to make the right decision at the end of your reflections.

When your resume is finished and brilliantly polished, when you have already lifted your forefinger to press the button ‘Send Resume’, it’s still not late to check your resume one more time and add some more keywords into it until the fatal error is not made. Remember that keywords help you to:

  1. Be recognized as a human being and not as a bot. The set of properly chosen keywords will not only help you to save several minutes of recruiter’s time and show your great respect even at a distance, but to prevent your resume from being lost somewhere between thousands of other exemplars. Without using the keywords you may be in danger of being marked as a spammer and being blacklisted then.
  2. Stay focused on what is really important. The applicants, who follow the rule ‘The more, the better’ while compiling their resumes, risk hiding the really significant facts too deeply. Hardly a recruiter will look through three pages of a resume in attempt to find the info that is interesting for him. You may win if you compile a list of keywords and insert it somewhere at the beginning of the first page. Let this block be called ‘Skills Summary.’ Long descriptions of your achievements really matter nothing.  
  3. Set your mind properly. The recruiters compile the lists of the important keywords, which are important for a certain position and they insert them into the job posting. By duplicating this terminology and put it into your resume, you show that both you and recruiter speak one and the same language. It’s really important!

One Step Before Resume Is Sent

Take your resume and analyze it. Reread the job posting, to which you apply, and check whether you involved the words that are used in the requirements for the applicants or not. Can’t you do this by yourself? It’s not a reason not to take on your resume improving at all. A number of online agencies specialize in analyzing how well a job-seeker’s resume matches the employer’s requirements. Resume-writing.net is among the top companies, which are able to test the keywords for their relevance and increase your chances to pass through an ATS smoothly.  

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