How To Calm Your Job Interview Nerves


Your hand is on the door handle and there are just several steps, which separate you from the first face-to-face meeting with a hiring manager. Several seconds and you are in the room, the atmosphere of which seems to be asphyxiating for you. You keep holding on to the handle, though the paralyzing fear doesn’t let you make a step forward. You don’t dare to turn around and run away, while also your spirit is not strong enough to come in. Despite your desire to get off the ground, your mouth is so dry that you feel incapable to speak a word. Your hands are getting sweaty and the chill gives you the creeps. It seems that the world around you starts fading away and you need just one second to faint. Your rubbery legs are not able to listen to your commands and you continue standing in all the office workers’ eyes like a stone monument.

Time keeps jogging on but you are still glued to the spot. In fact, you have no way backwards and you are obliged to cope with your trembling anyhow. How long may you stand like this? An hour or more? is a service that is not only able to make a professional resume for you at the first stage of your dream job searching. When your resume has already been approved and marked among the other applicants’ CVs, the super talented specialists are able to give you the best interview answers ideas to not create a wrong impression and fail. Don’t you know how to present yourself and how to calm your nerves during such an important meeting? The next tips will make you regain the presence of your mind and take a firm step into the recruiter’s room. Well, are you ready to open the door bravely and start your job interview trusting in your victory? Good luck then!

No Second Chance To Make The First Impression!

Even the experts in personnel selection don’t doubt the fact that any job interview is a nervous enterprise that sucks out the candidate’s energy up to the last drop. We are here not to explain you the reasons of your nervousness, the appearing of which is of no wonder, but to teach you how to become a bit calmer and not to spoil the main day in your life right off the bat. It seems that everybody knows how to prepare yourself for any business meeting, though if you want to know about more prep, here you are.

  1. Sleep well. It doesn’t mean that you should have an eight-hour sleep right before the day of your coming interview but in the week leading up to this day. A recruiter should see a rested specialist in front of him, whose eyes are bright, life position is active, and there are no panda eyes on his face. A yawning candidate will be hardly highly esteemed.
  2. Do morning exercises. The endorphins, which the physical exercises help to release, are the best depressant. Just several minutes that are spent in any yoga asana are able to calm your nerves and find the balance. Jumping will cheer you up. Running or meditation will help you to stay focused on yourself. Choose the best exercise for yourself and relax through it.
  3. Eat healthy food. Having of a good meal the day before your job interview is not a bad idea, apart from one tiny nuance. Substantial meal will definitely make your body feel more comfortable and nourished, though if you swallow something too exotic or heavy, you risk having the undesirable symptoms in the morning. It is hardly possible that you may feel relaxed while speaking with a hiring manager when your stomach is growling or your breath is not fresh enough because of having too much alcohol the day before.
  4. Practice the interview. Just ask any of your friends or family members to help you with your imaginary interview role playing and they agree to contribute to your success gladly. Think out each your word and movement carefully and take your chance to bring your gestures to perfection.
  5. Pre-visualize your victory. Have you already brushed the teeth and gone to bed? It’s the best time to not stuff your head with needless fears but to imagine yourself the winner. It may seem like a fun, though soon you will see it for yourself that the power of our thoughts is real. Have you still known nothing about visualization methods? You amaze me! Go online and fill this gap immediately!
  6. Wake up earlier. Knowing that you have a plenty of time to do your morning exercises, get to the office, and park your car so that it won’t be seizure by the police is great! Be ready that any force-majeure events may happen to you so it is really better to be ready to them and not to let any unexpectedness throw you out of your stride. Are you afraid of getting to the office too early and pounding the pavement in full public view? Switch on your iPod with your favorite music, go to a café, and take a cup of tea. Don’t order any coffee, please! You need no more jitters!

Inhale! Exhale!

Do you still have some nerves? Being a bit too excited is not the deviation from the norm. Despite your readiness to the tricky questions, your knowledge on how to avoid sexism during job interviews, and your practice in being interviewed, you will have some flutters in your stomach anyhow. Both your and our task is not to let this thrill spread through your body, reach your head, and grip your brain.

Here are all the counsels, which may be given by the specialists in good job searching to such a trembling candidate as you. Show a recruiter that you are able to execute any task under stress and the issue of your assignment to a position will be solved in a matter of minutes. Besides, one more reason not to give in to panic is that you never know whether a hiring manager feels as nervous as his interviewers or not. Take the heat off and make the business conversation pleasant for both the sides. Good luck!