Tell About Yourself Interview Question: Best Way To Answer


It seems that a proposition to tell briefly about yourself is the easiest task for any person. Who of us wants to miss an opportunity to put in a couple of good words for himself? What may really be cooler than launch into a long monologue about your own precious self and express all the thoughts that are in your head? Telling about yourself at great length is a norm, though if your dialogue partner is your old friend and you may let yourself chat with him lightly. Everything seems to be OK apart from one small but weighty nuance: what to tell about yourself not at the time of picnic chatting but during the job interview and which tactic to choose to make your interview winning. A softball question posed by a hiring manager may lead into real stress. Despite this, tell about yourself question has already become an indivisible part of each interview and if you are going to fight for your new job, you should be ready to open your mind in front of your interrogator any moment.

Privacy Intrusion Or Deeper Insight?

The first association that tell me about yourself question usually evokes is a total confusion in an applicant’s head. Why does a recruiter invade your privacy? Is he really so interested in your candidacy or it is just a heady scheme to check a potential employee for adequacy? As everybody understands that each interviewee prepares himself carefully before the interview day and thinks through all the possible questions he may be asked, a human resources executive wants to see the reaction of the candidate to a spontaneous question and listen to his informal answer.

If you turn pale right at the thought of being given such a task and you are afraid that your mind may falter with the prompt reply, the next article prepared by the team of professional resume writers will work in your favor.

Short Guide: How Not To Make Mistakes

By learning from other people’ mistakes, you may pave the way for your perfect career and not fail right at your first job interview. has already filtered the most common mistakes, which the applicants commit while hearing the request to tell any bright episodes from his life. Here are the main items, which it is better to avoid while deliberating over this question.

  1. No resume and cover letter duplicating. There is really no necessity to list all your accomplishments, especially if you have already given this info in your cover documents. Citing of your resume will ring boring. Highlighting of your achievements, which are related to the target position, will be a much better choice.
  2. No dull life stories. ‘I was born in…’ is the most popular, though objectively it is not the best beginning of your answer. Spare the stories from your childhood! It’s better to share your memories with your colleagues after your candidacy is approved. Hardly a hiring manager may be surprised by your great skills in playing the piano or your loving care to the animals. Stay business-minded.
  3. No counterattack. Are you ready to open your mouth and ask in return, ‘What do you want to know about me?’ Poor fellow! Your interview has just been failed. Such a reaction of yours will just show your inability to deliver an unprepared speech and act spontaneously. Such a candidate may hardly encourage sympathy.
  4. No endless monologues. Even if you are proposed to tell about yourself, remember that nobody expects you to break forth into long explanations. Be brief and remember that one minute is the optimal time for your monologue. Thus, you won’t talk anybody ragged and it is quiet good time to communicate the most important episodes from your life. Mind you, from your business life!

Forewarned Is Forearmed: Way To Victory

As you have already been told which issues it’s better to stand aback from, it’s time to go into the question at large and get know what to do when you are posed a tell about yourself question anyhow.

  1. Meet a requirement. The only desire, which you should be guided with while thinking over how to tell about yourself more favorably, is to please the interviewer instead of to fill your own communication gap. Try to build your speech accordingly to the info you possess and do your best to tailor your answer to the needs of the company. Your main task is to show that you have all the qualities the employer wants to see in his ideal worker.
  2. Find the best story. Do you have a lot of successful stories from your past life that highlight your outstanding professional skills? Find the most interesting and successful one and tell it in a few words.
  3. Stay business focused. Do you want to impress the interrogator from the first phrase? Don’t mumble and never start like this, ‘Well, I don’t even know what to tell…’ Starting with ‘Well’ is the way to nowhere! You risk pushing the interviewer against the thought that you have nothing good to say at all. Your collegiate experience is of no importance too. Answer the posed question directly and give the best example that may show you as a competent specialist in your field.
  4. Finish enthusiastically. It is not important just to start your speech correctly. You should create the powerful and strong end too. Telling about your intention to build a long-term career at this organization and contribute to propelling the company to the next level will be really a worthy ending and you will have all the chances to be hired subsequently.
  5. P.S. Do you have no work experience and you are puzzled what to tell about yourself? Don’t be afraid to start with the achievements you reached at college and if you have some volunteering experience or something like this, don’t forget to mention about them too.

As you may see, there is nothing terrifying in the appeal to tell a couple of words about yourself and if you are armed with the counsels from, you may easily turn this opportunity to present yourself into your minute of fame. Don’t spoil your chance to make the interviewer believe that he will hardly find any more professional worker and more reliable person than you are. Our service wishes you to get your dream job and stay lucky!