How To Get New Job With Zero Experience


‘Hi! I am a graduate and I do my best to find a job. My attempts are of no result… I don’t really know what I want to do in life and I spend much time looking through various job postings. Wherever I send my resume or call in the hope of finding a post for myself, I get ‘No.’ Please help me to put an end to this tiresome searching. I am at a loss how it is possible to be hired with zero experience…’

Sound familiar? If you have such a problem too, it’s a bit more pleasant to know that you are not alone in your attempts to break into the final round of application process and get an invitation for an interview. Sooner or later each graduate will meet with this problem.

Everyone Starts With No Experience

The today’s job market can hardly be called favorable to all the job-seekers, though green teens, who have just left their schools and for whom the world is like a giant ocean, have several times more problems with a well-paid job finding. Incompetence and lack of experience are considered the two main aspects, which stop people from starting their mature lives. The resumes of those, who are honest with their potential bosses and tell that their only experience is degree, are dismissed at once.

Millions of students all over the world ask one and the same question, which is really age-old: How is it possible to get the first job without any work experience if all the jobs require it?

Besides this, ‘no experience necessary’ jobs are not the stumbling block, which should make you give in right at the point, when your career should just begin.

In fact, many careers require higher education diploma, years of work experience in the related sphere, and a lot of personal qualities and skills, which a candidate may get only after being involved in the working process at least for a short period of time. Despite this, there are a lot of tricks and really well-working recommendations, which are able to provide a young job-hunter with a decent paying job. 

Are you among those, who are paralyzed with fear of being rejected? Having no experience is not the reason to be afraid of moving forward. and its perfect consultants are here to help you! Are you ready to start? Read on the post and get know how to turn your degree into an effective springboard. Soon your job will be in your pocket!

Short Way To Get A Job

  1. Stay real. Even if you have no experience, describe the examples of your dedication, curiosity, and your desire to learn the new skills in your resume. In fact, those employers, who are looking for a new worker, expect the candidate to be creative and full of willingness to learn and work. Having a lot of experience under the belt doesn’t mean that an applicant is burning with a desire to advance and achieve the next stages of self-evolution. Whom do you think an employer will choose: a young and inspired man or a tired grumbler? That’s it!
  2. List your skills. What are the main skills, which an employer wants to find in his future worker? Look through the chosen advert once again. Basic computer skills, good communication skills, problem-solving skills, stress resistance, friendliness, strong study capability. Do you have them all? Well, there you are.
  3. Think analytically. If you have already chosen a position, find a reason to believe that you are able to execute the work properly. Spare no time and try to think logically: Do you have enough formal or informal experience to meet the needs given in the advert? What personal qualities do you have to execute the work? If you find enough arguments to believe that your candidature fits well, you will be able to persuade an employer in your rightness too. Yet another advantage.
  4. Focus on your personal qualities. The coaches are sure: a lot of professional skills may be attained in the course of time. As to the personal qualities such traits as responsiveness, friendliness, honesty, reliability and some others accompany a person throughout his life and can hardly be developed. The priority should be given to the candidate, who is able to live in harmony with himself and his future colleagues. We are sure you are!
  5. Find the balance. It is important to be confident in your competency, though it is of no less importance to be ready to absorb new experience and learn new skills. The beginner’s mind is the perfect material to create a desired employee. One more advantage to your candidature.
  6. Start as a volunteer. Can’t find a job? Try yourself as a volunteer. By taking this step, you will get the so desired experience and build a network. Who knows, maybe somebody will notice you and propose a full-time and well-paid job soon.
  7. Build a network. Communicate with as many people as possible. Find friends via social nets, attend professional events, visit various courses and lectures, and lead an active life. One of your numerous friends may be in search of an employee. Why shouldn’t it be you?
  8. Develop your skills. Years of experience may not bring the desired results and develop the needed qualities. It is quite possible to learn the new skills from the everyday life. Remember about this and don’t waste your time!
  9. Choose the appropriate positions only. While choosing a job, think not only about your potential ability to execute it, but also about your strength to excel the skills you have already acquired. Be sure that you are applying for the position, which suits you best.

Even if you are looking for a job but haven’t succeed in this undertaking yet, the main rule for you is never to lose your heart and let yourself feel defeated. Do something to find a job daily and think of this process as of interesting adventure that gives you new experience and more chances to learn the laws of life. If you believe in anything, one fine day it will compulsively happen.

One more advice for you! Try to put yourself in your employer’s shoes and think what the qualities and achievements of yours may make him get interested in your candidature. Follow his thoughts and soon you will understand how to compile a resume so that it will bring you success. If you need some more help, use our online resume writing service to supply you with a resume you are dreaming about. You will be surprised at how much you may achieve with a properly build resume and cover letter!

We wish you good luck!