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We all know that any document should be not only correctly created, but also correctly rated and evaluated. Our specialists in CV building and formatting offer to rate CV professionally. Also, they offer to order other professional CV related services, which can make any CV paper look like a diamond. Every customer, who has ever used resume writer services, is satisfied with the got result. If high-quality result is what required, then our website is what you look for! Now we would like to remind that in work and job search processes we should never forget to take care of our health and body. That is why we have prepared this material: to help everyone be healthy and keep shape.

How to keep shape at work

When one works for eight hours per day or even more, it is not that easy to work out in normal regime and follow healthy diet. So, what should be done and what should not to stay fit and slim? We live in wonderful times: we have so many possibilities to be slim and fit, but we often lack time to use them.

However, it does not matter whether one works in office or drives a lorry, builds houses or works at a factory: care about health and beauty is possible without being distracted from main tasks. How is it possible? Our experts know and are ready to share this information.

Walk. In order to keep the same weight, to strengthen bones and muscles, to release stress ( and reduce the risk of cardio-vascular diseases, it is necessary to be active. For this purpose, it is required to make at least ten thousands steps per day. However, if one wants to lose weight, then walking should be more and faster, one needs to run as if he (she) is late for a bus.

Walk to work and home, go out the bus several stops before required one, walk during lunch time, ignore escalators and lifts. Walk with breaks but general duration of walking should be at least thirty-forty minutes per day.

Do morning exercises. If one has sitting work, then it would be perfect to make small breaks during working day: to walk, to warm up body a little bit, to make some simple exercises. If suchlike “physical minutes” are not possible, then try to warm up muscles without standing up: stretch hands up, make turns in waist, raise feet, make certain groups of muscles tensed and relaxed. Of course, these exercises cannot replace real sport, but they can help to fight widespread office diseases.

If most of daytime one stands, this is also not very good for legs because veins suffer. That is why buy high quality shoes, which keep correct position of feet, do not hurt, are not too small or too big. Try time to time sit or lean on a wall, chair, table or whatever else. While sitting, do not waste time and use CV professional writing services of the best CV site UK.

Drink enough water. Sometimes feeling of hunger pretends to be feeling of thirst. That is why the next time when one wants to eat something delicious and “forbidden”, it would be better to drink a glass of water. It creates feeling of full stomach and helps to get rid of desire to snack. Besides, water helps to get rid of toxin and “engines” metabolism. This is what needed for a good shape.

How much water does man need to drink daily? Amount is counted individually for each person. Multiply thirty milliliters per one kilo of weight and divide result by two. For example, 30*65/2 = 975. So, 975 ml is the amount of clean fresh water, which person with 65 kl weight needs to drink per day. Another 975 ml are left for soup, tea, coffee, juice, etc.

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Eat simple food five times per day. Such an approach to food allows to increase metabolism and does not leave any chance to hunger. Eat more healthy and simple food common for our region of living. Add cereals, not fat meat of fish and poultry, season vegetables, fruits and berries. All this is better to bake, boil on steam or fry on grill without adding oil. Let foods with high content of cellulose be always present on our table. It is as much easy as to buy cheap CV online. Our prices are the most affordable among CV sites UK.

One needs to have three main food courses and two additional healthy snacks: one hundred grams of cottage cheese, fifteen grams of nuts, five pieces of dried plums, four pieces of biscuits. All this can be eaten not all together, but one option as one snack.

Do not miss breakfast. Breakfast is our loyal supporter in fight with excess kilos. Having had good nutritious breakfast at home, one increases productivity by 30% (, and coming to work this person will not start eating pie, biscuits or candies. Besides, scientists have proved that people, who are used to eat breakfast, have stronger immune system, rather than those, who ignore morning food course. It may sound surprising, but cereal or scrambled eggs in the morning help immune system to be strong and fight infections. However, it is not recommended to eat something by force at once after awakening. First, drink a glass of water (honey or lemon juice can be added), after that start doing something else. Only in thirty minutes or an hour start having breakfast.

Salt food less. Excess use of salt can lead to keeping of liquid in body and consequently to edema. So, probably, one’s extra kilos are not kilos at all, but liters, and because of this water wages show terrible number, which makes people cry. If one puts much salt in every dish, there should be done something with this habit. Salt should not be excluded at all, because it is a component of life importance processes in body. Radical measures can be taken only in exclusive cases, for example, when there are kidney diseases. However, salt amount should be reduced. Do not salt food during cooking, salt in when dish is on the plate.

Control what is eaten, be active, find a hobby, which demands movement. Be healthy and beauty! Remember that lack of time is no reason to neglect our own body.

Online CV websites: wise choice

More time is required to stay healthy and fit. Our website is ready to provide our clients with necessary time: while they are occupied with their own businesses and affairs, we create, fix, format and perform other operations related to CV issue. So, if precious time is what one needs, we are ready to provide it, making online professional CV. Not only time but many other pleasant bonuses are guaranteed here. Visit our main page to get more information or contact us via live chat.

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