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Today internet variegates with unimaginable number of companies, agencies, self-employed specialists, who offer professional help with job search, in particular CV making or correction. It is very easy to get lost in such a huge variety, also, unfortunately, not each single online company presents services of high or at least satisfying quality. If a job seeker is looking for online resume writer, then option better than our site can be hardly imagined. We maintain, present and provide everything what job seekers can only dream about. Our site gives any person possibility to get acquainted with and order one or several (if required) CV building, formatting or fixing services. Here CV making, editing and other CV paper processing services are available. Hundreds of our clients have already made sure on their own that our services really have superior quality. Make it sure as well. Meanwhile, experts in job search and job conditions improvement sphere keep on sharing their professional experience. This time we are going to discuss how an employee should ask for wages increase. So, let’s begin.

Phrases that will help to increase one’s wages

It is obvious that phrases like “I really need it”, “Please”, “Money or trick?”, etc. do not work if one seriously expects to get salary increase. What should be told to a boss? Read about this in our post.

If a worker does not get salary increase for a long time, then it is time to remind about this to an employer on one’s own. Our qualified experts tell how to ask for increase correctly, what arguments for increase should be presented in one’s favor, also other additional tips.

1. An employee has overfulfilled the plan by … percent

This point also implies number of attracted customer, made deals, written articles, etc. Always use numbers. Statistics along with eloquent story about achievements of an employee is the best argument in wages increase favor.

Bad variant: “I work harder than others. Other workers do not do anything at all, do not sell anything, meanwhile, I made deal day to day!”

Good variant: “In this half-year I sold 1.5 times more services that it was planned. I attracted fifty new customers, who became our regular customers, I were best seller of the year for four times. Basing on these results, can we reconsider my salary size?”

2. An employee knows how to make everything work better

Does an employee have working innovation solution on company work efficiency improvement? If yes, this is great! This is a good chance to demonstrate to an employer how much valuable this very employee is. It is necessary to share this solution with a manager, showing in such a way value and significance of a worker. However, it is better not to “show all cards” at once. It is recommended to leave something for later so that worker’s contribution is not left unnoticed.

Bad variant: “I have made up something, but I am not going to tell about this until my salary will be increased by 44%. Also, until I get my own office, and a helicopter, and a bag of sweets, etc.”

Good variant: “I have analyzed work of the department, discovered its weak sides, found solution of how to make them stronger. I have prepared a document-instruction on introduction of my offer into working process. According to my calculations, results will be seen in a week. Prognosis shows growth in sales by twenty percent in the next two months. I am ready to control and manage this project personally. That is why I believe it would be fair to reconsider size of my salary.”

3. An employee has below-market wages

In a worker is a specialist in his / hers field, then it necessarily should be reflected on his / hers wages. How to figure out whether one gets enough money? Just look at the average salary in this segment. Also, here location and experience should be taken into consideration. For example, in capitals wages can be higher than in other regions. If one has below-market wages, then it is a reason to “sound an alarm”. There may be no experience, in this case advice on how to find job with no experience will be really effective.

Bad variant: “You do not appreciate me and do not pay me enough money! Why all adequate companies pay beginning with 1000 dollars, meanwhile, I get minimum, which can be hardly imagined?”

Good variant: “I have studies average salary level on my specialty in our region. It has turned out that a specialist of my level earns 1000 dollars per months, meanwhile, I get fifteen percent less, implementing more work than my post requires.”

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4. An employee is offered a good post at other company

Attention! This phrase can be used only when it is really truth. One should never try to blackmail manager or boss, otherwise consequences will be catastrophic.

When an employee is really offered a new workplace with higher salary level, then it is a reason to think well. Especially if one does not want to quit job, for example, because there is a good team, interesting tasks, good employer, however, money is needed as well. Look through warning signs for job leaving: https://resume-writer.net/blog/its-time-to-leave-your-job-top-warning-signs.

What to do? It would be better to tell honestly to an employer that there is another offer. A worker may add that there is no desire to leave job at all (these signs prove that worker loves job: https://resume-writer.net/blog/signs-that-you-love-your-job), but they offer bigger wages. Using such a variant, an employee should realize that there is a possibility to be refused. Then, one will have to choose – money or inner comfort.

5. An employee is ready to take more responsibility

Only when an employee is really ready. A worker may ask head of department to widen his / hers duties, implementing which this worker will get increase in wages. Or worker can just take and perform more work.

For example: if one works as a salesman with a schedule 2/2 (two working days + two days off), then schedule can be changed to 3/1, 5/2 or other. An accountant can additionally manage incoming correspondence (by the way, here are tips for writing cover letter); an electrician can perform general worker tasks, etc.

Success comes with tenacity. Each man is responsible for his own life. That is why if one wants something, he should not wait this it will be offered. Asking for something, which one really deserves, is not a crime. Team of professional experts, who work on our site, is sure that any person can achieve really great results!

Use these tips wisely and salary will become bigger for sure. Additionally, here is a list of phrases for winning interview. Also, we continue to emphasize great importance of CV for any worker. No one knows what may happen the next day. Maybe tomorrow one will have to look for a new job. That is why well-written CV should be always “near at hand”. Remember that making online professional CV, a candidate or an employee secures oneself and guarantees faster and better results in case of work search. Experts of best online CV maker are ready to answer any question any time of day or night. We will specify whatever is not clear or creates doubts.

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