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Best resume writer represented by highly qualified team of professionals continues to share priceless pieces of advice on resume building and processing. If one decides to choose us, this is what we can guarantee: absolute privacy, i.e. each order is strictly confidential; affordable prices for everyone; up-to-date paper, which meets all modern requirements; bonus system; day-and-night support. This is not full list, of course. Talking about services, our customers get: resume paper creation, paper correction, i.e. errors will be removed, paper revision, resume editing, other resume related services. Everything can be discussed in person with our highly qualified writers. This post presents information on what common mistakes can be unconsciously made in one’s resume. Consequently, they can influence negatively general image of resume and candidate, thus, make resume look cheaper. If job seeker does not want cheapen resume, experts of our website strongly suggest to get acquainted with information given below.

Mistakes in resume paper. Along with secrets on increase of resume value cost there are certain nuances, which influence resume, making it cheaper. Let’s discuss them as well. Today a lot of sites on work search give opportunity to save created there resume. At the same time they necessarily insert logo of a site along with different fields to fill in with information, which is not obligatory for resume at all, for example, sex. Such resumes remind a real sleaze, so we do not suggest any person to do this.

1. Covering letter should demonstrate candidate’s usefulness

There are different minds on covering letter. We always say: good covering letter in 20% of cases can add value to resume if it is written correctly. However, it is not always required. If needed, use cover letter writing service on our website.

2. Remove incomprehensible unclear shortenings

When one works at an organization for many years, some accepted in it abbreviations seem so much clear that they start to be used in resume. However, recruiter does not know them, thus, essential details can be lost. It is better to avoid shortenings where they can be avoided.

3. Paraphrase clichés

Very often job seekers want to succumb to temptation adding to their resume template word combinations, which one can find in someone else’s resume or vacancy description. Try not to use them because for recruiter they mean nothing at all. Paraphrase them, for example: result orientation –result of work is always on my mind; clients orientation – clients are most important for me – client’s interests are more valuable than my personal; communicability – I can easily negotiate with clients / coworkers – to support conversation with clients is not a problem for me.

4. Create normal e-mail box

What differs professional from a child? Any professional names e-mail box by first and last name, a child names it using childish words, nicknames from games and forums, date of birth, etc. Besides, in work search process resumes editors advise to create e-mail box on special websites, for example, Gmail or so. Others are not very suitable. Also, it is better to avoid using e-mail box of a relative, name of which differs from candidate’s name. Naturally, it is absolutely unacceptable to mention one’s working e-mail box. Recruiter may treat such a nuance as: “Candidate is being fired, so he / she is not afraid to send resume using working e-mail box”.

5. No marital status: it can be used on meeting sites only

We can name only one situation, when family status mentioning can have positive impact: when a young woman looks for work, she desires to demonstrate that she will not go on maternity leave right after being employed. In this case a candidate may mention children having. Guide to women's dress code can also be useful in this case. Options like “live together”, “divorced” make resume cheaper at once, since misunderstanding and wonder is caused. Option “have children” is used by not very intelligent individuals, because ordinary people “grow up children” as a rule.

6. Gaps? Why are they there?

It is not allowed just to show gap in work. It is necessary to explain why it has happened. Option “more details at interview” does not suit. In such case an HR, having seen gap, will suppose the worst what could happen. If there was maternity leave and workplace was changed, it should be mentioned. Incidentally, if after maternity leave workplace remains the same, there is no sense to present it at all. We even do not advise to emphasize it somehow at interview.

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7. Remove date of work end on the last workplace

This is the only trick in resume that can be forgiven. It is considered that a person creates resume before leaving job and after leaving just does not update the date. Anyway, mentioned date of work leave will not do good to candidate.

8. Do not write dismissal reasons

There is no reason, according to which one should mention termination reasons. Whatever candidate writes, recruiter will always have a suspicion on a candidate’s desire to explain reason for dismissal. What if candidate is lying?

9. Do not explain resume details

In resume it is forbidden to write explanations, comments, footnotes, etc. There are allowed only facts, dates, achievements. Smart option is to use resume edit service, which will not let candidate make suchlike mistakes.

10. Remove recommenders

The worst that may happen is a block “Recommendations” and a phrase “I will give it on request”. What is the point of such a block? Recommenders list is excessive. No one will call them before interview with a candidate. After interview a candidate will present this list anyway if there is request.

11. Remove tables and big indentations

Tables in resume were accepted in the early 2000s. Later all civilized world refused tables. People do not want to seem like a dinosaur, do they? Here is post on how to travel the world without leaving job for modern work seekers. Also, avoid big indentations on left side in a resume document.

12. First workplaces leave for granny

To facilitate this process, we will describe how it can be okay:

  • Last workplace: seven-ten lines of responsibilities and five-seven lines of achievements.
  • Before last workplace: five-seven lines of responsibilities and three-five lines of achievements.
  • Previous workplace: three-five lines of responsibilities and three lines of achievements.
  • Rest workplaces: three lines of responsibilities plus three lines of achievements, if they belong to interval of the last ten years of work.
  • Everything happened more than ten years ago: only company names and positions titles.

If candidate’s career contains not relevant to current position workplaces, then they should be removed without hesitation. For example, now a person is a marketing manager, but fifteen years ago career was begun with engineer position or a salesman on market (read about labor market here:

13. Do not show resume to HR specialists, if there are doubts about their professionalism

A lot of HR specialists consider themselves guru (useful tips for managers are here: Ask them how many vacancies they have filled, how many people they interview per day in average, what books on recruitment they have read. If they answer: “more than five hundred vacancies, five-ten candidates, more than five books (at least), Lou Adler, Bill Radin, Tony Burne”, then their advice can be trusted.

Let us know whether these tips are useful, which of them is the most valuable. It will help up understand better demands of our customers and visitors. Thus we will write another better post on how to sell oneself as much expensive as possible during interview.

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