Is It Possible To Travel Around the World And Keep Your Job?


Spending of thirty years glued to arm-chair can hardly be called an attractive perspective. If to add the badly ventilated air of the closed room of your office and your unhappy colleagues’ faces that are usually in sweat, their pretended smiles, and your crazy boss’s screams, the picture of your life starts getting even darker than you may think. If you are young, full of creativity and desire to conquer the world, such a life style can’t make your heart beat faster. Despite the promises, which the supervisors give their students at college, and their attempts to present a mature life as something incredible and the career growth as a thrilling adventure, one may see that it has nothing in common with the reality.

By trying to look for better job, people change one post for another, the second one for the third, and this leap-frog scheme never finishes. Moreover, it brings no satisfaction and changes nothing.

Travelling Or Making Money: Top-Priority Need

It’s said that combining travelling and making money together is an impossible enterprise. At least, a lot of people are sure in this statement and don’t even let any idea of becoming location independent penetrate their mind. Such a dull life! has good news for those, who always dreamed about travelling the world on-the-job! We assure you that there is no necessity to spend all your time in office or quit your job for the sake of travelling. Full-time travelling may become your new life style if you are really ready to say ‘Good buy’ to the concrete jungles you are languishing in and go on to wonderful places of our planet.

Sounds a bit fabulously, right? Here is the list of professions, by choosing which you may let yourself become a running worker and a traveler in one. Really amazing perspective!

Choose Your Way!

Although the travelling professions exist, it is not so easy to master them to the extent when any of them may bring you not bad incomes. Such professions usually require outstanding talent, special training, passion, and incredible desire not to stay at one and the same place for too long. Do you have all of them? Keep on reading then!

  1. Tour guide. Are you communicative enough and friendly to people? Are you a perfect narrator, who is able to present any info brightly and make people gape? Such qualities of yours may help you to get a job of a tour guide and move to another country, where you will be engaged in telling the tourists about your new home.
  2. Photographer. One, who is in possession of camera, is half a way to become successful abroad. By travelling around the world and making crazy pics, you are able to sell them via the Net right to glossy magazines, international travelling agencies, and those people, who are simply fond of collecting impressive photos.
  3. Freelance writer. Are you dreaming about working from a small beautiful café that is somewhere in the heart of Paris? Or it’s a limit of your imagination to create content right at the volcano’s foot, isn’t it? Being a distant writer or translator is one of the best opportunities to travel the world all year round. This job will bring not bad incomes, by the way. Everything depends on your creativity.
  4. Fitness instructor. Are you a talented dancer? Do you practise yoga or fitness? Do what you like and get money for this! Such a job allows you to travel and render your personal services. If you are experienced and skilled, nothing bothers you to make money and fulfill your potential.
  5. English teacher. Are you a perfect English speaker? Great! Get your TEFL certificate and go to any country you like. Teaching English is a job, which is in demand now.
  6. Massage therapist. Do you know how to reduce stress, muscle tension, and any kind of pain by doing massage? Are you able to help a person relax? Go abroad and offer your skills to the tourists. Look for clients with the help of social nets and make your name a brand.
  7. Web designer. Living in a digital era opens really measureless opportunities for those, who move with the times. One, who is good at computers, works with specialized graphic programs (Photoshop is just one of them), know how various online platforms operate, and for whom such a term as ‘HTML codes’ tells a lot may take his laptop and prepare the projects from any corner of the planet.
  8. Head chief. Five-star hotels, luxurious restaurants, private yachts, and cruise ships are all in need of one, who is a real guru in the kitchen. Are you able to propose your great skills and large experience? Do this then!
  9. Street vendor. If you are so creative that you can make any exclusive accessory or extravagant item of clothing with your own hands and from improvised material, look for the clients somewhere at the place, where a tourist flow is great and endless. Advertise yourself and maybe one day you will become a famous designer. The ways of God are really inscrutable.
  10. Au pair. If you love kids and are ready to spend the whole summer with them, being an au pair is a chance for you to earn money and get new experience. Do you speak more than one foreign language? The job of a babysitter will be yours then!
  11. Flight attendant. Flying around the world is a luxury, which is available not for everybody. You should be strong enough and your health should be ideal to make the flies around the globe almost daily. Are you ready to be subjected to such a trial? Try your chance then!
  12. Writer. Hardly a writer may get enough inspiration from spending time at one place. If you are of extraordinary writing talent and your dream is to create a book about travelling or wonderful countries, it’s your best idea to take to the road.
  13. Street musician. Do you play the guitar masterfully and the sounds of your instrument fascinate people? Is your voice so sweet that it may hold the passing-by tourists next to you? Travelling with your band and entertaining people by singing right at the street is a good idea for young and creative people.
  14. Busking. Make your talent bring you money. Busking is for you! By entertaining people and mastering your acting skills you will have an opportunity to earn money. One thing is that it is impossible to predict whether the incomes will be high day after day or not. 
  15. Berries/ fruits picker. Don’t you have a university degree and picking the berries is not a shame for you? There are a lot of various plantations all over the world, where the pickers are always in great demand. 

If you like travelling and your profession let you quit your full-time job, you are a lucky fellow. The whole world is opened in front of you, just make a step towards your future and let the next experience absorb you. Never be afraid of dreaming big and doing anything to make your way towards your aim. Let no fear paralyze you and prevent you from committing great actions, which you will remember forever. Despite your age, skills, color of your skin, and place of your living, you are full of powers to do magnificent things. Just don’t lose your aim and believe in yourself. If you need, just let know about your troubles and we will do our best to help you continue moving forward.