Top 20 The Most Boring Jobs Of All Time


Have you ever been involved in doing any work that left you squeezed after it was finished? Do you know how it is painful to be glued to one place and be engaged in a process that is monotonous and makes you fall asleep right at your workplace? You may be called a lucky fellow if you are not acquainted with such a business and the job you are engaged in brings you a personal growth and emotional satisfaction. Unlike you, millions of people continue suffering from a necessity to do work that kills them from inside and turn them into real ‘professional zombie.’

Do you want to know how people earn their daily bread and how much effort each penny costs them? Here is the list of the most boring jobs that make their performers acquire a desire to send everything to hell and run away somewhere to the desert island to let nobody find them.

Hard Cross Bearing: Jobs That Makes Life Miserable

  1. Security guard. Hour by hour a security guard is keeping a wary eye on the premises and monitoring the situation around even if there is nobody here. Being glued to a chair all night long without taking the eyes off the screen is more boring and tiresome than one may think.

  2. Printer paper feeder. Being closed in a small room and looking for the printers to be filled with paper sheets. This job can hardly be called dynamic and creative.

  3. Fax operator. Watching over several fax machines, which sometimes overheat or break down, repair the damages, and receive the letters are the main and the only duties of a fax operator. Not too varied life, yeah?

  4. Slicer operator. Butter, cheese, or any other product that has a shape of big slices after being manufactured need someone to cut them into smaller pieces. It is little wonder that one, who is engaged in such a job, may get freaked out.

  5. Laboratory technician. Such a duty as weighing of various powders on Monday morning and doing the same thing on Friday to define whether they lose their weight or not is extra boring. Three days a week a lab technician just suffers from boredom.

  6. Accountant. Performing computation day after day, week after week, month after month and so on kills any seed of creativity that arises inside a person, who needs to play with numbers in the call of duty. This profession is really too far from being interesting even for those, who have an analytical mind.

  7. Nanny. One, who takes care of children, should be ready that soon he will become bored and exhausted. Screaming of the supervisees for several hours straight, hysterics, and their unwillingness to obey are the trials, which a nanny experiences daily. Nobody can doubt that spending time with kids and being responsible for them is not an easy thing.

  8. Dishwasher. Being a dishwasher means that your work will never be ended. Heaps of crockery, which is left by the restaurants’ visitors, seem never to disappear from the kitchen.

  9. Truck driver. Looking closely at the road and travelling from one point to another are the duties of drivers. Those, who think that such a job has much in common with travelling, are sadly mistaken.

  10. Garbage Collector. Doing good to people by releasing them from disgusting smell and heaps of garbage isn’t considered to be an honorary job. Collecting scraps, leftovers, and all the dirt that people throw from their houses is an annoying enterprise. And very boring one, by the way!

  11. Academic writer. Are you fond of writing and you are considered to be not a bad narrator? Helping the students with their academic paper, adhering to strict rules, and looking through hundreds of informational resources day after day is really boring.

  12. Bank manager. One, who compiles the balances and has to deal with figures, suffers from a necessity to be involved in working in a banking system. It is so tedious and monotonous enterprise!

  13. Polisher. Does a perspective to spend all day long on polishing and lacquering wooden parts of ship models that are put into glass bottles then seem to be interesting? Be sure that your enthusiasm will end in a couple of days. You will be pierced with a desire to scream with emotional pain!

  14. Labeler. What may be more boring than to dedicate your life to sticking labels on sunglasses or food bags and being a labeler? Perhaps, it is a grader who may have even more discontent with his duties.

  15. Grader. Sitting at a conveyor belt from morning till night and picking out the defective items of any goods may make you see this process even in your night dreams. In the worst ones, by the way.

  16. Stapler. Can you imagine that it is possible to spend all day long stapling documents? Stapling, stapling, and nothing but stapling. It’s a deadly dull job!

  17. Packer. Unpacking, packing, and repacking are the main tasks of a packer. It is so pointless indeed.

  18. Data entry. Although it may seem easy to process the feeding data in the computer, soon all the figures start looking absolutely similar. This job is not just deprived of any creativity, but seems to be one of the most brain draining.

  19. Solicitor. Picking up the phone in the office and doing nothing when there are no calls at all is a job that may drive anybody crazy.

  20. Cleaner. Washing the floor day after day and taking care of one and the same premises’ cleanness, is a job, of which nobody may even dream. It’s frustrating task!

The psychologists say that even if a worker is satisfied with his job and the duties he performs daily, nevertheless, he will find himself complaining about the lack of inner comfort this job brings him. No matter that there are a lot of positions in the job market, the level of boredom of which goes off scale, there are still a lot of propositions that are worthy of attention.

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