These Tips Will Help You To Survive First Week At New Job


Everybody knows: being a newcomer in a well-consolidated group of people is a hard trial. Trying to establish yourself as a competent worker, who was given a chance to get the job not vainly, is twice as harder.

Have you already passed through all the stages of long and tiresome process of a new job employing? Have you survived the first meeting with your potential boss bravely? If you have already received a so long-awaited letter with official invitation to report for work, it’s time to get know several secrets how to blend into the team without being accepted as a black sheep at once, how to show yourself in the best light during the probation period, and how to strike all the colleagues’ fancy from your first day in the new office.

Get Started: Take a Chill Pill!

The day of starting a new job has already come. The strength, with which the shivers are running up and down your spin, has already become more intensive. To say that you are afraid of coming inside the building, where your future office is situated, is to say nothing. Although your excitement is understandable, don’t forget that such a state of mind may ruin your career. Frankly speaking, a pale man with disheveled hair, whose knees double up under him and who says ‘Hello’ with a wobble in his voice, inspires no respect. If you want to start the new chapter in your life successfully, it’s better to enlist the support of professionals and get know what the really successful people do at the first days in a new job.

Here are 10 hacks, which you should take into account while preparing for the first working day.

  1. Clothes count for first impression. Surely, it is better to discover all the main aspects of your duties, clothes, and working hours before to start a new job. If you haven’t been acquainted with a corporate etiquette concerning the wearing, try to remember what your interviewer was dressed during your first meeting. Follow up his style. It’s really much better to be welcomed by friendly smiles of your co-workers rather than to hear right out of the gate, ‘Holy God! What a miniskirt (or, ‘How could he come in jeans and T-shirt?’ In fact, there are a lot of variations of inappropriate costumes for the first day at a job and your failure won’t be left unnoticed).
  2. Arriving on time. Would you like to survive the first several days at new job? Create good impression by arriving on time daily and don’t provoke your colleagues to judge you as a haughty man. Better come 15 minutes earlier than the rest of the office staff. Such preciseness will be appreciated by your new manager.
  3. Being friendly. By having a broad smile on your face you will show your co-workers that you are open to get acquainted with them and accept their rules of game. Chat gaily with your new partners and try to remember their names. Of course, everybody understands that it is an impossible mission for a newcomer, though you may surprise them by doing this and gain a point in your favor. Isn’t your memory strong enough to remember the names of the colleagues? Take notes then!
  4. Say ‘Hello’ to great achievers. Have you already come across all your colleagues? Now it’s time to meet the superstars of the company. It’s really more logical to say ‘Hello’ to the company’s president and his right-hand man in the very first day rather than to get acquainted with them in a year or so.
  5. Being a ‘student’ of the company. Although you have a great desire to approve yourself as an experienced specialist at once, it’s better to try to play a role of a student. Just listen to your colleagues’ opinions, observe their actions, and store the obtained knowledge in your memory. Such phrases as, ‘At my previous company we did in this way’ is the last thing your new co-workers want to hear from you.
  6. Standing neuter. The most losing step, which you may make, is to get involved into the office gossip. Please, try to be neutral and don’t let anybody spoil your reputation.
  7. Assimilating. Do you want the process of your assimilation into a new group to pass quicker? Feel free to offer your help to your colleagues. It’s a usual practice to give too little work to newcomers, so when you accomplish all the tasks of yours, ask your manager to involve you into another project. Try to be useful.
  8. Asking questions. Are you given a task, though you can’t make up a mind how to execute it? Don’t be afraid to ask questions! It’s better to clear things up rather than to accomplish your mission improperly or badly.
  9. What’s about lunch today? Even if you are a too shy person, you need to conquer your fear and invite your co-workers to eat with you. A dining room is really the best place to get know more about your colleagues and a company as a whole.
  10. Social nets to your help. Have you already been official on the job? Have you got acquainted with your colleagues well enough? Finding them on social nets is another step to become a bit closer to them. Adding your new friends on Facebook or Twitter is the best way to cement your relationship with them.

Post Scriptum

You may like it or not, but if you are finally hired, you will be obliged to come to this office five days a week, spend for 40 hours with your new colleagues, who will sit next to you for more than 8 hours a day, and interact with a lot of people over the next several years. Your co-workers’ attitude to you depends on nobody but you and the strength of your corporate confidence will fall more on your shoulders than on theirs. Your task is to show that you a good guy for chatting gaily during the coffee-break, experienced specialist, who know the ropes, and a bold man, on whom it is possible to rely while taking the best decision about assigning of a million-dollar contract.

Follow the recommendations of and start building your career properly right now. We don’t doubt that our recommendations are able to make you flourish.

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