Resume Examples Free: First Impression Matters


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Life Is in Your Hands

When the company, by which you want to be hired, is chosen, your resume is built, and you are invited for an interview, you may consider that the first stage is accomplished. Now it’s time to think about how to appear in front of your potential employer to not raise doubt in his head according to your candidature. How to make your future boss understand that you are the only one missing element in the chain of their corporation?  An adequate suit choosing and proper styling are able to guarantee you that soon your life will be changed dramatically.

The saying ‘Clothes count for first impressions’ is still valid. If the first step towards your success was made with the help of, the second step is only yours. It is you who is responsible for preparing yourself for the interview. We can only give you some recommendations, though to follow them or not is your own choice.

  1. Keep Abreast. Don’t you know which set of clothes to give the preferences to: a suit with a tie or a pair of jeans and your favorite T-shirt? Just make an investigation before to make your choice and define the corporate culture of the place, where you are going to appear. Is there a rule to wear costumes daily? Putt your jeans and Converse shoes apart then. They won’t sit well this day. If the culture here is quite opposite and all the employees, who walk the office, have casual style, you will look not one of them in your classy clothes.
  2. Feel fresh. Thoroughly washed hair that is brushed and look well-groomed, your clean hands, which you are going to offer to your interviewer, and soft scent of perfume, which your body produces, will become your main weapon. Such everyday procedures as showering and spraying with your favorite cologne compose the first impression of you as a person. Although it’s good to be well-scented, do not overdo it! Avoid too heavy aroma!
  3. No chewing! Although everything about your appearance should be great and your breath is not an exception, don’t even think of walking into the office with a bubblegum in your mouth. Such an action is able to cross your future out forever.
  4.  Check your clothes well. Are you sure that your costume is ironed thoroughly and you left no wrinkles on it? Are there no spots? Even if you have chosen a casual style for your first interview, it should be perfectly cleaned and look great. Stripped and dirty ends of your jeans won’t look too attractive and it will be too hard for you to prove that you are not a dirty little pig then.
  5. Be yourself. It is not forbidden to show a bit of creativity and present yourself as a person with a good taste. Despite this, try not to wear clothes of too bright colors or with too big and absurd prints on them. Better add some just bought elements to your appearance. Novelty of your socks, tie, or belt will be noticed by your interviewer. Be sure in this!
  6. Smart accessories. Do you want to beautify yourself even more? A pair of clean shoes and a bag that is suited to them will be the best choice of yours! Such a good quality set will underline your taste, confidence, and desire to achieve results. Please, try to find a balance between style and soundness and leave a pair of silver shoes with super high heels or too slim red jeans for tonight’s party. Is here to Solve Your Problems!

You are a smart guy and you understand perfectly that the list of recommendations to follow before a job interview is really endless. Apart from your appearance, you should be a person, whom it is pleasant to talk to, your speech should be deprived of filler-words, and your behavior should characterize you as a polite, well-bred but creative and vivid person. You shouldn’t produce an impression of a killing bore or a person, who is tired from his life and who will nod at his workplace. Being a too active man, who pokes his nose into other people’ affairs and interrupt everybody, are not the best characteristics of a good employee. won’t leave you face to face with your problems! As soon as we prepare a perfect resume for you, we will give you all the next recommendations about how to obtain a post, of which you are dreaming and which you really deserve.

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