Several Tips For Young Manager


The first time acting as boss

Promotion is always good and pleasant news. Superior post gives numerous advantages in every part of life: probably, your salary increases noticeably, now you can delegate many arrangements to your subs and finally status you’ve just got makes people around feel and respect your power and listen very attentively to everything you say. One way of getting manager post is promotion, when the chief decides to change something, or former manager retires and you’ve impressed the HR right in time with bright, outstanding and impressive resume, maybe, previous one has been fired but anyway due to some causes: working hard without any promotion for quite long period, incredible success in organization activity and strong congenital leadership skills, maybe for various other dignities, you are the one who gets this position. Another way is applying for this job at once, without going through the very first and sometime unpleasant steps of career ladder at least in this company. Well-educated, experienced and professional managers are always in demand in every industry sector. Lots HR trying hard to find such an employee but face the problem of making right choice. What does it mean? Big and wealthy companies receive a thousand resumes a day and it’s barely possible to consider all of them attentively. So they consider only the most professional written and outstanding CVs. Looking through it by the recruiter can’t guarantee anything but it’s able to increase the chance of being invited for an interview drastically. If you feel a lack of special skills and inspiration for making up a CV but still trying to apply for a supervising post admit that requirements are much more strict not only for the employee itself but for resume paper as well. Fortunately, it’s pretty simple and costly to order resume provided by professional resume companies.

Right off the bat

What is more motivating and inspiring than long-awaited promotion? The only thing that’s could be better is unexpected promotion. It’s especially impressive for young managers and pretty dangerous for them at the same time. To eliminate excessive overconfidence think about questions to ask during interview and remember how careful you’ve been.  Don’t start to change everything from the first day acting as chief and beware of declaring something like “Now, after my appointment, you’ll see a lot of changes”. Contrariwise, start your manager career calm and wisely, without making common young supervisors mistakes. So, you think that you know quite a lot about the collective and you’ll face no problems to manage and lead them. It’s wrong statement. Take a time and realize that people are very different in their relationships with colleagues and superiors. Another helpful tip is avoiding unnecessary changes. If your department functions, going through with all the arrangements, carries out assigned tasks and there is no visible way to improve it or there is no need, just let it be and solve problems when they really arise. Don’t hire your friends/relatives no way! Draw a line between personal life and work relations it’ll keep you away from gossips and other unpleasant stuff. Maybe in further activity it will be appropriate but the main target is to hold this post and match whole list of requirements declared. Many young guys starting to act as a boss trying to make their subs to be ready for a sacrifice in their name but it’s too hard and in majority not necessary at all. Bear in mind that getting the job done is the only thing that matters, so it will be enough if all your team does the job well without laziness and procrastinating.

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Even the best general needs an army

“Everything that may go wrong – will go wrong” ( This quote is quite pessimistic but perfectly pertinent in this racket. Remember, that responsibility after the promotion has increased much more than your salary. I mean that now you’re no longer responsible for the arrangement you carry out by yourself but for lots of others. Trying to do all the arrangements by oneself is a road to career suicide and probably a suicide literally. Such a way of avoiding problems caused by the bad performance could be a strait path to the re-hub. Keep in mind that it’s just impossible to do everyone’s job and you need an army, another question is about picking up soldiers you truly need. So, an ability to apportion responsibilities is a must for this kind of employee. Wise delegating is not as easy as it seems to be. It requires strong persuading skills and being a good psychologist at the same time.

Tail wagging the dog

Suppose that you’ve succeeded in team building and staffing matter is solved successfully. Now, everything and everyone is on the right place and all the tasks performs qualitatively and in time. Evidently, all these were done due to many sleepless nights of hard work and now it’s to have a rest a bit. I don’t mean on vacation, I mean that now the time has come to find a good deputy who can make the job much easier. The best candidate for this role is always close enough. It’s your talented, ambitious, observant and responsible sub that willingly takes a big share of your arrangements ( Such a partnership is good for both. But never let your deputy to contact with the higher supervisors in order not to show his or her skills and advantages and represent the work result as your own achievement and no one’s other. According to the same reason keep subs in a lack of information about what’s going on but make it carefully, you have to be the only person who sees the whole scene and knows how to collect the whole puzzle. These traits can make you almost irreplaceable and it’ very good for you.

You’ll never know till you try

Some people have got congenital leadership skills but don’t use it in particular life, another people are not so talented but very hardworking and they eat fruits of their persistence and patience sometimes. Don’t give up in your attempts and try other ways of how to search new job. But it’s important to keep in mind that than higher post you’re about to get that better your resume has to be. So don’t take risk, click here and get your professional resume paper.

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