Vocation Or Money: Which Do You Need Trying To Get A Job


People often face a quite serious problem of what to choose, vocation or money. Which of them is more important when you are looking for a job? What, vocation or money, should define a job choice? Our online resume service is going to give answers to these and other questions on this issue. Dilemma of money or vocation choice is serious for young job seekers, as well as for workers who have been working for many years already. So let’s try to figure out what preference should be given to and whether it is possible to combine vocation and money and make profit of it.

How to find your vocation and start earning money with your favourite occupation?

There is a moment in each person’s life when we think of how to find yourself. Sometimes (or even often) we have to do something we do not really like or do not want to do. It usually concerns a job, and very often people do not change it because they already realize that a new workplace or a new position can change nothing. So it usually happens that people start looking for their calling when they are sick and tired of their old job and there are no options of a new occupation. However, if you decide to start looking for a new work, then you will probably need to read useful tips on how to get new job without experience published on our resume writing website.

People even ask for specialists’ help to solve this problem. To find your vocation in most cases means to start doing what you like most of all and to get money for it. This is everyone’s dream: to do what you want and be paid high salary for it. Unfortunately, usually it happens vise versa: people have to pay to do what they want for a while.

Before starting to use the tips, you need to remember that money can be earned only when other people like your work. That is why instructions on how to find a man’s vocation consist of two points only:

  • Define what you like to do and be engaged in.
  • Think of how you can make other people like the implementation process or result of what interests you.

For example, you like singing and realize that you are ready “to find yourself” in this direction. Experts of our resume service will share with you how to act in this case. If you want to be paid for singing, you need to learn how to perform process qualitatively, i.e. to sing better than others or two make others interested in the result of the process (singing).

The aim of any person who goes on the stage is applause, acclaim, fans and so on. Find someone who wants it all and at a moderate charge share your skills and experience with the person. In other words, teach him. You may not be a super star, because here other kind of skills is important, in particular teaching skills.

Another example: all you want is sleep. It is quite hard to find someone who would enjoy your sleeping. So there is other way out. Start analyzing the factors that cause a certain state. For example, what temperature is the most suitable and comfortable for sleep, what mattress to use, what to eat before sleep and so on, and get a lot of unique content about the rules of healthy sleep. A lot of people may become interested in it. Now you can start earning money by publishing the information on the Internet on your website and remember that you need to do it better than others.

Tips on what to do to make your vocation bring you good money

Why does it often happen that one finds his vocation, likes his work, and at the same time earns very little money? It is easily explained. It happens because vocation is usually applied to a wrong market sector. In other words, the seed is planted in not fertile soil. It is the same as to put a seed on the asphalt, which does not maintain nutritional elements. And naturally it will not grow on the sand or a stone, it will dry up.

The same a lot of people do with their vocation. They take the “seed” and throw it on the asphalt. The “seed” can not grow at all or a small plant grows from it. Here is a bright example: a teacher, whose passion is to teach children, takes care of them, tries to develop them, adores his job and works at school for a modest salary, just because there he has possibility to be occupied with something he loves.

What other options does the teacher have to gain more money? In other words, what other variants to use his abilities and implement his love for children exist? He knows how to teach kids, how to make them inspired, knows how to teach material in a certain way so that children remember it. It seems that he has everything: favourite job, passion to it, unique abilities, but this all is used for the most banal thing, i.e. for a workplace of a teacher with a usual very low payment.

There are the following options: he may turn a penny as a tutor and in general be a tutor. Also he may get hired to a private school, where parents pay money for the studying. They pay pretty much money, so teachers’ salary is quite higher there. There is also other solution. He may invent and formalize his own methodology and promote himself as a qualified specialist on the market of additional education. Let’s say, he will create a super methodology “How to prepare a child for school in 10 simple steps”, because a lot of parents face the problem of preschool preparation. They want their child go to school already prepared, so that others do not think that the child is stupid and do not mock him.

As you can see, here we are talking about different money, absolutely different market sectors, although the work is one and the same, in particular pedagogy and work with children. Two key differences of these options are the following:

1) Value and cost of the same job in different market sectors is also different. If a teacher works at school – this is one thing. If he is engaged in tutoring, this is other thing, and he earns more money per hour. If he is engaged in tutoring in a private school, then he gets even more money and so on and so forth. The essence is clear.

2) The amount of money in different sectors of the market is different as well. A school, which is a public sector entity, can not pay high wages because it does not have much money. There is no money due to many reasons, such as subsidies, a net of income distribution at different levels and so on. So changing any of the above mentioned criteria, you get absolutely different income potential.

And there is also a very significant thing that you should always keep in mind and never neglect. This is your set of unique skills. Not each job option matches your skills, or you may think: “Why my unique skills should be used in this job? What is the connection?”

What can help you if you do not know how to use your unique skills?

  • First of all, you can use the omniscient Internet. You can ask any search engine “How to make money on cross stitching?”, for example, or “How to make money on painting / photography?” and so on. You will get hundreds and thousands of options.
  • The next advice is a powerful brainstorm, of course. Just sit, think and write down all the options, whatever ridiculous or weird they may seem.
  • And the last one is the market of your city. Look and search what it already has and can offer you in a required direction. Who and what sales? Who and what offers? In what way does it happen? Of course, your task is to make appropriate conclusions of it.

And start acting!

  • Make up and find about three-five options of how your favourite occupation and set of unique abilities may be turned into money.
  • Then think of how you can test each of the options. This moment is extremely important. Sometimes it seems that your idea is great, it will be interesting, you will love it. However, when you start implementing it, in fact the real picture looks differently. So you need to figure out in what way (at least partially) you can test your idea, so that it becomes clear, whether it is good or bad, whether you like it or not. And also you will get a chance to compare the options.

Choice of your favourite work and its realization form is, in fact, the same as the choice of a life partner. You do not get married with a stranger, whom you see for the first time in your life, don’t you? Here is the same, no difference at all.

Think what can be a prototype

If you are not going to be employed, but to start your own business, or, for example, become a free specialist, then you need to realize what can become a prototype or what at least can be done to test an idea you have. The idea may not work out and you will waste much time, nerves or even money.

After that, list the first steps, because the first steps for each direction, test and prototype are not written. At the beginning the idea is at the level of a dream, a fantasy or a wish. And start acting methodologically. There is no other way.  You just need to act! Mere thinking will lead to nowhere. Of course, you can be scared, you may have doubts and so on. However, it does not matter, act and your vocation will start bringing you not only pleasure, but good money as well!

In such a way everything that brings you pleasure can be turned into money. And if you like something that no one has never done before, then accept congratulations, it looks like you will be the first person in a new filed of interest for others. Though people are absolutely different in their qualities, but they are very similar in their needs.

Conclusion. To realize what the meaning of life is and to find the vocation you need to think how the pleasure you get from any occupation can help others. Try it! Now your only enemy is laziness. However, it can also be overcome if you really love yourself!