Make Your Working Day Plan Successful


Make your working day plan successfulNowadays employers pay more attention to resumes of their potential employees. Though, it has already been said a lot on this issue, many job seekers continue not to attach importance to resume building. However, we would like to remind that resume proofreading service online is your secure and reliable way to get a job of your dream. If it seems that you do not have enough time to build resume on your own or to use help of experts, we would like to advice to read this post on how to manage time and divide it wisely.

Run like a clock: necessary elements of a successful working day plan

Each day we try to make progress in doing a lot of things. Very often we try to do everything at the same time. Unfortunately, it does not always lead to desired result. Our attention is dissipated, consequently in the end of a day we have a lot of undone tasks, which are being accumulated day to day. Number of these tasks increases, thus we fall into a vicious circle.

One of the ways to cope with such situation is a strict plan of tasks to be done during your day. Experts of our professional online agency along with time management specialists believe that creation of a plan itself already increases chances to have enough time to cope with all tasks. Here are some tips on what one needs to pay attention to making up day plan, so that it helps him to be productive.

1. Prioritization of tasks

If one writes down tasks in order, in which he / she remembers them, then there is a high risk to wallow in minor current affairs and not to do something really essential. Not to let this happen prioritization is required.

There are several methods of tasks prioritization. For example, there is so-called Eisenhower matrix when main attention is focused on “affairs of most importance and little urgency”. Also, there is a famous method of Brian Tracy, when each day is better to begin with serious urgent and important tasks. Certain type of people, introverts for example, requires special attitude in each matter. If you belong to them, then list of occupations for introverts will definitely interest you. Coming back to methods, choose that one, which will suit you best and regroup your tasks in such a way that all important tasks should be done.

2. Realism

There are two essential points: realism in number of tasks, which one is planning to implement, and realism in evaluation of time, which is required for this. Take a few minutes to analyze whether you can cope with your task lists. If no, then figure out why. Probably, you are trying to write down too many tasks. Or, for example, if your working day plan is filled with meetings, then it is important not forget to allocate time spent on the road. Except all this, leave in your list some time reserves, so that your schedule does not look too tight. Even if something goes wrong not according to plan, you will have some reserved time and be able to follow your schedule anyway.

3. Time for rest

Making day plan, do not forget to leave time for lunch, as well as small breaks on rest or warm-up activity. Small breaks are not just obligatory from health point of view, but also they will help person feel cheerful, alive and fresh. Thus, he or she will cope with tasks much more effectively.

4. Deadlines

Set yourself time frames to each point of plan where it can be possible. In such a way it will be easier to keep concentration, not to be distracted and not to postpone for later.

5. Clearness of formulations

Formulate your tasks in maximum detailed way. For example, if one needs to prepare big presentation, in a plan it would be better to describe in detail all steps, which are needed to be done. Thus, big tasks will not terrify you with their sizes, and there will be fewer chances that you will start to postpone them. Furthermore, you will get opportunity to think over everything in advance, consequently you will not miss details.

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Time psychology: 5 presentations on how to organize your time so that it is enough for everything

Sometimes it seems that day will never end, but when we are very busy, vise versa time flies extremely quickly. This is the simplest example of how much subjective is the meaning of “a lot of” and “little” time. Professional resume writers of our online service have gathered five lectures on how we perceive time, why it is more than it may seem, and what to do no to waste it.

1. Laura Vanderkam: “How to start controlling your free time”

This is a very gripping lecture on how evaluate your spare time, not to spend it without purpose and prioritize. A week maintains one hundred sixty-eight hours, what is equal to “twenty-four times seven will be 168”. This is a lot of time. Full-time work takes forty hours per week, eight-hour night sleep takes fifty-six hours per week, so there are seventy-two hours left to do the rest. This is also a lot of time. Even if you work fifty hours per week, maybe there is main job and part-time work. Still, there are sixty-two hours left. These are the thoughts of expert. Vanderkam proves that we have more free time than it may seem. If finding a job is a problem, then check out our post on “Eight Unusual Ways Of Getting A Job” here:

2. Philip Zimbardo: “Psychology of time”

Psychologist Philip Zimbardo tells about how our individual orientation in time, i.e. perception of past, present and future, influences decision-making, and why everyone needs to train brain flexibility and ability “to switch” from one type of activity to another.

Optimal combination of time looks like this. Past gives us roots: we keep in touch with our family, with self-consciousness and with individuality. Future gives us wings to go up to new goals, new peaks. Up-to-the-minute pleasures give us energy, which we need to realize our abilities, new areas, people, feelings. Excess doze of any time orientation will bring more harm than use.

3. Tim Urban: “Inside the mind of procrastinator”

Procrastination, or a habit to postpone tasks, itself takes huge amount of time. Blogger Tim Urban in ironic manner tells about his own experience of broken deadlines, purposeless postponing, meeting with a “monster of panic”, and calls everyone on to look at how we waste our time. We also advise stop wasting precious time and read post on how to make outstanding resume right now. It will be definitely useful time investment.

There is a thing, which blogger shares with us, called Calendar of Life. It contains a square to each week of ninety-year life. There are not that many squares, especially taking into consideration that we have already wasted a lot of them. We need to look at the calendar very carefully. We need to think what we postpone in fact, because it happens in life of absolutely every person.

4. Nilofer Merchant: “Have a meeting? Take a walk”

In this short lecture business expert Nilofer Merchant suggests a very simple idea: replace ordinary meetings with meetings for a walk. Using this example, she comes to wider conclusions, for example, how it can be possible to combine some things and solve several problems simultaneously, if one just looks at them from different side. She used to think that it can be possible either to take care of your health, or to be responsible for something, and these two things are mutually exclusive. However, now after hundreds of walking meetings she says she has learnt something. Additionally, read related post on “How To Stop Avoiding Responsibility And Succeed In Your Job”:

5. Andy Puddicombe: “All one needs is ten minutes”

Expert Andy Puddicombe believes that meditation and ability to focus on the current moment should be an integral part of every person's life. According to him, it requires only ten minutes per day. In his lecture he tells about how to find balance of your attention, and why meditation gives possibility to take a step backwards and look at situation from a different perspective.

We do not have power to change all those little things that happen in our life, but we can change the way we experience them. This is the power of meditation, power of filled consciousness. It does not require any incense or balm, there is no need to sit on the floor. You just need to allocate ten minutes per day to take your mind off obsessive thoughts, plunge into the present, and experience the feeling of fullness, calmness and clearness in life.

This was brief description of advice given by experts. If you are interested in getting known more, you can easily find their lectures online or contact our support team to provide you with more details.

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