Why Do We Need A Job Even We’ve Got Plenty Of Money?


Why do we need a job

Where to begin?

According to different causes sooner or later everyone begins to feel a need in activity to carry one during the whole day. Particularly, it’s a job. A search generally starts with looking through numerous vacancies posted on wide range of related websites. Generally, nobody’s is going to interview a person after a brief telephone talk, the better part of hire recruiters demands to send a resume and then a candidacy will be considered. Commonly, there is almost impossible to get away from creating a professional resume. But in fact it’s not enough to write an ordinary resume paper just copied from some “help with building a resume” article. And sometimes it’s not only undesirable but even inappropriate. In some countries HR managers are very anxious about boring and inexpressive papers overfilled with clichés. Talented or quite experienced writers are able to make up a resume in the shortest term. There is no problem if you don’t belong to this kind of persons because nowadays order online resume service is available for everyone.

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Why don’t you get a job?

From that very moment when child is able to comprehend information clearly, or at least approximately understand the meaning of words, he or she is being taught something like “lifetime schedule” including kind of instructions about how to live starting from the earliest childhood up to the last struggle. Actually, the greater part of time this schedule involves goes to work. At the first sight it seems to be awful because in some way it pushes us back to the time of the slavery. And there were terrifying times indeed, when person had been born by the slave was doomed for the entire life to do hard, unpleasant job nightly and daily without any rest or privileges and without a chance to break free legally. But for the sake of justice it’s cardinally important to admit, that slaveholders who had taken this right at the moment of their birth kept working hard, mostly, in a name of science. Why? It’s perfectly clear they could live lifelong doing nothing but having a good time and instead of choosing a way of spoiling and endless pleasures they decided to make the world better by inventing new helpful mechanisms, researching laws of nature, physics and other sciences. These people didn’t even think about lack of money. So, you got to work to feed the soul. And it’s not sort of opinion, it’s more likely a rule. Nowadays situation is quite similar. Lots of rich man’s children keep working, order professional resume writing online to apply for high position, running ambitious projects, financed, mostly, by their parents of course, nevertheless they refuse amusing during the entire life thou it’s possible for them to live high doing no job at all.

Need in self-realization

There are two different sides of the same coin. On the one hand self-realization is one of the causes why people enjoy their job even it’s pretty poor financially. On the other hand: only beloved activity may lead to the real self-fulfillment. Otherwise, a job is nothing but chain and collar which person puts on voluntarily because of common demands that can be satisfied only by defined amount of money, less often – by the wide range of various exemptions. Consequences of such a job are working a bit from one salary payment up to another, loosing passion and inability to bestead and enjoy what you’re doing at the same time. When someone is fond of the job he or she spends pretty much time doing it and doesn’t care about frames of the working schedule and run almost 24/7.

Not to degrade

Many people reason their wish to work and be useful for the society by the fear of degradation caused by drab and boring life. To be honest there is some truth. Anyway, there are not many persons who consider a fact that dull and monotonous job can lead to mind come-down much faster than total absence of the job or another activity to fulfill a day (https://resume-writer.net/blog/sensation-resume-services-show-new-life-track). Especially, slipping on dull and unqualified one is mostly dangerous for young people who have just started and earn their first money. It makes them be proud and confident comparing with their mates taking money from parents and earning little money or nothing at all but indeed they become addicted more and more and mind loses its flexibility and power every day. It’s a pity but commonly these young guys realize this fact too late.

Eventually, why?

Ultimately, majority of people in the world need in job. It may be regular, may be sort of regular and may be completely irregular but anyway it’s a job: activity, which brings money, satisfaction and sometimes, very seldom occurs that it brings both money and satisfaction. Everyone finally gets tired from endless wiling away the time and starts to look for something to proceed in and increase at least self-esteem (https://resume-writer.net/blog/rate-my-resume-how-to-avoid-deception). It’s perfectly natural, because infinite dallying leads to mental degradation and frequently ends up with drug addiction or similar stuff. Finally, night date in a restaurant or friends meeting are much more exiting, interesting and memorable when everyone has got some stories to tell or problems to discuss. Actually, recipe of a good meeting requires people missed each other at least for a bit. So, a job influence the relationship too and if you’re not working 24/7 without any day off and vacation this influence probably will be positive.

Hunting for a job

Overall this activity requires a very few things to do. First of all you’d better have bright and outstanding CV to win resume competition and take an interview. It’s drastically important to avoid popular resume mistakes. Then, it would be nice to get ready for an interview. There is no problem to find such information, websites providing customers with paper writing services post plenty of articles in their blogs.

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