Top 10 Ways To Make Your Resume Great


Don’t you know how to sell your skills successfully and be hired by a super powerful and prosperous company? Would you like to know how to make a hiring manager believe in you and identify you as the most suitable candidature for the target position just after looking briefly through your resume? Although it is not very easy to steal the recruiter’s attention by using standard phrases and trivial techniques of resume writing, which are popular among all the job-seekers, there are several approaches that may change the situation cardinally and bring you the desired victory. By following the next suggestions from our brilliant resume writers, you may get an offer of employment and prove yourself to be an ideal employee, which the company was badly in need of.  

Are you ready to knock your opponents down and come before people as a super powerful man with grandiose desire to rest on your laurels and amazing ability to reach your dreams? Stay alert and be as attentive as possible! Here are the tips with professional counsels, which will help you to keep your document short, interesting, and really winning. Changing your live beyond recognition in a matter of seconds is not just a dream anymore! Everything is real with!


So, what is the first point to start with?

  1. Increased focus on content. Reflecting over which font to apply to the text to make it more attractive is essential, though the specialists insist on paying more attention not to the format but to quality of the written text. Let your finished resume pass through the special editing program or better send it to the professional proofreaders to clear your text out of errors. If you show a recruiter your resume with the mistakes in it, it will be too embarrassing for you then. Don’t you want to feel sorry for missing your lucky chance? Do as you are told then!
  2. Meeting the requirements. Just read the job posting for several times before to start your resume compiling. Catch the message that is included in the requirements and build your skills list accordingly. Demonstrate the potential employee that a set of your skills and attainments is the perfect copy of these ones that are described in the requirements. By using the same extra important keywords you will build an invisible connection between your own resume and the posting. This approach works perfectly!
  3. Brief summary on the top. Do you want your resume to be approved by an ATS system and reach the recruiter’s hands without being lost anywhere in the piles of the other documents? Start your resume with a short but informative summary, where your main skills will be presented compactly. A couple of keywords used in it will help you to get a recruiter on the right side of you.
  4. Contact info diversifying. Do you want to supply a recruiter with more info about yourself? Besides informing him about your residence address, propose him the active links to your social nets profiles. LinkedIn or Facebook will be good enough to enhance your image. Although if you are going to follow this advice, don’t forget to set the posts here in order. What should your future boss see any trash for?
  5. Urgent upgrading. Showing that you orientate yourself well in the current business environment is a good approach that may bring your resume more chances to pass for standout. If you are going to apply for any creative job, it is a rule number one for you to follow. Bring the originality into your resume and change the banal Times New Roman font for Calibri, Georgia, or any other original one that is not so stale. For those, who are tired from black color and who want his resume to be more creative, there is another counsel: change the color of the most important abstracts of the text for blue one. It’s really a good idea.
  6. Staying laconic. Do you really believe that anybody will read the pages of your text and go into details? The shorter and the more laconic your resume is, the quicker a hiring manager will catch the most important details he needs to know about you. In the days of total time shortage nobody wants to waste his time and a recruiter, who is swamped with work, is not the exception. Has your resume already moved beyond the first page? This is not good enough. Cut it until it is of one page length.
  7. Comfortable reading. The manner of reading has been changed and nobody spends time on familiarizing with the docs from top to bottom. Running an eye over the text is considered to be enough for needed info extraction. Keep this in your mind while compiling a resume and try to make its structure attractive. Divide the text into sections to make it more readable. A recruiter will appreciate your attempt to save his time.
  8. Revitalizing narration. A suggestion to be brief doesn’t mean that your narration should be deprived of vividness and drive. Move beyond describing of your daily duties. There is nothing interesting in getting know how you prepared the reports and escorted the cargo. Present the benefits that you provided your past company with. If you back your words with any proofs, it will bring one more advantage in your favor.
  9. Format means a lot. To improve readability of your resume text it’s better to keep the simple rules and not to break them in attempt to present as much info as possible. Just try to leave more white space on your sheet and don’t select a too small or too big font’s size. It will be quiet enough for your resume to have an appealing look and create a desire to pay attention to the content.  
  10. Just one exception. Although it is hardly possible to find a source that will recommend you enlarging your resume up to several pages, the experts of our service are sure that this rule should contain one exception for those, whose work experience has already passed the limit of 10 or 20 years.  If such a candidate compiles a two-sheet resume, nobody will convict him for being too wordy. If a recent university graduate risks doing the same, his resume may be simply trashed.

Arm yourself with our recommendations and be honest in your resume. Don’t try to exaggerate your potential and stay real. By trying to claim yourself another person, you risk to fail. Finally, any lies in your text will be disclosed and this may explode a bombshell. Just exclude any unexpectedness and move towards your aim confidently.