List Of Jobs For People Who Like To Be Alone


Haven’t you defined yet which type of personality you belong to? If you change one job for another and can’t reach the harmony in your soul, if none of your previous occupations brought you satisfaction and inner comfort, if you force yourself to go to work and day after day it becomes harder and harder to make a deal with yourself, it’s time to look into your soul deeper and find the key from all your problems. By answering the question, ‘Am I extravert or introvert?’ you may change your life beyond recognition, attain the maximal level of your mental comfort, and build a crashing career. Yeah, dear reader, just a close deepening into yourself may help you to get the job you are dreaming of. Are you ready to know yourself better? Professional resume writers and other specialists of our agency are able to accompany you during this procedure and suggest you the shortest way of accomplishing it quicker.

Do you like listening more than speaking? Do you usually communicate with a couple of friends at most? Spending time among noise and rush makes you feel tired, doesn’t it? Do you enjoy spending time on your own and you take inspiration from these lonely minutes? Doesn’t solitude make you feel useless? If you are reserved and never tend to commit the impulsive actions, if you think twice before to take a decision and pay extra attention to details, if your answer to all these questions was ‘yes’, here is the conclusion: you are a person with strongly marked introverted traits. The next info that was prepared by the experts of our services to make your life a bit easier will be of great importance for you then.

Introvert: Solo Worker

Besides the fact that introverts are not worse than extraverts and there is nothing wrong in being pleased with standing aback from the rest of the world, a job searching process for these people is a bit more difficult task. Today’s business world is more adapted for those, who are easy-going and go crazy over spending time with people, chatting with the partners, and have a bite with the colleagues. Working in team, being engaged in negotiations, looking for compromises, and being surrounded by people for 20 hours a day is a killing style of life for introverts, which is able to drive any of them crazy. Here is the list of best jobs, which any introvert may choose for himself bravely and not worry over a necessity to meet with a great number of co-workers day after day.

  1. Programmer. Are you going crazy over spending time glued to your arm-chair and staring at the monitor? Do you feel comfortable in the world of computer codes and long chains of figures? Being a programmer is an ideal perspective for you then.
  2. Writer. Are you strong at combining the words together and ready to spend hours at your computer? Just think about becoming a freelance writer and execute the set challenges distantly. No necessity to collaborate with people and total focusing on yourself. Aren’t these components the main things, of which each introvert is dreaming?
  3. Translator. Are you a polyglot? Or maybe you know at least two languages, don’t you? Such a profession as a translator is the magnificent choice for those, who like to be engaged in business with no helpers next to him. Just convert texts from one language to another all days long and get satisfaction from being alone with your thoughts.
  4. Truck driver. Long road, total solitude, and just a radio as a companion for months to come – this is a brief description of the most suitable job for introverts. If you become a truck driver, nobody will pull you by the sleeve or hurry you up. Such a job is able to make introvert feel at rest.
  5. Photographer. Do you like to contemplate or keep watching over the other people’ behavior? If you have a keen eye for the details around yourself and you are a master of photography, think about making your choice in favor of a profession of photographer. No extra noises, no necessity to involve anybody into the process of your next masterpiece’s creating, and a good deal of time for your own reflections.
  6. Web designer. Are you introvert and you are very creative? If you choose a profession of a web designer, your contacts with people will be minimal and you will need to communicate with the clients just at the first stage of the next project discussion. All the rest of the work will be done by you and nobody but you.
  7. Astronomer. Does the outer space attract you and you are ready to spend hours and hours in looking into the night sky? Make your hobby your job, become an astronomer in the future, and get good money for it. Moreover, nobody will interfere into the flow of your work. Superb choice!
  8. Analyst. Do you get satisfaction from doing any paperwork, looking for info, and comparing data? Are you meticulous and able to prepare a perfect financial report? If your analytical skills are at high level and you are not a bad mathematician at that, it’s time to think about a career of a financial analyst.
  9. Watchman. Do you want your professional contacts to be as minimal as possible or it will be even better not to work closely with people at all? If you are able not to sleep at night and stay vigilant till the morning, a job of a watchman will be a good choice for you.
  10. Laboratory assistant. Those, who were always dreaming of working in medical sphere, though whose personal peculiarities don’t let them to become a doctor, may think about a career of laboratory assistant. You will help the patients to be diagnosed even without coming in contact with them. Spending the whole day at the laboratory and doing tests will be the best working conditions for any introvert with good knowledge of natural sciences. reminds that if you define your most powerful sides correctly, you will definitely find a job you want to dedicate your life to. Thus, you will never suffer from any problems with health, disorders, and you will be always happy and smiling. Use your inborn traits properly and feel comfortable in the world that is ruled by the extraverts. Good luck!