How To Stop Avoiding Responsibility And Succeed In Your Job


Take responsibility to build a career

Everything starts with the resume

Writing CV is not as easy as it seems to be from the first glance. But when you’ve just started one widespread trouble arises at once. How to start it? Which information is to be put at the beginning and which at the end? It should be brief but pithy at the same time. There are lots of rules and tips how to make outstanding resume. But in order to concentrate on something else like preparing yourself for an interview it’s possible and quite easy to hire resume writer. It’s not kind of avoiding responsibility of making resume it is smart decision which can save you a lot of time and at the same time to get and excellent result. Though avoiding responsibility is a bad thing and it’s better to get over it don’t jumble avoiding some arrangements and smart delegation of them when you’re about to get overloaded. So, the best way to spend the time saved by offering resume written by professionals is make you to confirm all the qualities mentioned in the resume by confident and professional speech while interviewing. Overall resume is just sort of pass everything depends on how you show off in real conversation with the hire recruiter.

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Why are many people afraid of responsibility?

In majority people are afraid of letting down someone and don’t acquit other’s expectation. People don’t want to realize and make others see their inability to do something good and correctly in case of their fail. And of course no one wants to seem weak and incompetent. Another is afraid of looking stupid while learning to do the job. All these fears are not unfounded, when you’re about to do something new there is huge risk of making mistakes, getting in stupid and funny situations. Anyway, avoiding responsibility is sort a mind-protection. This point of view is quite similar with the statement “your wife won’t dump you if you’ve got no wife”. But it’s cardinally important to bear in mind a fact that the only person who makes no mistakes is the person doing nothing at all. Experience is a long way of attempts, mistakes and then solving troubles caused by these mistakes. It’s perfectly natural and there is nothing to be afraid of at all. On the other hand life becomes much easier when you haven’t got wide range of different duties and responsibilities. There are no worries and troubles. There is minimal of suspense and different unpredictable and crazy stories ( At the same time such a lifestyle is quite boring and living this way probably won’ let you to succeed and reach some desired results in your activity field.

Limitations of evasion

Firstly, the main limitation of avoiding responsibility is lost opportunities. It’s appropriate to compare it with the situation when you have been absolutely sure that your favorite team would win and it did, so betting could let you earn pretty good money for nothing but you haven’t mustered up courage and here you are: satisfied, but not completely. The same situation may arise on work. When your company runs ambitious and risky project and looking for someone to go through with it imagine that the chance this project has got to proceed is the chance of your favorite team victory. So here is the choice: to take or not to take. It’s smart move for very young employee having total lack of experience to refuse running it but then keep an eye on, learn how to do it in order to be ready and don’t let down when he or she will get such an opportunity next time. But refusing it again and again likely won’t let your succeed in your job. It may lead to total loss of colleagues’ and boss’ respect because of your inner weakness. And then you may start to low your self-esteem and finally lose self-respect at all. I don’t think you’re about to get such results.

Okay, what can I do?

Changing world view is extremely hard target but in case if someone is unable to gather oneself, get over fear, shyness and uncertainty it’s necessary and there is no way to avoid it. Every attempt to change your personality starts from introspection. You have to define what should you change in your mind and what result you’re going to get in the end. The first thing required is a strong belief that you’re able to change yourself and you’ll do it in all costs. Of course, it’s impossible to become brave and relaxed in one moment. But permanent training and overcoming yourself again and again maybe in a little and unimportant situations finally will lead you to success and you’ll overcome lots of issues like job interview nerves.

The hometask

Don’t start climbing the highest peak of self-confidence and control without a peep. At the beginning set up small goals but get them without fail. Try to breed a habit of looking without fear or favor at yourself. It’s hard and sometimes too rough. You may be very upset by what you’ll see ( But at that very moment don’t give up and start working hard at yourself until you’ll look at yourself objectively and you’ll be pleased. Admit your mistakes honestly and without excuses if only they’re really substantiated. Actually, as you go further than more complicated your goals have to become.

A few words to conclude

Finally everyone has got an opinion and a right to live the life his or her own way. But if you feel lack of something like confidence of communication skills concentrate on improving your personal traits and don’t look around trying to calm down yourself saying “hey, at least I’m better than this bum”. But there is nothing bad in delegating your tasks if it’s necessary and profitable. So, order unusual and bright professional resume or cover letter writing service and get an excellent result in the shortest term.

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