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Today a lot of job seekers get confused in such a great variety of online services, which offer help in job search process. Job seekers do not know whom it would be better to apply to, so eventually they choose whomever at one’s own sweet will. This approach can hardly lead to success. We offer a really reliable way. Give preference to our online agency with its professional team. We are ready to provide our clients with services connected with resume creation of superior quality. Resume services are resume building, formatting, correction, editing, updating, etc. In order to prove that we really take care of our clients, who are future or present job seekers, we want to share tips on  successful interview coping given by best specialists in this sphere.

Tips on how to pass an interview successfully

1. Arrive thirty minutes in advance

Even being 100% sure that a candidate will be on time, it is better to come beforehand. A candidate may walk around office, wait at the reception desk. It will help to get used to a new surrounding, to calm down, what is very useful in this case.

2. Read a book before interview

A good professional book will refresh one’s thoughts and give right ideas for interview passing. It would be also great to use resume fixing service before going to interview.

3. Listen to what exactly recruiter wants to know

It is necessary to listen attentively to what exactly question recruiter makes. An applicant needs to understand from a question what length and details an answer should have, and what should be emphasized in it.

4. “Catch the wave” or come into resonance

An applicant needs to adjust to interlocutor’s rhythm of speech, timbre of voice, take similar pose (but without copying it). Also, an applicant may use words, which recruiter uses, and recruiter’s slang (but be careful with it).

5. Get known about dress code

It is necessary to ask what dress code is accepted in a company if there are doubts about it. It will help candidate not to make a floater or be embarrassed. We have also prepared women dress code tips.

6. Visit a hairdresser

A lot of people overestimate their appearance, in particular their hair, especially men. We strongly advise to go to a hairdresser, if a job seeker has been there more than two or three weeks ago.

7. Work out

We really mean it. Work out. When a person is engaged in heavy sports, it increases testosterone production, which is a hormone of confidence. It will help any candidate feel better during interview. Additional advice on confidence is here:

8. Make 50 personal achievements list

Not every single candidate remembers and is ready to speak about achievements without preparation during interview. However, this is what recruiters want to learn about a candidate, i.e. what is achieved at previous workplaces.

9. Describe vision of the future

This is the point that requires much thinking. Wondering how a candidate sees or imagines future, recruiter compares candidate’s vision with possibilities of a company to figure out whether they match or not. Thus, a candidate needs to realize first how he (she) sees the future in order to have what to tell a recruiter.

10. Get certified

Nowadays a lot of professions offer to pass certification process (such as CFO, ACCA, PHR, CIM, ITIL, etc.). All these certificates show at once to a recruiter that a candidate possesses certain (at least minimal) set of knowledge. Also, they add some benefits to a job seeker comparing with other candidates. By the way, right now you are reading post created by certified professional resume writer service. So, it is obvious that certification is really important.

11. Make social networks “clean”

Yes, this is right. The higher and more serious desired post is, the bigger possibility that recruiter will look for a candidate in social networks. So, it would be perfect to make it sure that everything is “clean there”. Check out what is posted, and delete if something may discredit.

12. Go to the toilet

It is banal. However, if during interview a candidate wants to go to the toilet, he (she) will hurry, consequently may start making mistakes.

13. Learn to answer “Google” questions

Now many job seekers scold recruiter for making “silly” questions. Meanwhile, no one wonders why recruiters make them. In short, recruiters ask these questions not to ask directly: “Are you smart?”, “Can you count?” and so on. Besides, suchlike questions make interview more live and interesting.

14. Think over hobby

The stupidest question at interview is a hobby question. Recruiter just wants to learn something about a candidate as a personality, not as a worker. That is why, very first question, which come to mind, is to ask about hobby. Candidate should be prepared beforehand to answer it.

15. Write a letter. Thank and demonstrate personal skills

Write a letter after being interviewed. Do not underestimate importance of thank-you letter. A candidate needs to thank for being invited, also, to think on what he (she) can show to present professional along with individual skills. Probably, it may be work presentations, developed previously strategies or whatever else. It all will remind recruiter about candidate, demonstrate candidate’s interest, also, it is a great chance to show one’s work samples.

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16. Control terms

Recruiters are often busy and can forget about terms and deadlines. There is nothing terrible if on a set day, when recruiter is supposed to give feedback, candidate calls at the end of working day and asks about results.

17. Tell about other offers

If a candidate has other job offers, which are quite real, it is okay to tell recruiter about them. Recruiter needs to realize that a candidate is demanded and probably, he (recruiter) needs to hurry up. If at the moment candidate does not have other job offers, then this post will be very useful:

18. Bargain

If a candidate is not satisfied with offered salary, it is okay to ask more (in case, there are reasons and opportunities for it). Candidate should not refuse an offer at once. It would be better to say that this offer is interesting, but it is necessary to reconsider compensation.

19. Address to recruiter by name

Remember name of a recruiter and always address to him by name.

20. Try company product

It is a must to try product (if possible), which a company produces. If its production is well-know, then it would be better to get known more about it.

21. Turn off mobile phone

Very simple but obligatory rule is to turn off mobile phone before meeting. If an urgent call is expected during interview time, it would be better to set other time for it. Otherwise, such a meeting does not have any sense. If a candidate answers a call during interview, it automatically means its failure.

22. Be yourself: do not try to “wear someone else’s shoes”

Recruiters, being engaged in this field more than three years, see at once candidates, who try to seem something what they are not in real life.

23. Telling about experience, connect it with mission and global goal of a company

A candidate should think not in context of work, but in context of what use it brings to company. Connect personal success with success of a company.

24. Restore oneself before interview

Candidates need to have a good sleep, go to yoga class, eat well, buy themselves a present – do whatever they want in order to restore their mental and physical energy and Raise their level of happiness.

25. Behave positively

Candidates should not complain about previous workplace, but demonstrate positive. No one wants to hire for a job losers. Any minuses, which a candidate mentions about previous job, will be closely associated with this very candidate. That is why even if one used to work in really unbearable conditions, it would be better to focus on positive moments (there was warm, friendly team, etc.).

26. Charge recruiter emotionally

Candidate should use emotional phrases. Any article on how to be emotional leader can help.

27. Find something in common with a recruiter

People are connected by common interests. Pay attention to details. Maybe, candidate has same or similar phone with a recruiter or they both like fishing. If during interview they find something common, candidate may try to emphasize it or ask additional question. It will make contact more personal.

28. Show external recognition

If a candidate has proofs of his (hers) external recognition (such as being in 20 best professionals, participation in conferences, articles writing), it would be nice to mention this, but without too big emphasis. It will increase candidate’s professionalism for a recruiter, because not each candidate has suchlike advantages.

29. Thank recruiter, make a compliment

Recruiter is not an easy profession, because among dozens of interviewed candidates only one is selected. Others hate recruiter, because he (she) is not able to see their talent. Job seekers scold them, notice any tiny error (even when there are no errors). A good word from a candidate, a compliment about recruiter’s behaviour during interview, question, etc. will be a great plus.

30. Appreciate recruiter who gives you job

The last but not the least: candidate should not think that recruiter’s mind means nothing. Sometimes candidates believe that they are great, and they are hired by boss. However, recruiter is the one who defines candidate’s fate. Recruiter shows resume to boss, manages to sell it correctly. Recruiter helps candidates. Remember this when start working together and just be grateful.

Experts of our online company hope that this post will help greatly anyone it may concern. Let interviews be pleasant and successful. To guarantee success of future interview, candidate needs to have a well built resume. It can be ordered on our website. If resume is already built, show it to our specialists. They will revise it, edit and “soften sharp corners”. Thus, resume become really attractive. Recruiter will want to invite its owner for an interview, and employer will want to hire such a candidate for a job and make him member of team.

If you want to use all these tips on practice, it is necessary to get invitation for interview first. Our online service is right here to help any job seeker to get this invitation. First of all, visit our site and look through its sections and services provided. Various services on resume creation, resume revision, fixing, editing, rewriting, etc. wait for their customers. Having acquainted a little bit with us, we offer to contact our team for more information and further details on order making.

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