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No one call in question CV importance any longer. If some time ago its role could be doubted, then today each job seeker realizes that CV plays great role and can be even “destiny determining” element in one’s life. Not only potential employees, but online companies engaged in job search activity also know it well. That is why our online agency offers its professional resume services along with services on CV building, correction, formatting, rewriting and others. Using our assistance, customers are provided with professionally created CV paper and outstanding CV format. We guarantee complete privacy, round-the-clock support of qualified CV creators and many other additional bonuses. All this has cheap cost but great efficiency. Something that may sound unbelievable or fantastic becomes real with our help. CV created on our site helps to get any job or any desired post. Career can be easily changed with our professional support. Make it real right now. Following tips will be really helpful for any present or future job seeker.

Tips on career change

One of the most difficult things in working life is career change. Modern business rules regularly demand from workers new skills, thus, keeping of one’s qualification becomes not much easier than new profession mastering. Career change is not a simple thing. However, it does not mean that it is not possible. Our experts have prepared tips and steps, which allow to bring to life one’s wish of a new profession mastering.

1. Be confident about decision

Often people think about career change because of constant failures at work, dissatisfaction from got results, conflicts with co-workers or bosses. All this create a feeling of a dead end, one starts to think there is nothing to do about it, quitting job and start doing something absolutely new seems like way out. However, before making such an important decision, it is necessary to be absolutely sure that this is the only way out, this is what will definitely bring happiness. Try to make a list of what current job has good and bad. Can an employee influence it without changing field of activity? Probably, one needs to change work and have a good rest? Decision has to be grounded.

2. Cognition of oneself

Workplace change is one thing, but career change is something absolutely different. One can not just decide that he (she) wants something, change CV title and wait invitation for interview (just in case, read ultimate guide to job interview). First of all, one needs to realize what he (she) wants and is capable for.

3. Define career and life goals

Lists make miracles. They really do. When one sees points well-thought and personally written, it is easier to realize more realistically certain things. This time one needs to create a list of career aims and other list of life aims. Then one needs to compare what points match. These steps will help to define further way. If these points are difficult to create, one may ask friends or relatives what they consider important. Probably, there are certain things, which a person just does not know how to formulate, but thinks the same.

4. What is attractive about particular job

Here it is advised to select professions, which could be interesting for a person, and then it is necessary to write down, which aspect of each profession is attractive. For example, it can bee free schedule, or possibility for creativeness, or meetings with interesting people, etc. It is much easier to evaluate and compare things visually rather than in thoughts.

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5. Let oneself dream

One does not have to be prudent skeptic all the time. One needs to think what he (she) would like to be occupied with in a perfect universe or what did you want to become as a child: cosmonaut, veterinarian or dance instructor? Maybe these dreams still can be brought to life? Maybe it is worth trying?

6. Required skills

Yes-yes, more lists. This time one should make a list of skills, also, evaluate them by ten-point scale. Additionally, a list of skills required for new career should be created. Separate list for each profession and post must be done. It will show what one lacks, what needs to be improved, mastered, etc.

7. Transform it all into options

So, now one has a couple of long lists and even more confused thoughts. One should put these notes in front of him (her), analyze them one more time. Among them all it is required to select three most realistic options of future profession. It would be better if they are various.

8. Find personal path

Previous steps were not easy, this one is not an exception. Now one needs to define, to make a final choice, to make a very important decision. Here is no place for rush. It is essential to think over everything carefully, to ask for advice of close ones. After that a person should think once again, take all aspects into consideration and put a final point. It is done. Now person knows where to move forward. Another our posts, which helps to realize why do we need a job anyway.

9. Plan of actions

Previous steps and points are done in vain if one does not create good plan of actions to realize aims: people, dates, steps, resources, etc. This plain will be that very chain, which connects one’s idea with new career.

10. Duties

Now it is time to get back to the very beginning. If a person is really serious about mastering new profession, then it should be said that it requires a lot of time and forces. When one wants to change life for better, it can not be easy affair. First of all, it is necessary to finish everything, what is started earlier, to handle all businesses. No duties or responsibilities should not distract from main aim during such a tough period. One needs to feel maximally free to reach set aim.

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Career tips for graduates and their parents

Following tips are equally essential for graduates, as well as their parents, for whom it is often difficult to accept realities of career starting. For a huge number of graduates time when there is no longer need to get classes schedule, to wake up early not to be late for classes, to pass exams etc. is coming closer. So-called “grown up” life is almost here. Our experienced qualified specialists give some tutorial tips to young talented specialists. Read them attentively and succeed.

Studying is career beginning

Even the most prestigious faculty of university can not be guarantee for graduate’s future success. Here are tips to realize if one succeeds or not: Work requires knowledge, such knowledge, which one should be able to use in practice at once. So, it would be better for a graduate to think of what useful skills are got during studying and how they can be used in future job.

A great problem of young specialists is lack of work experience. A graduate is not hired for job because of experience lack, but experience lacks because no one wants to give job – vicious circle. For experience gaining it is very useful to start working during studying. Thus, one can get required experience, consequently, after finish of studying, a graduate may apply for serious work by specialty at once. Besides, employers like when young men turn a penny during studying. It demonstrates their active position and diligence. Tips for getting job with no experience are also published in our blog.

Learn to use contacts correctly

Build and use already existing useful contacts as in networks, so as in real life. Graduates can ask someone they know, who can also ask someone else, whether there are interesting vacancies. It is necessary to attend events. Do not be embarrassed to talk to someone, who seems interesting. Here it will be required to overcome shyness and awkwardness if present, but it is worth it.

Most essential feature of first job is its sector of development

Many people think that these are money or post title, however, it is not. Look at the development possibility and “interest” of work. Choose a company and department in it, where one will not have to sort through papers for years, but will be given something to do connected with profession. It will help to realize whether one want to be occupied with it or not.

In job search pay attention to:

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Be ready for different scenarios

Professional start of career can be not as in a movie at all: two years and successful business from nothing. All young talented men should remember this. Experts on development also prove this. Why young people are so much nervous at work? In fact, one of their nervousness reasons is stress because of unrealized inflated expectations. British have conducted a research, according to which forty three percent of university graduates are sure about salary increase or career growth during first six months of work. Meanwhile, in reality such an increase only seventeen percent of graduates gets.

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Be ready for often work change

If at the age of forty it is not very natural to change work each six months, then being twenty-two-year old it is okay to change professions and spheres. One can spend all summer looking for job, having endless interviews for a vacancy, but then suddenly get absolutely different post in previously unknown company. At the same time this person will be absolutely happy. So, put fears aside and move forward to happy future. Win job interview with these phrases, they are really effective.

Do not continue “dynasty” without personal desire for it

If there are four generations of lawyers in a family, parents make their child to study jurisprudence as well, but this very child realizes that he (she) hates it, then direction should be changed until it is not too late. An option “it will be okay with time” does not work in recruitment during last ten years at least. More about wise time allocation is here:

Stop being compared with others

This is “common pain” of social networks era. We can often see our friends making posts in social networks about how they amazingly spend their time, communicate with celebrities, earn unbelievable money, visit parties, etc. Feel glad for them (however, it is better to use social sites to find new job). After that forget it and think what it is possible to do to make others jealous. Do it! Doubting oneself is forbidden:

Major advice for twenty-year-old generation, which specialists of our site try to give, is: do not think that career will come just because one is young and has finished prestigious college (university), do not hope for ethereal dreams along with stories of success. However, hard work, sharp mind, strategic approach to professional activity will definitely help to “reach stars”. This is what we sincerely wish everyone. If one dreams to travel around the world keeping job, it can also possible. Do not stop dreaming.

Be unique with our help

As it is already know, our online agency offers great variety of services, which are related to job search, in particular, CV creation, revision, fixing, formatting, etc. Even if CV seems like total disaster, our “masters” know what to do to make it a real diamond. With our professional assistance users of our services get not only great CV papers, but as a consequence, they get work of a dream. Now hundreds of our customers are successfully employed, engaged in the spheres that interest them, just do what they love. Any person can become one of those lucky guys. What is needed? One needs to decide what he (she) really wants, after that, visit our site, choose service, which suits best of all, finally make an order. Believe us, cost for our CV services is lower than wherever else. Contact our support team if have doubts. We will do anything possible to dispel them.

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