Allocate Work Time Wisely Or Biggest Time Management Errors


Time management errors

Main time management errors

Do you have such a feeling that whatever you do trying to plan next day, it seems that time flows through our fingers, and in the end of a day you still have so many tasks, which have not been implemented during daytime? Most likely, trouble is about one of time management mistakes. So, having corrected it, it will be all plain sailing. Professional resume service wants to be helpful and prevent from time wasting each site visitor and user. Just look trough this post to figure out what errors you probably make and find ways to fix them.

1. Attempt to keep everything in mind without making to-do lists

It can be hard to get used to create to-do list every day. However, it is worth it. Let’s begin with that creating such a list, one can see general day picture and thus can more rationally divide time. Second of all, a list contributes to staying concentrated and reduces possibility of being distracted.

Moreover, according to one of guru in time management, creator of “Getting Things Done” methodology David Allen, having presented on a paper day plans, person will not have to think about his / hers schedule, and will have more intellectual resources to think about more creative things. Allen’s idea is to divide a task list into minimal steps, which are needed to be done to reach any aim. Thus, you get not only task list, but a detail plan of a day.

2. To-do list is not realistic

Another important principle of time organizing process is to add to task list only those tasks, which one can and will definitely perform. It is necessary to estimate physical along with mental powers realistically, also to control those tasks, which one adds to schedule.

3. Attempt to do everything at once

This usually happens when one has too many different tasks to implement. To avoid ruining of schedule and have possibility to cope with all tasks, first thing to do is to think on how to divide them correctly. There are several methods to do this. For example, methodology called “Eisenhower matrix” supposes that you write down all your tasks in four squares. They are: “urgent and important”, “not urgent and important”, “urgent and not important”, and “not urgent and not important”. First of all, all urgent and important tasks need to be fulfilled, after that proceed with “not urgent and important” list. If you devote more time to these very tasks, then they probably will never move to category of urgent ones.

4. There is no place for “time backlashes” in a day plan

Planning a day, leave some “gaps” in case if unforeseen circumstances occur. If a schedule is planned to tight and at least fifteen-minute “backlashes” are absent in it, then there is a risk to lose control over everything, consequently not to be in time with important tasks. Read more about schedule creation in “Make Your Working Day Plan Successful” post here:

5. Several tasks are being performed simultaneously

Most researches show that multitasking and successful work have nothing in common. For example, research performed in 2011 by Stanford University have shown that people who are used to do many tasks simultaneously during tests demonstrate much lower results even in those tasks, which do not suppose many different actions, comparing with individuals who are focused on one single task mainly. So, if one has an intention to make his / hers work qualitatively in time, then he / she needs to get rid of such a habit trying to fulfill many tasks simultaneously.

6. Postponing comes with distraction

Procrastination is a psychological tendency to postpone tasks for later and distract oneself into small, unimportant work, when a need to implement something big and serious is present. Procrastination can seriously ruin anyone’s schedule, because important tasks will only accrue and deadline will come closer. A list of tips on procrastination overcome is presented here:

No one wants let this happen, so begin with defining what provokes procrastination. Does a person lack time, does one have any idea what this very task is needed for? Is he afraid not to cope with a task? Often procrastination occurs in advance of big serious tasks. To fight this, make an attempt to put as far away as possible everything that can distract from work (for example, cell phone, social networks, messengers and so on). After that, make a small not very essential action to start your work. Let it be a small step, the idea is to begin. By the way, keep in mind that above mentioned distracting things can be useful. For example, today it is possible to get new job via social sites, to establish useful connection, etc.

7. There is a lack of time control

If you ask yourself where time “flows”, then probably you will manage to find reason why you lack time to do everything you want. Time management specialists, along with professional team of our resume service, advise to try during at least a week to control time, writing down everything one does to figure out how much time current tasks take and what a person spends time on. Thus, whole picture will be seen more widely and necessary corrections in schedule will be made. Keep in mind that hours should be spent wisely, thus, read post on how to turn hobbies into paid jobs to get as much use as possible.

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Why free time is a choice

Time management specialist Laura Vanderkam is sure that in fact we have more free time than it may seem. According to her, even working forty hours per week, i.e. eight hours per day, and spending eight hours on sleep, still we have seventy two hours to be occupied with other staff. Expert thinks that even having very intensive schedule, it is possible to find time for pleasant and important for us things. There are her lectures, in which she tells about her methodology.

Recipes are absent

“When people learn that my specialty is time management they suppose two ideas at once. First one: always come on time is my motto, and this is wide from the truth”, - Vanderkam says. Laura is mother of four little kids. She could say that she gets tired time to time because of them, but sometimes they have nothing to do with this. There was an accident when she was late for her own lecture on time management

Also, according to her, many people think that she has a list of recipes on how to save some time on different things, and as a result get a whole spare hour. “I have doubts about this approach, but I am always interested in what ideas have come to someone’s mind before one calls me. Personally my favourite advice, which has sense to some extent, is to record your favourite TV show, so that you could scroll through all advertising. Thus, in two hours of TV watching you can save thirty-two minutes to workout. It makes sense. But you know what? What other way is there to find thirty-two minutes to workout? Maybe, not to watch TV two hours a day?”, - she says.

“Emergency” approach

According to expert’s mind, to control your time absolutely different approach and even other terminology is required. This idea came to Vanderkam’s mind when she was conducting a many-year research of super busy women’s schedule. In some moment in a house of one of them an emergency happened – water boiler broke through. Situation is extremely unpleasant and requires a lot of urgent actions, such as emergency services, plumbing etc. call. Thus, a woman, whether she had desire or not, was forced to find extra 7 hours in her schedule to cope with everything.

“Without doubts if I have asked her previously: “Is there a chance to find several hours to get prepared for a sport competition?”, she would definitely have answered, as well as many others: “Of course, not. Are you kidding me? Look at my busyness!”. However, when required amount of hours were found because her basement was filled with water, she found them. It all demonstrates us that time is flexible elastic thing”, - she says.

Vanderkam is sure that key to successful time management is to treat our priorities as an emergency with a broken boiler.


Her idea is to change or replace even words we use. “I do not possess enough time” often means “It does not belong to my priority”. This is really a pretty exact statement. I may say that I am too busy to wipe the dust off the blinds, but these words are far from truth. If one pays me huge amount of money for this, I will do it very quickly”, - expert laughs, adding: “Use of more exact statements reminds us that time is choice”. Everyone knows that people tend to tell lies when they want to avoid something they do not really like. Same works for resume creation. Trying to avoid or hide something, we start presenting not truthful information. Read more about popular resume lies to know what is better to avoid building your own resume.

So, what actions to undertake in order to spend time as we want it? As expert advises, we are better to begin with defining priorities. Create a list of three to five professional and three to five personal priorities for a year. After that, divide them into smaller and quite doable steps. “After that, and this is a key point, treat these priorities as situation with a broken boiler, i.e. place them first in day schedule”, - she says.

Vanderkam emphasizes that this formula, of course, does not work equally for each person as well as depends on many various personal circumstances. However, expert is persuaded that those seventy-two, sixty-two or fifty-two work and sleep free hours is a great amount of time, which we can try to spend on pleasant also useful things. So, we wish to have wise approach to time matters. For example, right now everyone can get acquainted with services offered by our experts, which will definitely bring much use.

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