It’s Time To Leave Your Job: Top Warning Signs


Your alarm-clock starts annoying you as never before. Its unpleasant sound strikes you to the marrow and your pillow is no longer spongy. It presses you down as if it were made of stone and it becomes harder and harder for you to jump to feet. Your blanket gives you no warmth and your body shivers with cold. You feel depressed, mentally broken, and emotionally disturbed. The mere thought about a necessity to come back to office makes your eyelids weighty and you pray your spouse for several more minutes to spend in bed. You can’t be helped. It’s time to go to job again.  

Our professional resume service knows everything about not only good job searching and brilliant resumes compiling. We are good at any questions that are connected with professional experience and having tough time at work belongs to the range of our competence too. If you have not the easiest period in your life and the thoughts about leaving your job start visiting you more and more often, the best advice that we may give you is not to wait for too long. The consequences of your protraction may become even worse in several months. Maybe, it is not necessary to stay and try to endure the conditions, which are hateful for you, is it? Maybe, it’s better to go and change your job, which you feel pretty sick about, right? One thing is evident: it’s time to seek for a new job. Otherwise such a depressed state of yours will never end. It may become worse, though hardly possible that one fine day you will feel relieved. Another ways to increase your productivity but to leave your company can’t be found.

Do you have any of the warning signs, which let you understand that your career path at this very company has already finished? Look through the next material and try to find out which of them you have.

Top 10 Eloquent Signs You Have A Burnout Syndrome

  1. Thoughts about looking for a new job are always on your mind. If you really start thinking that your present occupation is in the list of the most monotonous jobs and the thoughts about searching for a new one have already appeared in your head, if you are a regular guest of the job searching sites and you catch yourself thinking about the useful phrases for your future job interview, your desire to stay at this office is really minimal.  
  2. You are in your dreams about retirement. Do you spend all days long in trying to calculate the months and the days until the time when you go into retirement comes? Do the fantasies about having no job anymore are much warmer for you than the reality around? Stop living in your own imaginary world! Better find another job that will bring you real satisfaction!
  3. You become more and more grumpy. ‘How did your day go?’ is the question, which makes you get angry. You start your answer and finish it with negative comments and you see nothing positive in your spending time among the colleagues. Just find another job, which will give you a feeling that you have the wings behind your back.
  4. Your sleep is not longer sound. Do you have difficulties with falling asleep? Or you wake up with a feeling as if you had no rest at all? Sleep problems may make your stress even worse and lead to its transforming into a deep depression. Insomnia won’t make your desire to work properly bigger.
  5. Your body changes are getting noticeable. Do you start losing weight or, on the contrary, you hear more and more remarks about your bony body? Any changes in your physical state are the reflection of your vital work-related problems and worries. Everyday headaches, sudden drops of your mood, and any other warning symptoms are the best indicators of your living a wrong life.
  6. You have no free time. Are you obliged to take work home and do it at night? If you are so busy that there is no more time to apply makeup and your own reflection in the mirror scares you, this job is not for you.
  7. Alcohol consumption has become more frequent. Do you notice that it is getting harder and harder to relax after the next working day with no glass of wine or cigarette? If the situation at work has already made you take a poisonous drink into your hand, write a resignation notice even without thinking twice.
  8. Your productivity equals zero. Are you not very active anymore and it seems that your energy has left your body? If you stopped being zealous in doing your job and you see no more motives for yourself to develop your professionalism, there can’t be any thoughts about holding down your job.
  9. You feel so boring! Are surfing the Internet and checking your social nets’ accounts your two favorite pastimes during the work day? Boring job is not your lot. Change it for a more interesting one!
  10. Your appetite is spoiled. When the organism is under pressure, a lot of people start eating several times more often than usually. Besides, some organisms may stop taking food at all. Do you have no more desire to have a bite or you eat too much? Both signs indicate the presence of problems in your life.

Just try to stay realistic and weigh all pros and cons of quitting your job for the sake of a new one, which hasn’t been found yet by the way. If you see no factors, which may convince you to fight for lifting in spirits, don’t feel sorry for the years spent with your colleagues and pay no attention to your boss’s attempts to make you stay. It’s not your place and maybe there is another person, who will take your stand and bring more benefit to the company.

Don’t be afraid of any difficulties! All you need now is to contact our experts, order a brilliantly composed resume from them, and occupy yourself with a new job searching. We wish you to have success!