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Productive work at home

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Not every employee can be called extremely productive. Naturally, both, employers and employees, want to increase efficiency of work and its results. However, just desire is not enough to achieve this. At least expert advice is required. Our online service is ready to provide such advice and not only. We offer our professional assistance and best resume services performed by highly qualified experts in this field. Our services are various and they include such features as: in-house professional writers, affordable cost, available discounts and round-the-clock support. So, our clients can do whatever they want, meanwhile, we will execute their orders, ensuring best results. Professional team of our workers and our customers demonstrate great productivity at their workplaces. And now we are going to share useful tips on work productivity increase for those, who prefer working at home.

Is productive work at home possible?

Work at home has its advantages; time saving, absence of expenses for patrol and lunch (here is an interesting thought on lunch interviews), opportunity to enjoy comfort of work wearing pajama (but saying seriously, try to avoid the last point). In fact, there is another advantage, which is higher efficiency. According to survey, more than 90% of people believe that they work more productively at home. Probably, this is the way it becomes possible to reach this elusive balance between work and personal life. However, there are always some things that will distract from doing work. Children / relatives / neighbors do not treat seriously remote job conception, so some part of time is spent on work issues solution, and the rest of time is spent on attempts not to be distracted by unimportant things.

How to turn home office into the most productive working place?

Here are the tips, which are the most effective ones:

1. Prepare home office. It would be great to have a huge office with bid oak doors, huge desktop, with a view of ocean or a quiet pond, or a nice forest with little quit deer and hares. Let us be realists, this is hardly possible for everyone, however, still it is possible to organize one’s own home office that contributes to productivity. Home job suits greatly young mothers. Here is helpful advice on how mothers can find a job.

Try to avoid loud places and, if possible, find a quiet corner in a house. Paint walls into favourite soothing shade (green is considered ideal colour for productivity). Also, make sure that this room has a window. If possible, put small houseplants or a little fountain on a windowsill to have possibility to look at something calming and non-distracting. Give enough space to have everything needed for work next to hand. People, who work at home, are often occupied with something they have calling for. So, if you are wondering “can hobby become a job”, we can say it for sure: yes, it can!

2. Keep at hand entertainments. Our brain time to time needs entertainment. A book, an application in a cell phone or a favourite music organ – choose your own weapon. Keep it at hand so that always have opportunity to reward yourself, but keep it in a hidden place. Otherwise, it will seduce and you will stare at it all the time instead of working.

3. Achieve comfort. Keep in mind that everything should not so much comfortable that causes desire to fall asleep, but comfortable enough for working. However, it is very difficult to work focused and productively, when one always makes much effort to see something on a screen or has to make exercises to release back from pain.

Invest some money into a good office chair and make sure that you sit at the desktop in most optimal position. If it is uncomfortable to sit for a long time, then try to place a desktop in other place of a room or try to work standing for a while. Such details as computer screen with anti-glare effect can significantly increase level of comfort and allow to be focused on work completely.

4. Invest into simple sport equipment. Buy a set of elastic tapes, light dumbbells or a small racetrack and keep it close to working place. Short breaks for physical exercises will help to reconfigure and reload powers during working day (create working day plan for more efficiency). There is more, this is useful! Brain and heart (also, back, shoulders, knees, etc.) will thank you for this.

5. Often and without remorse get rid of garbage. Different useless things are often accumulated in house offices, especially, when there are children. Try to clean office from stack of papers, half read books, cups of coffee, food rests, or anything else, which takes place without reason. Avoid temptation to turn this room into a storehouse. Fight with everything and everyone, who wants to turn this beautiful free piece of space into potential place of old boxes with books and clothes storage, which one is lazy to take to basement or throw away. One hardly can work with enthusiasm being surrounded by garbage.

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6. Make breaks for eyes. It may seem trifle, but changes will amaze anyone. Sometimes it can be hard to remember about breaks, but try to make them regularly and observe changes. Reduce eyes tiredness with the help of 20-20-20 rule. Each twenty minutes stop looking at the screen. For twenty seconds looks at any object, which is on twenty meters distance. Eyes will say “thank” later. So, breaks are useful, but avoid procrastination at work.

7. Set goals. Make a list of things, which should be done during day, and do them ( Make sure that everything required for work in office or on computer is right there. Cross our things done of the list.

8. Be strict with people, who distract. There can be people who do not realize that work at home is still work! Probably, there is a talkative neighbor or a friend, who likes to drop by, or a relative, who calls all the time. Learn politely but confidently avoid such conversations. Do not pick up, do not open door. As soon as people get known that a person cannot be disturbed during working day, this person will no longer have need to excuse for impossibility of being near in situations, which are hard to call emergency or urgent. If a “home worker” does not set limits, no one will do it instead of him (her).

9. Dress like a grown up. A bad habit begins when one comes out the bedroom wearing panties and T-shirt, makes coffee and sits in front of the screen. Shower can be taken later, right? Or during a break, or there is something to do tomorrow … Do not do that. It is necessary to force oneself to get up and dress as if it is required to go to office and lead ordinary work day. Otherwise, a person will be distracted, will lose track of time and will panic when there will be need to make a video call or to go somewhere on business. Moreover, dressing process makes one feel professional. This is another way that motivates for more productive work. Seriously, put on pants.

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Ways to spend free time productively

Only the most productive among us treat time as what it really is, i.e. as one of the most valuable assets. They also realize that is a “limited offer”, i.e. there are only twenty four hours per day. That is why each minute is on the count. At the same time, rest is vital for us. No one can deny that there are various and very important kinds of activity, which one can be occupied with even resting. Here are six occupations, which one can do during spare time.

1. Note aims. To succeed in something one needs to set particular aims first and realize what is really desired. People, who make notes of their aims get faster what they want rather than those, who only think about desired things or do not any aim at all. This will also save much time for future. If time spent writing exactly formulated everyday and long-term aims, then it will not allow to distract on something else, thus, a person can focus on something really important. In such a way, time that could have been spent uselessly will turn into time spent productively.

2. Listen to audio books. New knowledge getting will never lose its value, and we should never stop learning, until the death. Fast development of new technologies has ensured access to wide range of information, which is kept in electronic formats, audio books that can be downloaded for free or it is possible to listen to them online. Thus, one can listen to a book traveling, working out or even sunbathing on the beach.

3. Learn a foreign language. As well as in case of audio books, technology progress gave us opportunity not to sit in a classroom learning language. With the internet help it is easy to study one more (or even several) language. As a bonus, foreign language knowledge makes us more demanded on the labor market (

4. Take an interest in the affairs of close ones. Since productive people are often very busy, it can be difficult for them to allocate time for friends and close ones. Productive people are so much occupied with their aims that during work process they forget about their close ones. In spite of the fact they do not have opportunity to spend as much time with family and friends as they want, a couple of minutes to make a call, an e-mail or a note can help to overcome a gap in communication.

5. Move. It does not matter how much busy one is, if a person wants to live long and enjoy results of work, then it is necessary to make some physical exercises. Lift dumbbells while talking on the phone, or used lunch break to have a walk. Movement is very important for people with extroverted type of character. That is why we have prepared information about best job for extroverts.

6. Help others. Happiness often comes when we help others. So, instead of watching TV, go and help someone. Such actions usually do not take much time, but ensure great gratitude. Regardless working load, one can always find several free minutes.

So, choose a way to spend free time wisely and count every minute. If you want to know “why do we need a job” in general, we have already prepared answer in our blog.

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Work at home? Here are useful things to do every day

More and more people work at home. There is a survey, which proves that 37% of workers in the USA worked at home for some time. This is four times more than twenty years ago. However, remote job can turn cause certain discomfort and difficulties. Remote job can be perfect option for introverts. Read more about career ideas for introverts. Employees, who work remotely, and company they work at can lose felling of belonging to each other. Among risks there are: remote employees often get later than others necessary for work information. They feel less involved in working process, what eventually influences staff turnover. Employers start doubting whether remote employees are as much productive as employees, who work in office. Take a little break and read how to answer  sexist interview question. No one knows when it might come in handy.

Here are several ways to fill in missing elements:

1. Stay concentrated. The fact that one works at home does not mean that there is no need to have bath or to comb out hair. Everyday schedule will create work day atmosphere even in home conditions.

2. Follow certain office rituals. An employee should behave as if he (she) is in office, for example, to send someone an amusing letters. From psychology point of view, it will shorten the “gap” and make an employee more cheerful. Recommendation on how to be a good young leader can be helpful.

3. Keep colleagues informed via organization social networks. A lot of organizations use inner network or other type of blog. Such sites are amazing opportunity to communicate with colleagues in different ways wherever each of them is (

4. Work together online. Software for joint work provides fantastic opportunities for documents editing in real time by several persons at once. There are other programs that perform the same function, which also allows to create lists, save separated versions of documents, and perform other tasks, which allow remote employees be aware of all current businesses.

5. Make notes, organize everything. Easy to use applications for lists creation create miracle with one’s productivity. Use them or look for other applications created specifically for needs of one’s position or sphere of activity.

6. Allocate time for communication ( Talking with co-workers by phone only is not enough. Connect webcam and have a joint video conversation. It does not matter whether there will be use paid or any free application, video calls will help to feel closer with co-workers. If one prefers to work in café, this is not a problem at all. In this case one needs to be sure that it will be possible to get concentrated there, and it would be better not to go out if there is an important phone conversation. Hardly anyone wants to listen to waiter screaming: “Double cappuccino for you, sir!” in the middle of conversation.

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How does the music influence our productivity?

Is it familiar: open browser, office / home background noise, carelessly written list of what work to perform in a notebook? There is not desire to deal or cope with all this. Facing lack of motivation, we begin to experiment. First, we try to work offline. Further, method of Pomodoro follows. After that, someone advises to have a walk around. No significant changes, we are still not as much productive as others, and this should be fixed right now. So, we take headphones, turn on our favourite singer or relaxing melody and listen. In a minute we feel like we can concentrate on those dull tasks of our to-do list (here is advice on how to beat boredom at work). One task is finished, another one, we tune into working rhythm and easily cope with the set tasks (read about importance of long-term planning here: When it seems that there is nothing what may help to become more productive, correctly chosen music can charge us with required energy. However, how exactly does music influence our productivity? What influence does it have in general?

Science, music, our brain

First research on how music influences our braid began in 1950s, when doctors started to notice positive impact of music treatment on patients in the USA and Europe hospitals. However, people use music for communication during centuries.

Modern researchers claim that music is able to ease negative emotions, in particular, to get rid of anxiety and depression. Music can even reduce cases of bewilderment and delirium at clinical patients of old age, who recover after operations (read additionally how to avoid age discrimination in recruitment and tips on finding a job in recovery). There is more, researching show that listening to cheerful or sad music influences our perception of other people as cheerful or sad respectively. Results of all this researching one way or another prove that music really can influence our emotions for the better or for the worst.

In short about neuromusicology

To get known more about how music influences us, we can look deeper into a specific field of scientific research, which studies nervous system reaction to music, and which is called neuromusicology. In short, music gets to brain through the inner ear and influences different brain zones.

This is pretty unexpected, but brain zones, which music activates, are different at different people, and depends on previous musical education and individual experience. That is why influence level of how it influences our concentration or emotions experience is also different. However, modern research in music shows that there are common templates of brain activity and mood change, which everyone has. With their help we can choose musical compositions for working process.

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How does music influence us during work?

Most studies claim that music during work helps to develop productivity, creativity and makes people happier (happy people use creative ways to apply for a job). However, some warnings exist. For example, there are proofs that most people are distracted when there is music with text. That is why they recommend to avoid such music during performance of working tasks, which demand much concentration or studying of new information. Vise versa, musical compositions with text usually help employees, who work on routine tasks. Probably, because text can distract from monotonous work. In order to understand music influence on work, we present several examples from latest music influence on productivity research:

1) In “Applied Ergonomics” magazine a study was published, in which there was recommended to listen to background music during implementation of routine work for better productivity of workers.

2) Results of another research were announced, which presented that surgeons worked more precisely and efficiently when listen to music. Chosen by experiment partakers compositions (songs and melodies) showed amazing results, and surgeons, who performed work with music chosen for them by scientists, demonstrated better results than others, who performed work in silent atmosphere.

3) Research results in another scientific magazine (1999) prove that classic and rock music helps partakers to define numbers faster and more precisely.

4) In 2005 in research scientists came up to conclusion that software developers work more positively and better when their work is accompanied by music. Besides, this study points at existence of “learning curve” for partakers, who used musical compositions to change mood.

Everything mentioned above is just a piece of study, which has been performed for studying of music influence on workers, however, already now we can see positive influence of music on working process.

Science proves that music in style “ambient” and sounds of nature contribute to efficiency improvement

Somewhat, any music is a type of background noise. According to scientists, background music influences work efficiency the most. In a study of 2006 it was proved that constant noise annoys less, meanwhile, separate talking was “the worst, extremely unpleasant annoying surrounding” for participants. Research also contained “blurry speech” as a stimulus, which the most effectively awakened mental state of a participant, meanwhile, constant noise was called provoker of almost zero effectiveness (what was a little bit unexpected).

2012, another study conducted by scientists and its results were presented in a famous scientific magazine. It was an experiment that was aimed at studying influence of background noise on creativity. According to got data, when partakers were listening to background noise of moderate volume (about 70 decibels, which is the same of vacuum cleaner noise), they demonstrated better creativity. Besides, research presents that creativity is reduced when volume increased to 85 db. Read about perspective creative professions here:

Moreover, results of research published in “The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America” in 2015 shows that use of nature sounds background, such as heavy fall of rain, improves productivity and mood of employees productively.

Taking into consideration above mentioned research, it is highly possible that music in ambient style can potentially improve one’s mood and efficiency. However, in order to improve productivity with music help, it is required to alternate period of activity with and without music.

It is necessary to remember that during new information studying it is better to avoid musical compositions with text in favor of instrumental music. However, if there is a need to perform repeated and well familiar work, then music with text can have good impact on our mood and efficiency. Depending on task complexity, sometimes we have to put off headphones and get concentrated completely on a set task.

Anyway, sometimes it is difficult to find correct music. This is “learning curve” mentioned previously. Senseless clicking in search of correct singer or music player can distract from productive work. However, when worker understands what suits him best, concentration comes at once.

Final word

Now it is obvious that there are so many ways to increase productivity at workplace, or working at home, or anywhere else. We believe that there is nothing impossible. Also, everything becomes even easier when there is help and support of real experts. Such support is always there for you on our site. We not only provide all kinds of resume related services, but also suggest our customers to cooperate with qualified professional getting many extra bonuses. Make it sure visiting our site.

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