“I Will Do It Tomorrow” Syndrome: Start Acting Right Now


"I will do it tomorrow" syndromeTomorrow is going to be today again: how to stop looking for excuses and start acting right now

Most of us are not ready to make real steps towards our dream, even if it takes only a week to bring it to life. Very often we overvalue something we are striving to, and call “dream” or “great goal” such things, which are quite realistic, easy enough to achieve and do not require super powers and efforts. Such an attitude makes look for excuses, think of nonexistent difficulties, and postpone everything “for tomorrow”. Best professional resume writers have prepared simple tips how to start acting and come to your aim.

1. Forget about tomorrow

We console ourselves that we will manage to do everything tomorrow and will definitely do it very well. We will call partners, create a super offer, invent a recipe of a super tasty pie, go to gym and so on.

However, tomorrow will never come. Tomorrow is going to be today again, but you are going to be one day older, what means you will be slower and deeper in household problems. You will become less compliant and flexible. Consequently, you will be even farther from your aim.

Draw a line segment. Its beginning is your birth. Its length is your life. Put a point on the line – this is your age. Now imagine how this point inexorably moves to the finish.

2. Realize what you really want

A lot of words literally program you on failure, make you postpone tasks: “it is not time yet”, “not sure if I can”, “it goes beyond my strengths”, “I will try”, “I would love to but…”, “it is unbelievable”, “I should / have to / must”. Not to let such thoughts fill your head and fill your soul with doubts, this post on personal effectiveness will serve you greatly: https://resume-writer.net/blog/top-5-personal-effectiveness-strategies.

Now remember life line segment: you do not have time to say it all, no time to look for excuses because your time is limited. Think about it: if you constantly look for an excuse why you can not do something, then probably you do not need to do it, in fact? Refuse from what you do not really need. Switch your attention to what is essential to you, interest and make you happy. “I feel happy, full of energy, healthy when regularly go to gym”. Only suchlike formulations and thoughts “charge” you and switch to the process of your happiness achieving. Make sure that work you are doing now really makes you happy and does not belong to the most boring jobs of all times.

3. Play with options space

Very often we limit ourselves, thinking that this is the only possible way to get what we want without any other option. If everything goes not according to plan, it makes us upset, consequently we give up. However, in fact, ways and means to achieve desired things are numerous. It is just necessary to learn to see opportunities.

For example, you want career growth, but at your present working place perspectives are “misty”, in addition, you are afraid to leave stable place. You must admit that hardly a company, in which you could reach desired goals, does not exist at all. There is no sense to focus on one thing, especially when a chosen way does not lead to this very goal. Maybe, right now it is high time to get acquainted with career advice for extroverts, which can help to put in order your own ideas?

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4. Always make first step

For example, you have a thought. If you do nothing to implement it, even do not share it with a friend, it will remain just a 100% thought. But if you at least make a post in social networks, disclosing its meaning, and get a feedback, then your chances increase by 50%. It is quite possible that someone will want to help you bring to life your thought, give advice how to do it better or, vise versa, will point at its futility, what is also helpful because you will not waste time on it at least. In any case, it is much more pleasant to feel being at least somewhere than being in complete uncertainty. Professional team of online agency resume-writer.net is willing to bring you certainty and confidence in tomorrow. High quality and cheap cost of services are stable things that will not change.

In any matter the most important is to start. Turn your life into a chain – action – result – action – result. It is enough just to move step by step, even if it will be small steps. Just observe what you manage to achieve and meanwhile correct something you do not like. You will be surprised how much fast you will move forward. If you want to proceed faster in everything, then you definitely need help of professional resume companies online.

5. Dissect your goals

Imagine that your impossible goal is a complicated unfamiliar dish. You do not know its recipe, but you will taste each piece trying to understand set of ingredients, in other words you will move from general to specific. As a result it may turn out that this dish is made of simple components. The same is about your goal. Divide it into small tasks, which you need to implement, and you will see that everything is much easier than you have been thinking previously.

6. Find counteraction to fear

Why are you afraid of doing something? Because you, according to your excuses, are not professional, and you are afraid that other will make fun of you. Find counteraction to your fear. For example, you can apply to your friends, co-workers or other specialists in your sphere to get competent review on your ideas. It is quite possible that their feedback will help you to get rid of fear to act unprofessionally. Moreover, it is always worth to ask yourself: “Will I be upset if result is not perfect, but there will be result any way? Or will I prefer 0% result, but perfect implementation in future, which may not even come at all?”. Choice is obvious. If fear still restrains your will and does not allow to do what you want, read our post on how to muster up courage here: https://resume-writer.net/blog/how-to-muster-up-courage-and-finally-leave-dull-job.

7. Share your plans with someone, whom you can trust

Those, who are used to postpone everything “for tomorrow”, suffer from the fact that every day a new pile of tasks lies on their shoulders. These tasks again distract from what they need today and now, something that has perspective and can make them happy.

That is why tell about your plans those people, whom you believe. Declare it in a post in social networks or just give a promise to a close one that you will report about your actions each day and do it. Necessity to give feedback disciplines a lot, makes think deeper than you have used, also gives greater result.

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