Top 5 Personal Effectiveness Strategies


Strategies of personal effectiveness: how to reach more and always get what you want

The race of leaders is often called a sprint, in which winners are directed by a simple formula “faster, higher, stronger”. In fact, personal effectiveness and gradual reaching of goals is much more similar to a marathon, in which the key idea is a maximal optimization of personal resources, such as tasks, time, surrounding and even thoughts. The rest is covered by a wave of never ending informational noise, constant stress and finally inescapable disease of a chronic “sprinters” that lead to emotional burn our. Being cornered, leaders more and more go off the track and start dealing with other kinds of business in other countries, mainly in south-eastern Asia.

Great results in run, as well as in business, can be achieved only thanks to the inner discipline, regular training of necessary abilities and systematic mastering of style of thinking and acting. Our resume writer high class expert team offers you to discuss in detail basic personal effectiveness strategies and the practical use they have in everyday life.

Strategy #1: focus on essential

There is a common phenomenon that managers get stuck in routine operating tasks, meanwhile mechanisms, also goals, which could have led them to super results remain absolutely unnoticed. The biggest opportunities are often hidden in those ideas, which we do not pay attention to because of our business with urgent matters. However, to go to the set goals we need to see them.

Tactics #1. Mark for yourself the tasks of the greatest importance that can bring you to results you dream about in the shortest way. Every day your obligatory action is to make yourself a sincere question: “Which of my actions that I undertake now make me closer to my targets?” Our post on what methods to use improve productivity will show you the suitable answer to the question.

Tactics #2. Begin your working day doing the hardest, maybe even uncomfortable everyday tasks.

Tactics #3. Dedicate two days per month to being directly occupied by the issues, which can bring you closer to the aims of the biggest value. During this period it would be great to turn off each single gadget you have, quit answering the telephone calls, also replying the text messages along with email letters without emergency. Sometimes a day of the greatest concentration on any essential thing can bring you much more results than a couple of months of work in a usual rhythm overload with operating tasks.

Tactics #4. Act without delay. Sometime people carry brilliant ideas in their heads for years. But when an idea remains just idea, then this is just a waste of energy and time. The transformation of ideas into real actions is the best habit that you could ever have gained or developed.

Strategy #2: mindset importance

Researchers, among whom was Napoleon Hill, studied biographies of individuals who achieved the biggest success in America. As it has been discovered, all of them are united by a special feature, namely we mean optimism along with expectation of something better. Each critical situation requires to look for a unique opportunity for development and growth.

Tactics #1. Purposely surround yourself with personalities, who can be your support and inspiration. You should never be afraid to “cross out” of your surrounding those individuals, who negatively influence your thinking manner and mood. Also, do not forget to cross out excess information from your resume and add key words. Read “Keywords as important part of every resume” post presented by our experts.

Tactics #2. Begin your morning with the visualization of goals and positive settings, so-called affirmations. Visualization is one of the most effective techniques of results reaching, and even Olympic champions use it in their training. Anthony Robbins, who is a worldwide famous trainer on leadership and personal effectiveness, every morning conduct a special ritual of mental day setting, creating resource state of ideas and spirit. If you have a wish to reach professionalism of high class in a field of activity that is attracting and interesting, then it would be obligatory to begin from building of a worthy resume. Our site provides services on resume creation of first class qualitative level. Write us and get feedback from our team. It will provide you with more information on this matter.

Tactics #3. Make it a habit to set yourself on working mood by watching short inspiring videos about personal effectiveness strategy and super achievements (peak performance).

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Strategy #3: go out of comfort zone

There is so much told about this issue. However, usual mechanisms and patterns of behaviour, which we usually call comfort zone is something that keeps a great number of people from realization of their ideas and possibilities, prevents them from expression of themselves and revealing of the talents on maximum (

Only having gone out of comfort zone and begun to think, speak and act differently, you have never acted before, qualitatively new results may be reached. This is a perfect road that leads to the highest effectiveness.

Tactics #1. Make it everyday practice to escape from comfort zone. Set a goal to implement one idea each day, which you would have never implemented before. Treat it as a game. A lot of business representatives regularly behave in such a way that is extremely different from their usual behaviour. Eventually, it became their style of thinking and led them to high results in professional activity and public acclaim.

Tactics #2. Celebrate and thank yourself for each nonstandard idea. The way out of the comfort zone is unpleasant and sometimes even painful process that requires scrupulous practice at the beginning.

Strategy #3: creation of a favorable surrounding

Make an attempt to dedicate the maximum of time to individuals, whose qualities, habits, specific temper features and so on you would like to have as well, i.e. these individuals should be your role models. If personal communication is impossible, then there is nothing else to advise except the reading about these personalities, watching interviews and different videos, in which they take part.

The latest scientific researching on brain mirror neurons mentions such term as “emotional contagion”. Its meaning includes phenomenon when one automatically absorbs emotions, condition and mood of individuals, whom that very person interacts with.

Tactics #1. Choose five personalities, whom you sincerely admire. There may be either someone famous, or just someone you know, whose personal features you appreciate and respect. Study the biographies of these people, meet them personally, if these people are alive and available, and soon you will notice that in real life you present the features of temper, mood and style of thinking of these people. For example, having attended the seminar of the Dalai Lama in India, where listeners were in a direct close contact with him for a long time, they were so much influenced by his calmness and goodness, they long after that they could easily and calmly make decisions in difficult business situations. However, you can always find your own way of self-expression. Tips on how to express yourself at work are published in our blog.

Tactics #2. Keep in mind and bring to life formula for success developed by American Thomas Leonard, who belongs to founders of personal coaching. Basing on his mind, the aspects of success are divided in this way: 100% is lore with abilities, 40% is thinking manner and 50% of success in any matter is your surrounding.

Strategy #5: constant learning

We live in a world that changes all the time, where knowledge becomes outdated very fast. To keep the high level of efficiency we need to develop all the time. Use every chance to learn something new.

Tactics #1. Make a plan of individual education for the coming twelve months. Define the courses and programs, which you would like to pass during this period. Attend available for you seminars, online programs, and courses on the subjects that interest you. Invest in knowledge should become your major priority since it is reliable and profitable more than anything else.

Tactics #2. It does not matter what your age is, as well as what professional level you have, whether beginner or owner of a huge business, it is obligatory to use towards yourself the “learner” conception. Look at yourself as if there is always something to learn and you need to learn it. Even the masters of business broaden the horizons and mind by systematic attending of different events. It brings not only relevant knowledge, but also necessary contacts and inspiration for new ideas and project, what is even more important.

The above mentioned five strategies should become a base for personal effectiveness and constant self-improvement. They have relation not only to professional, but also to daily life, interpersonal affairs and spiritual growth. It causes no doubts that high efficiency is impossible without healthy life style, correct day schedule and healthy proper nutrition, as well as harmonious balance of rest and work. All this, along with a “flow state”, when a person is engaged in an activity that brings him much great pleasure (, forms set of techniques, which can contribute every time to set goals reaching and beginning to reach other ones easily. In case there are questions about the matter we discuss now, or there are answers connected to professional growth, job search and other work matters, which you would like to get, contact our team of experts and we will solve your problems together.

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