How To Figure Out What Kind Of Job Matches You Perfectly


As pupils we were frequently asked one and the same question: “what kind of profession are you into?”. Then, as a teenager we start to think about it time after time, but don’t slip on all these thoughts completely. Then, when we’ve graduated from our university we’re trying to get a job. It would be better to concentrate on choosing profession before choosing college or university. But it shouldn’t be something like “I’m quite good at singing, so I want to be a musician”. Find sort of halfway house between what are you fond of and what is wanted among wide range of employers. Don’t slip on writing your resume, contact us and get the best resume service. In order to learn more it would be helpful to check out professional resume services provided by our high-qualified writers. Such knowledge could help you not to live in the dream, but living your dream.

On what we have to pay an attention

Of course, at first you need to decide what your passion is, what kind of activity makes you happy and you even don’t mind doing it for free. Maybe, it seems to be easy, but it’s not true. It’s very hard indeed. Some people can’t find their place during entire life. Then, it would be nice to find out your personality type. This task is much easier, because there are lots of different quizzes to figure out what kind of personality are you. Be honest while taking this quiz, because you’re the only person whom you can take for a ride in this case. So, you’ve already found out your personality type, now let’s speak about perfect work for every type.

The Introvert

Introverts can’t stand the crowd. It’s unbelievable hard for them to meet new people. But they enjoy working in small groups and can be very effective. They are very attentive and able to notice even tiny mistake. Persons with this personality type could be focused on one task and go through with it fast and correctly, but not more. Multitasking is not for them. So if you’re introvert pay you attention to such industry sectors as: science, information technology, animal care and so on. According to this industry sectors we may name few jobs wich are the best for this personality type: veterinarian, computer programmer, researcher, accountant.

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The Extrovert

Extroverts are fond of being a part of a team. Than bigger this team is, than better. They’ve got no troubles with talking in public or to start a conversation with the stranger. Extroverts need some freedom, so they do better when they’ve got a wide range of assignments and they’re able to choose their activity depending upon their mood today. Usually they have strong leadership skills. Best job for extroverts is communicating with lots of persons. People with this personality type enjoy working at such industry sectors like sales, public relations. List of suitable jobs for them: sales manager, actor, real estate agent.

These two categories can’t describe all of the character features, so we’ve added several alternative types. Maybe, you will find exact description of your personality below.

Organizing master

These persons may seem too accurate and even boring. In the majority – they are. For other people it’s unbelievable to enjoy an order, following standard procedures and rules in particular life, but they really find it very pleasant. So they enjoy such activities as editing texts (, organizing, working with data as well. Typically enjoy conventional wok. This personality type may succeed in several sectors, like finance, public servicing, letter writing service online, administration. The list of suitable jobs for them: accountant, data manager, administrative assistant.

Born to be an artist

Artists, of course, need creative job. They can’t stand gaps and rules, instructions and all these stuff, they need freedom. They’d like to take a flexible schedule in particular. They’re fond of working on their own time. These people always enjoy following their own ideas and are negative to working for living someone else’s dream. But when all the conditions for them are agreeable they could be probably one of the most hardworking employees and slip on their task completely until they finish it. These persons are mostly wanted in such activities like marketing, design, public relations, theatre as well. So, the best jobs for them are public relations representative, advertising executive, interior designer.

The Nanny

This type enjoys working for the people’s welfare and appreciation. Nanny is always glad to see the result of his or her work on other’s faces. Smiling faces are the best reward for them. They are one of the most responsible and reliable employees. They can find themselves in education, healthcare, human resources and even sales. An ideal job for this personality type could become speech pathologist, teacher, nutritionist, social worker and lots of others.

The Enterpriser

This is type of personality, that’s born to be a leader. Than more responsibility the enterpriser has got, than better. He or she enjoys mentoring people and building up team to lead them. These personalities often prefer to run and manage projects up to the end by themselves, but have perfect sense of when they’re almost overloaded and should delegate some assignments. As a rule they are very confident and motivated persons. The enterpriser can implement his or her advantages at first in business. The majority of successful entrepreneurs are persons with this type of personality.

Importance of choosing profession depending on personality type

Different website providing customers with resume services online can offer wide range of different topics concerning this problem. Of course there are lots of points of view on the steps and ways of finding a perfect job, but, as for me, the most important step is to find out what kind of work matches your personality type completely ( No, it is not because of this topic. Person can change his or her character, can enter and graduate from university, college or technical school ones again, but the only thing that he or she can’t change is the personality type, because we’ve got it at the moment when we had been born.

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