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Every day thousands of job seekers looking for work realize that without well-written resume work search process may last very long. However, they often look like blind kittens, they just do not know what online company to choose, what services to order, whom they can trust, etc. We want to give a hand introducing best online agency, which deals with CV and resume papers building. Resume services online are performed by real experts, qualified specialists in this field. They are highly skilled and can create such a resume, which will definitely help any job seeker to get desired post at a desired company. CV created on our website guarantees invitation for an interview. After that it all depends on a candidate. We try to help as much as possible, thus, we suggest to read this post with useful tips about how to discuss wages during interview.

How to discuss wages during interview

Question about future salary at the interview is obligatory. Experts of our online company give tips how to answer it so that both parties of negotiations become satisfied with it. In a vacancy advertising an employer may mention:

  • clear range of wages;
  • wide range of wages;
  • wages sum plus percent, bonuses, etc.;
  • wages by discussion / agreement.

However, whatever look an advertisement has and whatever way one uses to be invited for interview, in its process question about salary should be made. Who and how should make it, what script of salary discussion will be winning best specialists in this field tell about. Also, do not forget to send thank-you letter after interview.

Who should start talking about wages?

No one is allowed to begin conversation with salary issue. Interview is negotiations, in the result of which a deal will be made or not. That is why first it is necessary to make an interlocutor interested, to make one “sell” his professional qualities (in case of a job seeker); not to scare away potential employee discussing wages, which this very employee has no idea about (in case of employer).

Due to this very reason discussion about salary is usually laid aside till the end of interview. If a candidate feels he has managed to make employer interested during interview, it is better not to ask about wages amount. With impatience to know how much big salary will be, job seeker risks to present himself not in a good light. It is necessary to have patience, because sooner or later a question about salary expectations will be asked. If a candidate has doubts that interview will not lead to a dream company, also an interviewer does not demonstrate much enthusiasm, then question about potential salary can be quite appropriate. Read other additional questions to ask job interviewer.

How to ask about wages amount?

If interview comes to its end, wages question has not been made yet, then it is worth asking about it. However, it has different approaches according to efficiency.

Bad option: “How much do you pay?”, “What can you offer?”, “What is the salary?”.

Good option: ask politely what motivation system is provided for a person, who occupies a post, which a candidate is applying for. Thus, a candidate makes both, personal and general question. Such a formulation will definitely not push an employer away, and a candidate will get information about wages, bonus program and corporate culture. If a candidate will be told about all possible methods of motivation except money, then it is necessary to specify: “What is about financial component”?

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How to answer about desired level of wages?

1. Come up to wages discussion at the last phase of interview. Our professionals advise to get known in details future responsibilities, various bonuses and expenses, which a company is planning for a candidate: company car, company laptop, medical insurance, paid lunches, social package, flexible schedule, career growth guarantee, terms of wages revision, etc. Only at the last stage it is allowed to discuss salary.

2. Be careful to overstate or understate wages expectations. What always should be kept in mind during wages negotiations is that it is forbidden to overstate or understate too much wages expectations. Too high or too low (even if it sounds weird) salary expectations can put an end to successful interview.

If one’s labor cost is too understated, then it may seem that a candidate is not competent or does not appreciate his own work. Also remember that an employer will not pay more than a candidate asks, so it is better not to say “modest” sum. If one asks salary much higher than average wages of similar posts, then candidate must be sure that situation is special:

  • company has found a candidate using head hunters’ assistance, who look for best candidates and entice them to a company-customer;
  • a candidate has work experience at a big company, foreign cooperation experience, knows several foreign languages, possesses outstanding diplomatic skills, etc.;
  • a candidate has additional education, prestigious certificate;
  • a post supposes irregular working hours, often business trips, work with harmful materials, etc.

Psychologists advise to tell employer a sum, which is 10-20% higher than a candidate really expects. This is percent, which employer will try to reduce one’s salary appetite. As a result, candidate will get desired wages, and employer will not think that pays too much.

3. If a vacancy tells nothing about wages. In this case a candidate needs to conduct a small analytical work. Candidate should use open resources, similar vacancies (where wages are mentioned), professional sites and social networks to figure out what income level is appropriate for similar posts at companies of same field. As a result, one gets idea about situation on the labor market and can evaluate future income level. If analysis has not helped much to define salary, then candidate can use previous workplace wages plus bonus. However, if a candidate feels that desired work is his vocation, then this post will be pretty useful:

4. If wages are clear. If a candidate is asked about desired wages level (and candidate knows approximate reference points of employer and accepts them), then a clear number can se named (adding ten or twenty percent to “leave room for maneuver”). However, it happens that during conversation it becomes clear that trades need to continue. Sometimes they need to continue in decrease direction, sometimes in increase direction (yes, fortunately, it also happens). If one needs to reduce salary level, it can be said: “certain number including bonuses”. If one needs to increase wages, here are much more options: “certain number is a fixed part / without bonuses / without taxes / during probation period. And when I show what I can, then…”

5. If a candidate is offered not satisfying wages. Do not hesitate to discuss openly with an employer possible options, if workplace is attractive ( but wages level is not satisfying. Maybe, employer will not increase salary, but offer bonuses or special conditions (such as flexible schedule or remote job), which will make candidate interested. Another variant is to accept not very high salary but specify that in future candidate expects to prove his value for a company and make his wages higher. An employer may like such a responsible approach.

A lot of people find it difficult to discuss financial questions with potential employer. Talks about money may seem inconvenient, awkward or even a little bit rude. However, this barrier needs to be overcome. Candidates do not ask for money, they discuss and agree selling of their services.

Take into consideration these tips given by specialists of our site. Always keep in mind the most important term of successful negotiations, which is self selling. Be calm or make an attempt to calm down nerves during interview, be confident, an employer will make advance even when it goes about ticklish financial questions. Also, remember that resume or CV services ordered on our site can help to reach success easier and faster. Resumes created, fixed, or revised by our experts becomes so much good that employers want to hire for work such candidates at once. Hundreds of our customers are already successfully employed. We continue to assist job seekers, providing them with CVs and resumes of superior quality. Any dream may come true and our agency is ready to prove it!

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