How New Job Can Help You To Recover


It happens that people feel tired, exhausted or bored with their work. What to do to fix the situation? Is it necessary to look for a new job or something else can help? Well, if you feel that you just can not stand your job, or you even hate it and everything connected with it, then probably one of the ways out is a job change. Many experts claim that labour can help to overcome not only tiredness or boredom, but it also helps with the health issues. Professionals of our resume service have prepared and are ready to share with you information on what relation job and health have in this post on “How new job can help you to recover”. Saying “new job” we do not necessarily mean new workplace. You can just find some other occupation to be distracted a little bit from different troubles connected with your work, which may have negative impact on your health. So let’s figure out what the essence of this issue is.

Work as a cure: why job is useful for health

It is no longer popular to work. Look around. The world has gone absolutely crazy. Young, strong, full of energy girls and boys make unbelievable efforts to turn their lives into existence of lovely pensioner-tourists from the West Europe. What does it means? They are lazy, bored, watch TV series. They are getting used to daytime sleep, convenient relationships with dishwashing shift schedule, to good shoes, absence of stresses and conscious unemployment or doing the work they hate. And they do not even suspect that in such a way they harm themselves greatly. There are many reasons for this.

There is time for work and there is time for love. There is no other time

This is a statement of a famous perfectionist Coco Chanel, about whom the world would never have heard if she preferred to lay on the sofa for many hours and her motto was “another time, probably”. You may whatever long persuade yourself that your life is dimensionless trash bag that can contain half of the world, but it is not so. Each time, wasting half an hour on senseless talks in comments or choosing filter for a new picture, you make another step to nowhere. You make another step to the life, in which you are not Chanel, Thatcher, Rowling or Madonna. Experts of our resume service strongly recommend out a start acting right now if you want to achieve success in the life.

Job cures from suffering

A huge part of our diseases is a banal psychosomatics. You may whatever long make cabbage-onion fresh juices in the morning, but if inside you are tearing yourself into symmetrical bloody pieces, nothing will help.

Heavy and passionate work is the only really working remedy from all our suffering, troubles, problems and losses. Everyone knows it from the very childhood: if you want to reduce the pain, you need to be distracted. At least for eight hours five times per week.

Idleness exhausts

It is a proved fact. When a person is retired, the development of chronic diseases runs faster in the elderly. Until you have to wake up at seven o’clock in the morning, iron the wrinkled clothes each time you put them on, drink weakly brewed tea, hurry up, worry, dream about vacation, Fridays, job bonuses, world end and so on, until you will stay healthy.

Our vitality is directly dependent on the level of our socialization in the society. While you are working, it seems to you that if you have had much money, you would have never stayed any other minute in this boring office. However, it just seems so.

Most billionaires are absolutely miserable people with a predisposition to hard drugs and manic-depressive psychosis. It may sound weird, but you can not imagine how much lucky you are being born in a family of ordinary workers. You have to work really hard to have a normal life. And it is amazingly cool.

You want to work

Our fears are almost always exactly the same as our most wanted desires. We want and are afraid of something at the same time. We can love and keep someone on the distance at the same time. You feel it on the level of intuition how much pure pleasure may bring you a successfully done work. What an ecstatic happiness is already waiting for you over there behind the finish line with a bottle of champagne in hands. How much satisfied you are going to be when you cope. Just do it. Everything in this world has its deadline, even your long, happy and good life.

Scientists have discovered what job is useful for the health

The scientists from the University of Texas at Austin claim that people who are occupied with creative work have good health, as a rule. The scientists’ research has allowed to make a conclusion that creative spirits helps a person to keep health longer. Such factors as lack of routine, getting pleasure from a job, possibility to learn and solve difficult problems all the time contribute to the fact that a man feels healthier.

If suchlike activity is also paid, then a man’s health becomes even better. According to the research, everyday life of unemployed people gives less space for creativity than the life of employed people of the same age, sex and education level.

The effect of a creative job is highly evaluated by the authors of the research. According to their mind, active exercises in suchlike activity allow to maintain health in the condition that a younger person has (about six-seven years younger). Besides, creativity helps to compensate the lack of means. Creative work makes the same favourable impact on a person as improvement of a family income by 15 times.

The authors of the research say that “creative” is the work that has high status with certain management functions that require big amount of information and extraordinary decision making. The conclusion was made basing on the life studying of 2,5 thousand Americans over several years. If you see that your job is not “creative” one, maybe it is time to quit job. However, be careful. Weigh all the pros and cons and think thoroughly over your decision.

Work usefulness for physical health

There is an old saying: “The more one uses the brains, the wiser becomes. The more the body is trained, the stronger is becomes. The more often the mind is occupied with something, the younger you look”. All the tissues and organs of the body develop when they are trained and degrade when they are not used. The more you use them, the more developed and trained they become. Without work tissues and organs atrophy and become weak. Despite the fact that in the middle age gradual brain atrophy begins, if it is constantly used, then the process will run much more slowly. If brain, which is the main coordinator of the processes that occur in the body is not being exhausted, then the work of all organs and tissues will go well and will remain normal, and thus the process of fading will slow down. Today as well as in the ancient times there were a lot of long-livers among the knowledge workers. For example, Zhen Chuan, famous acupuncture physician, lived for 103 years, Qi Baishi, famous painter of our time, lived for 97 years, Ma Yinchu, scientist demographer, for more than 100 years.

Since the body becomes physically weaker, the labor intensity should be also reduced. However, one should never stop working and being active. The less you are occupied with labour and movement,, the faster your strength fades away, and the work of body organs and tissues becomes worse. That is why in the middle and elderly age it is necessary to make at least some physical work and exercises. It will not only allow to stretch your muscles and joints, increase blood circulation and vital energy, improve heart work and metabolism, but will also give you good mood and inner freedom.

People of middle and elderly age should not think that since they are growing old, they should not be active physically and mentally. Such an attitude leads to the loss of vitality, and then old age grips a man much faster. Stay active. Only in such a way you will manage to keep cerebral vessels wide enough and cells viable. It will slow down the brain work decay as well as decay of all the organs and tissues of the body. Only in this case you will manage to keep the spirit of youth and long life.