How To Avoid Age Discrimination In Recruitment


Young specialists face a lot of challenges searching for job. And most of the challenges are connected with their age, what consequently implies lack of experience, professional knowledge and skills. That is why experts of our online service decided to devote this post to the problem of age discrimination. We strongly advise you to read our age discrimination in recruitment post because it contains much useful information for both, employers and young jobseekers. You will be aware of the most common mistakes on this issue and how to deal with and avoid them. We are also glad to inform you that it is possible to order resume, cover letter and other written paper types on our website. Visit Resume Writer service, get acquainted with our activities and prices, and contact our supporting team any time if necessary.

Age discrimination in recruitment

There is no secret that today employers want to have a team of young men, who are not burdened by any obligations and responsibilities and are experienced at the same time.

This phenomenon is connected first of all with the fact that recently many countries just have started to overcome the crisis, and today companies need workers, with the help of which they will be able increase the volumes that they used to have before crisis in short terms.

Discrimination of young specialists, final year students and graduates

Each year extremely big number of people finishes colleges and universities, consequently there are a lot of young specialists in various fields. Good chances to find a good job by profession and develop in the chosen direction those young people have, whose educational establishments are occupied with the employment of their graduates. Often these are educational establishments that grow specialists for certain fields of economics, such as railway transport, modern latest technologies of production, some branches of industry and so on. Of course, if a young specialist wants to get a good job, resume plays great role here. Use our resume writer service that will help you to create great resume, which will demonstrate you as worker and professional in the best light.

Usually employers, who work with young inexperienced specialists, give them the lowest and poorly paid positions. However, former students get chance to gain experience, to develop in professional direction and to move up the career ladder (

What is the situation with employment of young people, whose educational establishments do not care of their employment?

The answer is simple: employers do not hire for work young specialists and graduates. The main reasons are the following:

  • lack of experience. Such specialists need to be trained, what requires much time, which employer does not have, and much money as well;
  • most positions have such a requirement as representative appearance. Young specialists usually do not have it. They do not know how to behave at the meetings, what to do and look according to the business etiquette and so on;
  • talking about girls, we can also mention the fear of employers that at an early date a young lady will decide to create family and have children. As a result an employer will spend money and time to train her and will get nothing in return.

Such an attitude to young specialists is not professional and right at all. The lack of experience and necessary qualification at former students can be used to benefit of business. On practice it happens that today employer does not want to invest in education and development of a young generation, and tomorrow he will shout that there are no good specialists in the market, and those who are present are too expensive. That is right, employer creates such a situation on his own trying to get immediate use without working with the staff for the future.

The main advantages of young specialists:

  • ability to learn easily and fast. There is no need to retrain such employees, since they do not have experience, consequently time and money expenses on their training will be much smaller than retraining of specialists who already have even small experience. Also young workers are not “tortured” yet by various constant trainings, thus they have desire for new knowledge and comprehend information easier and faster;
  • desire of young specialists for self-realization. A smart employer, who wants to develop his business, will always see the potential of a young worker and will disclose it. At the same time young employee will be grateful and will try to demonstrate everything he / she can do;
  • mobility of such employees, their readiness to non-standard working schedule and business trips, as well as the fact that they are not  burdened by family and children.

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Discrimination of people close to retirement age

The major amount of announcements on the recruitment of new employees has age limit up to 45 years old. Why are not employers ready to consider the candidates of older age? The main reasons are the following:

  • employer’s uncertainty that such an employee will work in a company for a long time, for example because of the issues connected to health problems;
  • it is hard to train older workers. People, who work their entire life according to their own rules, methods and so on, are very hard to be taught new technologies in work that become more and more widespread among the young growing and developing companies;
  • employer’s fear that employee will not match the team, for example, when the average age of the workers is about 30 years;
  • employer’s non-acquaintance what position can be filled by such an employee. At the lower positions such worker will look weird among other workers, who occupy the same position and are twice young at the same time. For example, it will be also weird to hire for work a 50-year old worker to the department, the head of which is 35 years old.

In this case the head will probably feel awkward having such a subordinate. This situation, as well as the situation with young workers is not right. Employer, who strives to minimize the expenses on the training of young inexperienced workers, will definitely use such an opportunity and hire an older worker. People who have worked for many years at any position have priceless knowledge and experience.

Main directions, in which knowledge and experience of older employees can be used:

  • training of young specialists and tutorship. Transfer of invaluable experience and knowledge of specialists. It is possible to use such workers as inner coaches;
  • use of such workers as professional methodologists for systematization and employer’s knowledge base replenishment;
  • “aged” specialists are usually not afraid of difficult work. They are more prepared for the fact that they need to finish what they have started to do without giving up, also they are more responsible for the work they do.

Unfortunately, now we can observe such a situation that experienced workers, who are considered “older”, work as janitors, couriers and so, getting very little money and no sharing their experience with others.

Discrimination of women who have small children

Most employers also do not want to hire for work women who have young children ( Companies do not take into consideration their experience and knowledge. According to employers, disadvantages of such employees are mostly connected with the children owing. The most common what happens:

  • constant being on sick leaves with children;
  • unavailability for business trips and non-standard working schedule.

On the other hand, potential employers do not mention obvious pluses, such as:

the stability of these employees. People who have children will not change workplaces each six months. For them it is important to “settle down” and continue to work;

responsibility. In addition to the previous point we can say that comparing with others these employees have more responsible approach to work and implement their task more qualitatively because they realize that employers pay special attention to them.

Other kinds of discrimination in the market

Of course, in our post on discrimination in recruitment we can not ignore other kinds of discrimination that are present in the modern job market:

a) gender discrimination. It can be often seen when employers require workers of male or female sex only. There are certain professions, of course, that require more men or women. However, when employer hires employee of male or female sex just because of his own preferences, this is absolutely wrong. In such cases, employer sets limits by himself and most likely will not hire really experienced, responsible workers, who do their work of high quality. By the way, specialists of our website provide professional services of the greatest quality, because we appreciate their professionalism, and not other personal features that have no relation to job;

b) discrimination on the place of residence. Usually bank sector has such a “sin” hiring for work people from certain region, in which it is situated and operates. The main reason is that it is more difficult to monitor and control people from other regions. Another kind of place of residence discrimination in rejection to give work to people from other countries. The main reason is unwillingness of employers to draw up the necessary documents for recruitment of such employees, to get permission for their work and so on. At the same time employers do not give themselves opportunity to grow, develop, conquer new market sectors and reach the desired results.

As a conclusion: today striving for development companies and employers need to pay attention not to the date of birth, place of residence and children presence, but first of all to the qualification of candidates, readiness to learn, willingness not only to demand and take something from employers, but also to give something in return and so on.

Knowledgeable and competent employer, who tends to implementation of his tasks and plans, will always notice the potential of a worker and after that will find way to disclose it in spite of the worker’s age, nationality, sex and place of residence.

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