Stress And The City Or How To Manage Stress At Work


Manage stress at work

Resume and CV editing: make it professionally

Constant stress atmosphere at work can push to workplace change. Naturally, a job seeker should have good resume and CV to find a new good job. It is well-known fact that now employers, HR managers and recruiters pay much attention to these papers. They can get enough information about potential employee and decide at once whether this candidate is worth being invited for interview or not. Here are resume tips from HR presented for public use. We will help to create such professional resume that will guarantee 100% success, i.e. interview and employment. Offered executive resume services is a boarding pass to new life full of personal successful development and moments of real joy. We contribute to making dreams come true. Our professional tools are expert team of qualified resume creators, CV correction and editing of high quality, outstanding resume format and low prices that satisfy each of our clients. One of our aims is help in professional development. However, this is a quite difficult process, especially when employee experience constant stress. So, this post is for those who want to live calm life without professional stress.

Yes, our generation knows very well the meaning of notion “stress” and knows what it is for a long time. And unfortunately, many people have already experienced this physical state. Pain, tiredness, patience, fear, humiliation, sudden changes in personal life, or a sudden turn of events in professional path – any of these phenomena can be a reason for stress.

Man daily faces many various news and events

For many hundreds years man’s modern reactions were formatting, i.e. so-called “immunity” to what is going on, already familiar habitual to us all actions. We already do not notice that a lot of transport moves around the city, that all offices are so much “stuffed” with technical devices and gadgets that no one even speaks about fresh air or personal space. Windows that do not open, artificial oxygen, i.e. air, which passes through air conditioners, become norm in most establishments. A lot of people are already used to all this, and they do not even notice this consciously. Meanwhile, tension is already hanging in the air. This is result of establishments demand. Maybe, work at home is better? Read more here: Work, especially during crisis times, became for many people a very important link in the chain of existence. For many people it has become norm of life to sit in front of computer till three or four a.m.

Feverish fuss has filled people’s life in our society

When a man is calm, when he does not feel inner irritation, he will not notice a lot of events, which happen around. He will not notice a noise group of young people that laughs, he will not be irritated by “not what I want” playing music, he will not raise his voice in a store, trying to prove his opinion.

Everyone knows what calmness is

However, what is stress, what are its components, what is its grounding? First of all, this is one of the types of a strong nervous tension. Even a small stress can lead to unpleasant consequences or harm for whole organism. Nothing happens without consequences. Any negative emotion, inner anxiety (especially when it happens frequently) is accumulated as “load – blocks” in physical body, what leads to discomfort (aches in different parts of body without obvious reason). Sooner or later nervous breakdown happens. Nervous system of a man cannot stand it any longer. It becomes difficult to control accumulated irritation. Body becomes “strange”, and weird unpleasant symptoms appear. It is hard to explain what they depend on, and one can never know when they appear. Dizziness, fainting, numbness of the lower jaw and tongue, fever throughout the body, cold sweat, constantly aching back, sleeplessness at night and uncontrollable weakness during the day – this is not full list. This is just beginning. However, believe us, this is more than enough to “drive oneself into a corner” of depressions.

Everything needs to be changed until it is not too late

Result of all these symptoms is hidden much deeper: complete dissatisfaction of one’s existence. A way leading to nowhere, in the end of which spiritual crisis is waiting.

Any sane person dreams about life quality improvement

It is impossible to avoid stress. Stress in a sign that current situation requires adaptation and increase of body activity level. However, not by means of one’s own “exhausted” energy resources of body! Why should we shorten our life with our own hands? They often ask: “What should be done not to be dependent of drugs, antidepressants, etc.? Is it necessary to be in a constant search of resources replenishment to be “safe and sound”? Or something special should be done?” Of course, made with love home food, walk in fresh air, timely sleep, full weekend, when one does not do anything at all and does not blame oneself for doing nothing. All this is already great help to our body. However, believe us, this is not enough to get rid of already appeared psychosomatic symptoms, feeling of guilt over not paying enough attention to relatives or loved ones, feeling of dissatisfaction with one’s life.

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It is necessary to increase life power! It is obligatory to see sense of life! We need to feel joy communicating with close ones! Only our self-conscious will bring to our life feeling of deep calm and serenity. Our personal realization of what have been happening previously and what has led to today’s consequences may help. We sincerely wish everyone to become more cheerful each day, when joy inside us is calm and relaxing. We sincerely wish to become more easy-going, when communication with other people becomes more interesting and mutually useful. We sincerely wish to become each day more energetic without torturing body with another cup of coffee or a cigarette. Instead, we wish to enjoy the flow of light and energy, which fills our body and gives health and joy of life.

Wise Mother Nature and higher power took care that a man had everything needed inside him. Some events we cannot change right now, because they need time. However, we can change our attitude to them, looking at all this from other side, lifting a heavy load from our shoulders, which presses on the heart – this is what we can do already now! Right after these changes, others happen at once:

  • Psychosomatic symptoms start to “respond” to treatment (and treatment not always requires pills).
  • Life powers and body energy increases, because when there is no physical pain or tiredness, a smile on our faces is more sincere, more joyful.
  • Relationships with relatives and close ones are being improved and harmonized. There is no necessity to blame people we love in failures that happen in life.
  • Clear aim appears, i.e. the way, going along which it becomes clear what to do in the future, what to be occupied with, etc. What is essential and valuable is kept, what is not important is forgotten.

Whole process of this work is designed for our inner feeling and our personal independent work. To reach current state we did not need someone else’s help, neither support team, nor doctor or work with a group. Question that may arise is: “What needs to be done and how?”

  • Show one’s own desire
  • Be ready for changes (and they definitely will happen!)
  • Observe, study, notice what, how and when does not satisfy us, why we react like this
  • Having noticed, think it over: “what can I do right now to feel better?” and naturally do it immediately!
  • Reconsider relationships with the closest people:

- is there lie in these relationships?

- do we make us do something we do not like at all?

Help our physical body relax more. Everything can be helpful what will bring pleasure: massage, walks in park, fruits eating, listening to favourite music, aroma bath, shopping, contrast shower, etc. There will go anything what causes a smile of pleasure on our faces. The most important is to learn to give us this pleasure on our own, so that all actions we do are not dependent on other people.  Learn to be self-dependent, self-sufficient, easy-going. Make thoughts be directed in future instead of “digging” the past.

We wish everyone calmness, harmony, confidence, love. We wish all the best and beautiful what any person, who lives on our amazing planet, deserves.

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Simple techniques to overcome stress during working hours

It may sound surprisingly, but achievement of career goals is possible without nerves wasting (career plan might be useful in this matter: Here are several simple techniques to reduce level of tension during working hours. According to American association of psychologists, stress can provoke headache, muscle overstrain, chest ache, stomach upset, decline in motivation, fatigue, anxiety, worry, absent-mindedness, irritability, depression, drug problems, social withdrawal… Do not rush to panic. Specialists claim that stress can be avoided even in modern hyper tensed business world (just do not forget to use work schedule planner). So, simple techniques are the following:

1. Create oasis surrounding. If earlier people tried to stick to work schedule from nine a.m. till five p.m., then in modern business world it became normal to work twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. Without excess words it is clear that such overload causes a lot of reasons for stress. Amazingly simple method to fight overstrain is to turn off cell phone and computer not only during sleep, but also one hour before and after sleep. Firstly it will be difficult because a habit to check e-mail box does not disappear that easily. There is more, self-confidence is required to let boss, colleagues and clients know that during these hours you are not available. No matter how, but try to do it. Also, try not to ruin relationships with co-workers:

2. Find “tasty morsels”. Too big task list can become a reason for stress because it provokes a feeling that it will never end. Tasks need to be divided by complexity: easy, medium, difficult. Then divide them by level of potential use: big, medium, little. Probably, about a dozen of tasks will be relatively easy, but maximally useful. Star with these “tasty morsels” first of all. In most cases it will be possible to reach eighty percent of aims doing twenty percent of work. Additionally, tasks that do not seem to bring essential benefit neither to company, nor to you personally can be ignored.

3. Redistribute workload. Unreasonable expectations can provoke very strong stress, and there is no difference what is the source of expectations: you, boss or clients. Cure for such stress is a dose of reality (read also how to cure boredom at work). Count it: how much time it will take to implement a task, what the size of work is; basing on data got one needs to decide what one is going to implement and what can be done. If others expect that four tasks will be fulfilled, but there is time for three tasks only, then one should ask to choose the most urgent tasks. We can tell how to cope with too much work quickly and easily.

4. Disconnect from the news. Media, as any other business of entertainment industry, makes money by provoking the audience for emotions. Almost all news (exception is business news) provoke in people negative emotions: anger, fear, anxiety, misgiving, disappointment. It may seem to us that news distracts us from working stress, but in fact it increases general tension even more. This is the same as drinking beer with a hangover: it seems it helps, but later it becomes only worse. That is why, when we hear news that can make us feel angry or upset, we should switch the channel or go to another website. On condition, of course, when this news does not have relation to us personally. If interested, read about really helpful ways to overcome procrastination at work.

5. Detach from something what cannot be controlled. There are things, which we just cannot control: economics, transportation, emotions of other people, actions of clients and so on. It is useful to observe such events, try to predict their result, but as soon as one decides to fight with them, stress is guaranteed. Worrying about these things, one can do absolutely nothing about them. Only powers will be wasted. We should try to change something we can really change, without paying attention to other things, which are beyond our control and powers.

6. Avoid irritated people. We may not notice this, but our psychology is built in such a way that we feel and reflect mood of other people who surround us. This is result of work of so-called “mirror neurons”.  In other words, we can “catch” stress from other people. Though, sometimes it is just impossible, but we need to keep away from strenuous people.

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Stress at workplace: how to fight, how to prevent

Almost each of us faces stressful situations at job: many businesses, lack of time (look through how to do time management post), strict demanding boss… When we experience stress, hormones are released into bloodstream: adrenaline and norepinephrine, then – cortisol. In small amounts they activate functions of organism, what is not bad at all. However, in excess they harm our health. If boss is the reason for stress, show him this post on how to be a great young boss.

Word “stress” became very popular today. However, not so many people have clear idea of what stress is in fact. What does Eastern wisdom say? Translated from Chinese word “stress” means “danger” or “possibility”, i.e. this is constant possibility of danger, kind of state between disease and good state of health. More often stress happens at workplace. Why? Because one third of our life we spend at work. Here different troubles and unexpected situations wait for us. Naturally, each person has individual level of stress resistance. Someone can be upset because of nothing, meanwhile, other person “holds on to the last”. Obviously, choice of workplace is a serious matter. Look at our list of perspective careers for creative personalities.

How to realize that one is close to stress? If more often than usually troubles happen, if important things are forgotten, the slightest occasion provokes worries, usual situations look confusing, then it is time to think over everything. When additionally to all mentioned above, a person does no longer cope with job responsibilities, is late all the time, does duties by force, it means stress has started to attack. Maybe, this is a sign to change job. Here are crazy ways to find a job, just in case.

Main consequences of stress at job

Constant tension, which one has to face, soon will be expressed in physical ailment. In particular, muscle clamps occur what can lead to osteochondrosis, radiculitis, headaches, round shoulders, vegetative vascular dystonia. Neuroses occur due to overstrain of central nervous system. Consequently fatigue, irritability appear. Stresses also cause heart problems. Vessels narrow, main cardiac muscle (myocardium) strains. If a person lives in a constant stress, then in ten yearы heart wears out that much as if a person has had severe myocardial infarction. There is more. Who could ever think that because of stress our bones and skin also suffer. To normalize hormones level our organism takes calcium, protein and vitamins. Immune system also gets worse: it becomes easier to catch a cold, virus, people suffer from various autoimmune diseases. Creative jobs often have positive influence. So, think about it and choose the right creative job.

Stress: first aid

It does not matter how much we love our job (check out signs you love your job, find out whether they work for you), sooner or later we can face syndrome of chronic fatigue. When nerves are on the limit, here are several techniques to fight stress.

1. Drink relaxing tea with mint or lemon balm (balm mint). Also, tincture of valerian or motherwort can help.

2. Drink hot water. Ordinary pure hot water will cause strong sweating, thus, stress hormones will come out.

3. Physical exercises will help to remove muscle clamps. Stand straight, lower hands and clench fists. Raise shoulders straining whole body muscles. Then “relieve” tension. Repeat this exercise four-five times.

4. Correct breathing. Feeling nervous tension, make a couple of deep inhales and exhales.

5. Get “glucose” charge. During stress, sugar in blood is used very fast, so, brain cells need charge of energy in form of something sweet. This can be honey, bitter chocolate, dried fruits. Try to use healthy sweets.

6. Eat right. Include into ration foods that have anti stress impact. These are currant, strawberry, banana, kiwi. They facilitate to production of happiness hormone – serotonin.

7. Remember about aroma therapy. Oils of lavender, lemon balm, bergamot, orange or juniper will help to calm down quickly. All this can also help to handle the stress interview.

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How not to allow stress at workplace

Not to face situation when emergency measures need to be taken, try not to allow stress situations. To help our body in fighting negative influences, we need to provide us with full value sleep. Only in conditions of complete silence and darkness during rest, melatonin (hormone that improves mood) is produced.

Organize work process correctly. Make a task list, do the most difficult first. Do not postpone it “for tomorrow”. Here is a good related “what can I do today” post.

Try to eat right, avoid strict diets. When we limit our ration, body starts panicking and throws into blood much cortisol – hormone of stress. Adding to it nervous tension at work, we get explosive mixture. That is why take care of body, thus, it will be able to resist stress at work.

Role of healthy microclimate: healthy microclimate in a team

Healthy microclimate in a team is the main precondition for absence of stress. Good relationships with co-workers are important, since they help to tune in a positive mood. All workers have different temper, introvert and extrovert work together, so sometimes it is required to take such details into consideration. Friendly atmosphere is an additional supporting factor. Even difficult work, which requires much mental energy, becomes easier with support of others’. Unfortunately, many employers do not pay attention to it, looking at each employee separately, having no idea whether a team can work as a single mechanism. When there is someone, whom we can share negative emotions, feeling and worries with, this always facilitates to feel relief. Thus, friendly surrounding at workplace is one of the most important steps towards stress overcoming.

With good treatment an employee becomes more confident, feels support, thus, finds faster powers to concentrate on an important task (more on confidence issue is here: Social isolation and detachment from team does not lead to good results. Sometimes, one just needs to talk to someone, otherwise, stress can grow into protracted depression. It will be enough to start feel joy from small things, such as a sudden compliment.

Define what causes tension, try not to take too many responsibilities, which are hard to cope with. Set priorities. Be friendlier with co-workers, even if previously they seemed not very pleasant people. Sooner or later everyone has to find points of contact, so why not to do it right now? As a result it will be easier to overcome tension and a rush of energy will come.

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Change attitude to reality: positive thinking

Positive thinking will protect against stress in any surrounding. A famous Canadian doctor says that stress is how a person treats what has happened. Even ancient philosophers used to say that we do not react to events, but to our thoughts about them. That is why first of all it is important to change attitude to situation, to believe that it is possible to overcome difficulties. It is required to learn to control stress and realize that something happened is just another stage of personal growth, will influence positively our future life.

Think positively and refuse categories “all or nothing”, which teach us “psychology of a loser”. Learn to get pleasure from process, stay focused on positive final result. Optimism and awareness of how to reach desired result is a key to feel a rush of energy, to fight stress along with other psychological troubles.

Try to control emotions. Try to think in other way: get focused not on stress, but on solving of a problem, which has led to nervous tension. The better emotional control is, the easier it is to cope with professional stress. Laugh more, ignoring negative moments. This will “unload” atmosphere and improves situation on workplace. However, do not overuse laughter. Do not make fun of colleagues or managers, not to be made fun of later. Helpful advice for young managers:

Emotional self-control: key points

In order to develop emotional self-control during work, it is important to remember that it includes four components:

1) Self-consciousness. A person realizes one’s emotions and how they influence decision making.

2) Self-control. This is control of emotions and behaviour, ability to adapt to changing situations.

3) Public consciousness. A person knows how to be conscious of, realize, react to emotions of others. Such consciousness forms relationships in team, comfortable existence among other people. Also, read how to manage information on a team:

4) Control over relationships. This is an indicator of how well one finds common language with other people in different circumstances, of how “ecologically” conflicts are handled.


It is possible to overcome stress at work independently with help of conscious attitude to day schedule, distribution of forces. Healthy team relationships with psychologist’s help can give necessary support. Everyone needs to learn to solve problems on one’s own, to demonstrate initiative, to build sincere relationships with bosses and co-workers not to be fired (our how to save a job tips may help). Learn to treat changing situations calmly and flexibly.

No stress related to resume creation

Even such a thing as resume or CV creation can provoke stress. We help to cope with resume building and editing easily without ruining nervous cells. There is just one mouse button click and all our services become absolutely available and affordable for anyone. Our policy is privacy, round-the-clock support, on-time deliver and low cost. Find more on our page in appropriate section. By the way, site navigation is very simple and handy.

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