How Introvert And Extrovert Can Work Together


How can two opposites create a strong and firm professional union?

Probably we all have heard such an opinion that opposites attract each other and that personalities, whose tempers are different, can become great partners. Though, is it really close to the real state of things? How much comfortable is it for a full of energy restless extrovert to cooperate with a focused and scrupulous introvert? What finish point such a union may lead to? Best resume service along with its experts is making an attempt to get inside the matter. For this purpose we present our customers and visitors post on “How introvert and extrovert can work together” that we expect to be useful and instructive for you and thus you will manage to understand better the issue.

It is necessary to keep in mind that regardless of your personal worldview, you should give everyone you meet and know possibility to present themselves and behave as they are. Do not try to remake, fix or direct a person, who seems somehow weird to you, but learn how to get use of cooperation with him. Expert employees of our resume creation service are sure that it is possible to transform the most striking differences into absolute advantages of a solid team.

For introvert candidates, who search for a work, the whole process reminds a kind of personal torture. They are forced to “crawl out” of their comfort zone, establish contacts and visit interviews. However, there are special features of their type of temper that likely can help them find a place in the labor market. If a person is an introvert by his psycho type, then it is a usual thing for him to be concentrated on his inner world. This is not a shy or socially not adapted person. It just means that he or she spends energy being in society and accumulates it being alone. On our website you can find a post on ideal job positions for introverts that will help to realize what work fits you better.

The main problem for them is in the fact that it can be quite difficult to establish superficial contacts and process fast the information they get. But along with this fact people with such a type of individual character are great workers, who have all the chances to build a really great career. For example, they do not talk much, have responsible attitude to the set tasks, work slow but qualitatively. Such specialists go deep in the matter and do not undertake careless actions and hasty decisions. They also demonstrate ability to creativity, have well-developed memory and analytical abilities.

1. Do not try to understand each other

That is right. Do not try to take someone’s place, especially when temper and way of thinking of a man is absolutely different to yours. Of course, you should not try to “break” that person and convince him that the truth is on your side, even if his behaviour makes you irritated. The greatest and the wisest action that both of you can undertake is to resign yourself with each other’s special and unique features and accept each other as you are, additionally, of course, try to get the maximum use of it.

Let’s say, your department is given an urgent task with deadline. Logically, a question what the first action to undertake arises. Well, the best initial action is to divide the responsibilities and duties. Separate some small tasks, which should be done as soon as possible without much preparation and give them to a person with extrovert temper type. An introverted individual should get the micro tasks that require more scrupulous processing and concentration. At the same time, at the preliminary stage it is more preferable to work separately, without interfering into the colleague’s business, not rushing him and not correcting him. And only when a project is coming to its end, compare and check the data, correct and polish proposals of each other, having united your efforts.

2. Introversion is not a diagnosis

The fact that introverts look calm does not mean that such personalities are boring and have some troubles with the initiative qualities. Not showing to everyone their potential, they are able and aware of what should be undertaken to make everyone surprised and shocked with a final quality of a done work. However, to bring it to life, special work conditions have incredibly big value for such type of people.

What needs to begin with is not to distract such a colleague each five minutes making questions and proposals. When the person is concentrated working hard on any task, our best advice is not to touch that person at all. Or just go away leaving him in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere.

Second of all, do not demand from him “lightning fast task execution”. Do not ask such individual to do an urgent work that should have been done yesterday. The matter is not that he will not cope with it. Visa versa, the presented result will be satisfactory. But after such a stress it probably is going to be really hard for a worker to concentrate and start working on something else, the next day on another project immediately.

3. Extrovert: the situation is not that bad

In case of this energizer, as it probably has been already guessed, the state of things is 100% opposite. Such personalities begin to work at once and with a huge enthusiasm setting for themselves extreme deadlines. And when the deadline comes, their powers and energy passes away. If a project lasts for too long, an extrovert’s enthusiasm fades away and energy reduces. That is why here an extrovert will need the support of a more “balanced” and steady colleague. Our website presents “Career ideas for extroverts” post that will help to make right choice of a workplace for any extroverted individuality.

Besides, unlike introverts, active fellows with extroversion seek for communication each single minute. A day spent in a silence and solitude is a real torture. It really does not concern them how much important and complicated a project is, it is an obligatory rule to make at least a couple of breaks to talk to colleagues. What is required from you is to have understandable attitude to such behaviour, because it dies not mean that a person does not want to work, but on the contrary a person uses such ways to recharge for new achievements.

4. Respect personal features of each other

As a rule, the opposites do not understand at once that they can form a perfect unit. At the very beginning you will definitely face difficulties in communication. Different techniques, different approaches to tasks solving, all this does not create a fertile ground for successful joint work.

However, as soon as you realize the merits of such a union, then you are going to be surprised what unbelievable results it may lead to. Join you powers, divide the duties wisely, cover the back of each other, and always find opportunity to cheer up and praise your fellow. Thus, such a partnership may turn into not only a professional team, but a strong friendship as well.

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5. Choose right ways

The wise way is to find such an occupation that can provide both types of temper with possibility to use their strong qualities. For an introvert, for example, it is more preferable to choose such a sphere of activity, in which talking to people and interaction with them will be minimal. It can be a job of an analyst, accountant, auditor, designer, programmer, veterinarian, scientist-researcher and others of this kind. And professions of a public relations manager and others similar occupations are better to be left for extroverts (

6. Agree and train

When introvert gets a proposal, the first thought is probably “Maybe it would be better to refuse…”. Of course, he has the right to think so, but for productive cooperation he must accept the proposal and consider it. Even if an idea seems crazy or absolutely senseless, it is obligatory to respect the efforts of your partner and at least try to develop it somehow. It can even turn out that the given proposal is chancy in fact.

7. Make notes

This advice is for introvert more. Since usually they do not have a gift and a talent of self-presentation (, it can be hard for them to speak on the achievements. Such individuals are simply not aware of how to present the individuality and ideas they have. Read post on self expression at work published in our website blog. But that does not mean that they lack something and have nothing to share with the co-workers and clients. Also, they are stingy on descriptions: personal evaluations, refinement, necessity to express emotions create discomfort for introverted personalities. That is why there is a good way out, in particular to make notes. Thus, you will have a “cheat sheet” that you can use any time if you forget something.

8. World Wide Web is a magic wand that will help you

It is a well-known fact that social networks can influence career. The advice is to maximally use the blogs, forums, and other remote ways of contact. The format of such communication allows to think and choose the necessary and correct words.

9. Keep activeness all the time

It is not a problem for an active person. But for a calm man it may cause certain difficulties. Of course, it is not possible to stay always active. However, each time you know you need to deal with other person to solve some common problem or to work on a joint project, it is necessary to demonstrate you activeness and readiness to cooperate.

10. Make questions

Introverts like to listen more rather to talk. Extroverted people are opposite in this matter. That is why this is the point, which shows that these two types of temper may become a perfect team. However, too many talks or too much silence are two opposite extremes, thus they both are treated as something negative. Measure needs be preserved in everything.

Introversion and extroversion is not pathology but a temper feature. Introverts and extroverts just need to accept, understand and learn to deal with the nuances that are characteristic to the particular type of temper. For them it is essential to find a team, in which they will not feel awkwardness or other unpleasant uncomfortable emotions. Professional team of our resume service website hopes that the tips, which we have gathered in this article, will serve for your good.

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