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Criticism is a very delicate matter. Not everyone is able to take it calmly or knows how to handle it correctly, so that to benefit from it. Whatever in our life can be criticized. Want to avoid critics connected to resume paper? Use local resume services then. Services on resume creation, fixing, document formatting, revision and editing can improve paper quality to such level that no one will dare to criticize it. Professional services provided by our site help our customers feel much more confident. Another pleasant addition is that our activity is based on strict privacy policy. Thus, order any document correction service without being afraid that someone will ever discover it. Besides, services have affordable cost, what makes them even more attractive.

Criticize: how to point at manager’s and colleague’s mistakes correctly

An objective evaluation of any work brings only use. However, how not to overdo with making remarks not to discourage someone at all? Regardless of profession, position, experience, sooner or later we all face critics – either someone points at our mistakes, or we point at mistakes of others. Specialists of our service suggest to discuss the second variant, in particular: how to point at subordinate’s, co-worker’s or boss’ error without harm for professional relationships or career.

Boss / manager to subordinate

“The more there is boss in a person, the less there is leader” – this statement is the best illustration of relationships between boss and subordinates. If one wants to gain respect in team, to be literate fair manager, it is necessary to be careful with criticism. The major rule in evaluation of other person’s activity is not to “become personal”, but criticize done work itself or its result.

However, for the beginning it is better to praise a subordinate for work done, to pay attention to positive sides (hardly employee has done everything badly, if yes, use tips of making employees work correctly), after that clearly specify what exactly has been done wrong, where the error is. Probably, it will not be excess to express our own opinion on how we see solution of this situation. After that, cheer up subordinate to let him (her) realize that his (hers) value in a company has not decreased, because everyone makes mistakes. It is just important to admit them, fix and not to repeat.

Consider: shouting, humiliation, threats of dismissal are not a method for building of “closely-knit” effective team. Managers should never insult their employees with such behaviour, otherwise, they can never gain loyalty or respect. Maybe home staying will be more suitable. Experts help to work productively at home providing valuable tips.

When employees are of equal career position

Critics among co-workers should be a real craftsmanship ( We listen to boss’ remarks anyway (he / she has more experience and so on), but when remarks are made by a co-worker, it becomes personal, we take it “at our own expense”. That is why keep in mind what should not be done when we criticize people we work with:

  • No didactic tone. Do not preach anyone or moralize. Just point at an error, advise how to fix it (if know how), go back to work duties (
  • Avoid criticism when others listen / see it. There will come a moment, when we also make a mistake. At this very moment, a resentful colleague can repay, doing us the same. We should strive for expressing our mind tête-à-tête.
  • Do not turn up nose at. Do not think that if we manage to notice someone’s flaw, it makes us better, more professional or in general more successful than others. It is better to use others’ experience in our life not to let similar things happen and to implement our own responsibilities with more attention.
  • Criticize helping and developing our fellow workers, instead of rising against the background of other people's defects.

Subordinate to boss / manager

Yes, believe this: bosses can also be criticized sometimes. Sometimes it is even necessary. The most important is to know when to stop. So, imagine that manager constantly violates the rules he (she) has established personally. For example, comes to work much later, reasoning that “managers are not late, they linger on”. Of course, managers may have meetings, plans, other work circumstances. However, is this is regular conduct or even a mere disrespect for staff, there should be a person who will dare to point out at this. Do not be afraid to be this person.

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Just like a parent for a child, manager for subordinates should be a role model. If rules in a company are set, everyone without exception should obey them. However, making remark to boss is also a craftsmanship. Variant like “Well, where have you been? / Why are you late? / You do the same / Look at yourself!” will not be appropriate. Ask manager to warn about a delay if tasks or work duties are closely connected to him (her). Another option: make an offer to change work schedule for all employees. For instance, to come to work not at 9 a.m. precisely, but from 9 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., consequently, leave workplace from 6 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. In short, do not point at errors directly, but let manager make conclusions, basing on our unobtrusive offers.

However, it would be even better at the interview stage to ask what conduct is accepted in a company, what corporate values are appreciated, how manager behaves with subordinates, etc. Thus, we can avoid role of a “white crow” that propagandizes respect and equality among staff and managers.

Our specialists advise not to avoid critics, because it really can improve work of some employees and of a team in general. It is important to point at others’ flaws correctly. Also, remember about our own behaviour!

How to take manager’s critics correctly

Not the best reaction to critics is to panic or take a defending pose (here are top tips for work stress managing, just in case). Our team of specialists knows what scenario of taking critics is good. Criticism is a direct and simple way to growth and development. However, even if criticism has good intentions, it provokes natural desire for defense from direct attack of our ego, as it seems to us. Our online service suggests algorithm, which will help to abstract and cease to feel awkward because of manager’s criticism.

1. Bring criticism to external level. Detach from ego to look at criticism objectively. Imagine that criticism is aimed at someone else – at a person, who occasionally has the same name and performs same work.

2. Listen to everything said. We have already reminded that we control the situation. Now we can calmly listen to everything. Pay attention not to form, but content. Rational grains in what is said are always present. If suddenly we want to react – we can do it only after a deep breath and twice longer exhalation. Emotions should not rule.

3. Separate facts from opinions. Be convinced that difference between fact and opinion is understood clearly. If a workmate has exceeded the budget for a project – this is fact. If a workmate does not talk to others (clients, workmates) much – this is opinion. Strive to avoid answering to opinion with another opinion. It will be great if we manage to react with facts to everything said.

4. Concentrate on what others want from us and what needs to be undertaken. Responding to critical remarks, do not be brief: “It will be done, boos!” or “Okay, I got it”. It is better to reply: “Thank you for pointing at it”. Then ask again whether steps to undertake are understood correctly in order to solve the problem, which we are pointed at. Suggestive questions will help to get even more helpful hints.

5. Thank person for criticism. Thus, we get someone, who without hesitation will point at our flaws.  Our task will be just to fix them in time.

6. Find use in criticism. Listen and discuss what has become criticism object, benefit from the situation if possible. Experts say that career is better not to be built receiving only praise. In fact, if we do not hear objective criticism for pretty long time, it probably means that we do not learn anything.

The most competent online resume company gives advice to use this algorithm each time taking criticism. Be wise, find hints in critics, which can show right direction for development. Our service is a reliable way to better life. Resume papers created with assistance of our best writers and editors help to attract attention of any employer. Thus, our customers get job they want. In short time they reach great heights. Naturally, a lot depends on a person. Nevertheless, our best online service is a great platform and starting point for any job seeker or present employee. Together we can achieve more!

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