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Cases of stealing in professional field are unfortunately not news. Whatever can be stolen and it is not always possible to prove who is right and who is wrong. There are even cases of CV stealing. Though, maybe it does not happen often, but still it happens. That is why in order to avoid this, order CV creation, professional resume services at professionals, what guarantees absolutely original and unique CV paper. CV processing services allow to create paper of high class quality, which will present its owner in the beast light. Order it now and get many bonuses in addition.

What to do if a co-worker steals your ideas?

This question unites spheres of work and career, business ethics and psychology. If someone’s bicycle is stolen, this person goes to police, which can help to achieve justice. What to do when someone stills ideas? How to handle suchlike situation?

Imagine such situation: a journalist John works at a publishing house, but there is a “thief” in a team, who has stolen John’s idea and presented it as his own one. Naturally, John noticed such an action, but did not start blaming that person publicly. However, situation repeated again. The plagiarist was looking through the articles on a website and praising himself: “what a great material I wrote!” and showed John a text with title, which John made up two days before in presence of another co-worker, and even the subject was the same! This time John claimed that the idea was his in fact, but the co-worker denied everything. Conversation did not give any result and John did not manage to prove anything.

Unfortunately, steeling of mental labor is a pretty often phenomenon, that is why we need to be able to protect our ideas from those, who can easily steal them. This is a quite delicate matter, that is why our experts have tried to figure out how it would be better to act in such situation, when a co-worker has “taken” a good idea, which does not belong him. Best CV writing service creates unique CV papers. CV online creator is a real magic wand.

Why people take someone else’s idea?

It happens due to several reasons:

  • When they do not have their own thoughts on any subject, but they need them a lot.
  • When they want to hurt someone or present themselves in a better light for employer / manager.
  • In cases, when they know that author of creative idea will not fight for justice and will not tell publicly what has happened.
  • A person can be really sure that he is the author of idea. It happens when brain is focused on information keeping and not on its source. Thus, we can believe that we are the source of idea.

What to do when a co-worker has already stolen your idea

Before telling others, make sure that your consciousness does not deceive you, idea is really yours and it has been stolen. Remember when and under what circumstances conversation with a co-worker occurred, what exactly was told, that co-worker responded. Being 100% sure, it is time to act.

1. Talk to a co-worker. Do not keep silence about what has happened. If any idea is stolen, it probably may repeat in the future. That is why it is advised to talk to co-worker and clarify everything. Explain that this incident is not pleasant because idea belongs to you. Figure out why this person has done this, calmly, without shouts, pressure, threats. Ask to fix situation somehow, for example, to tell about this honestly to managers and mention who is the real author of idea. We remind that it is possible to buy cheap and qualified CV online on our online CV creator.

2. Talk to employer / manager. Tell about this problem to employer, but do it in maximally diplomatic way. The task is not to make others recognize you as a genius and disclose not honest worker, but to comment on the situation. Show that you are a loyal worker, not a provoker, you just want to protect something that belongs to you. Use facts, mention that previously this idea has been discussed with other worker, and initially this idea has been expressed by you.

3. Do not gossip. Do not start telling others at once that there is such a bad person, who steals others’ ideas. Gossiping can spoil anyone’s reputation. Show that you are a mature personality, a specialist of high class, and you do not have a habit to gossip and spread rumors.

4. Do not share ideas with others. In the future Muse will definitely give many good ideas, but try to keep them without telling to others. We advise not to leave notebooks, documents or any other notes on the desktop, not to share minds with unreliable colleagues, do not speak about future plans. However, do not close from others. Such situation is not a reason to become “loner” and lead detached life.

5. Make conclusions. Situation happened is not pleasant, it is obvious. Failure is one of the obligatory career companions. However, do not despair, but use it to analyze what has been done wrong. Further, when your ideas will be used for big projects, express ideas clearly and confidently, make it clear in the very beginning who is the owner and author. If it is important to be in a list of creators and get a reward for done work, then do not hesitate to speak about this in advance.

However, let us come back to our hero John. In that situation, he did not manage to prove that h was the author, but he had a good life lesson and found a positive moment in the incident. “If someone took my idea, it was really good. I am a good generator of ideas”. We wish everyone to be always optimistic despite the circumstances.

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How to fight with toxic workers

How to fight co-workers who “poison” team with their behavior, jokes, habits. In a team, there can always be found a person, who influences destructively general work atmosphere. Often these are people who make the worst mistakes in work:

  • Complain all the time about other colleagues’ often serious mistakes;
  • Gossip and spread rumors that make other people conflict;
  • Discuss other workers;
  • Ruin employer’s reputation with constant criticism;
  • Irritate others with their habits or behavior features.

In most cases, people try not to pay attention to such workers, in order to avoid excess contacts with them. However, such a conduct may influence someone’s productivity badly or make someone suffer from depression (https://resume-writer.net/blog/stress-and-the-city-or-how-to-manage-stress-at-work). That is why we give advice on how to find ways out from suchlike situations.

What to do about this

They say in order to fix one’s behavior, it is required to send this person for treatment to psychotherapist, to involve him into religion or perform surgery on brain. Not often employer can be a psychotherapist, a priest, or a neurosurgeon. However, still each manager should have personal strategy on how to fight such cases not to let disaster happen.

1. Find. If a “toxic” worker is in a team of more than thirty workers, then it is not that easy to find him. Such people usually work well or even better than others. That is why if a manager has suspicions about someone, probably these suspicions are not about the most productive workers (https://resume-writer.net/blog/tips-for-extremely-productive-work-at-home). However, it is a must to find, because such people in a team are like a virus in body: if a cure is not taken, organism can fight intoxication for a very long time.

If there is tension among employees, then tête-à-tête conversations can help to find out the reason. When it is clear that in a team there is a person, who harms colleagues with his conduct, behaves inappropriately, then certain measures should be undertaken.

2. Talk. Some experts say that managers should not conduct proficiency talks, but act harshly at once. However, we advise to talk first, before proceeding with cardinal measures. In a conversation there should be seven emphasis points.

How to conduct conversation correctly

Call an employee to talk and start “explanation”.

1. Do not delay. Tell a colleague directly what conversation is going to be about, what can be done in this situation. This will give understanding that manager is ready to objective communication.

2. Emphasize positive changes. It will be very useful to say what will change for better if a worker reconsiders his behavior. It will be also useful to mention what will happen if everything remains as it is now.

3. Say clearly what is wanted. It is wrong to use general mind in conversation on particular issue. For instance, employer says: “I do not like the way you behave, I want you to fix it”. It sounds very generally and may mean whatever possible. Instead, employer can say: “The way you speak about our clients behind their back does not help anyone. It poisons atmosphere in our team and department. Since now, if you can say nothing to support a client, just keep silence”. Manager should give exact examples of inappropriate worker’s conduct and use them in future for better understanding of what is demanded.

4. Prefer to say “we” instead of “you”. One needs to realize that this situation is a trouble a whole team. Conversation may be started with the phrase “We have faced an unpleasant situation” or something like this. Regular use of “you”, employee blaming is initially failing strategy. For example, “You always have bad mood, we all notice this” is among weak manager’s phrases, it sounds like a battle call. Try: “We should talk about something”. Using “you” is not a sin, but its constant use can kill conversation. Person needs to realize what he needs to change without involving personal issues.

5. Get rid of “however”, “but”. Many managers think if they use praise to come up to problem, it becomes easier to make employee understand it. It sounds like: “You have performed a good work, but..” – and negative follows. Usually it makes another person mad. Think about how to replace “however”, “but” with “and“. For example, “You work very well and we need to discuss what can be undertaken to increase your respect to clients”.

6. Let there be silence gaps. In a tensed situation employer can think that he needs to fill pauses in a conversation. No, there is no such a need. Manager should make person he talks to fill in these pauses. It may surprise how much an employee may tell. Manager just needs to keep silence for a while.

7. Give an employee opportunity to speak. When manager finishes talking, he should give employee opportunity to speak, to release tension or even to present defending argument. It will help him to realize that others listen to him. Then, manager can remind once again what the point of conversation is and finish it.

Using such tactics in negotiations with “difficult workers”, situation in a team can be improved, and members of a team can get rid of undesired atmosphere. However, if a conversation does not give results, it is time to take harsh measures.

CV creator: answer to your questions

As it is obvious now, there are many ways of dealing with such delicate situations. However, it is always better to avoid them. Best CV maker online helps to prevent suchlike troubles. We have shared our advice on what can be done, the rest is up to you. Whatever happens, our professional team is always here ready to support, because services on CV writing and correction are not the only function of our site. So, contact us any moment to learn more.

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