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How much often do we have to refuse something we want? How much often do we have to agree with something we do not want? Probably, more often than it should be. Right now you have a chance to do what should have been done long time ago, but due to some reasons it is not done yet. Now there is no need to deny yourself using professional help. When help writing a CV wanted, it is necessary to apply to professionals. Our online agency presents affordable services on CV creation and fixing of super quality. Qualified specialists in employment sphere work at our online company, providing high quality services, cooperating with customers from all corners of the planet, executing each order in time and proving day to day their professionalism. Having great experience in work search, recruitment, employment and other related fields, our team of experts shares useful tips that help many job seekers, employees, managers and employers. CV papers ordered here bring desired result. Our principles are satisfaction of any request, strict privacy, individual approach to each client and order, quick and high quality work performance. Today we offer to discuss the reasons why we need to say “no” more often. This can be really useful sometimes.

Three reasons to say “no” more often

They say it is much more difficult to refuse people rather than accept their offers. However, sometimes it is better to say confident “no” not to fight later the consequences of wrongly made decisions. How much often do we agree with offers, which do not seem much attractive to us, even if they are made by our boss, fellow-workers or friends? Our professionals believe that sometimes it is better to refuse doubtful venture, since not our friends or managers, but we will be eventually responsible for taken decisions. That is why we, best CV writing service online, share these tips on how to refuse gently but confidently people when they ask about something.

No. And I am not ashamed

More often we agree to do something we do not want to do at all because of duty feeling. Naturally, this is right. However, it is right until the moment situation is kept under control. We think: “How can I deny this man if he was the only one who hired me for work in crisis times?” We suggest to look at the situation differently. Yes, this person really helped in difficult moment, but we have already repaid, are not we? Who helped him to save the company? Who implemented new technologies and during five years was a loyal worker? Was not it we? Probably, we have already thanked him for many times and gained his respect. So, maybe it is time to forget about past “debts”. If this person starts to abuse our gratitude, saying each time: “I helped you. You own me”, this is a reason to think about the situation.

Feeling of gratitude is amazing, but it is not worth sacrificing our principles and well-being for others’ happiness. We always have right to say “no” if we believe that it is correct without taking into consideration others’ mind and desires. Healthy selfishness should be present in each person.

No. And I will not sorry

If I sorry, this will be my own experience. It happens when we need to choose, inner voice or our friends say that if we do not do this, we will be definitely sorry. For example, “if you do not take a loan for business start, then you will be sorry in five years” or something like this. Something inside us starts giving up (what strong arguments are presented!), we begin doubting made decisions. That awful feeling of uncertainty makes us agree… then something happens, business fails, family life turns into a nightmare. When we are strongly convinced we do not want to make certain decisions or undertake some steps, we need to follow this desire. We need to find counterarguments and do not give up our positions. It does not matter how others will accept this. It is important that we are sure in correctness of our actions.

No for my own sake

Without any reason. “No” just because no. For example, “Will you work instead of me today because I have a date?”; “Can you implement this task because I have no time?” No! Without excuses or explanations. No, because we also have personal life, because we are also tired, because we also have our own plans (https://resume-writer.net/blog/career-plan-what-it-is-and-why-you-need-to-make-it-up). It is easy!

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What is about mutual help?

Everything has its time and its place. Naturally, we do not say that everyone should be rude or cold selfish man, who does not help anyone. We are talking about cases, when we have to choose between our personal and someone else’s convenience. Or it will be more correctly to say, when we have to choose between our convenience and inconvenience.

Of course, helping friends and fellow-workers is important, but not by means of self-sacrificing (read about getting along with others at work). If once we say no, it will not influence negatively real sincere relationships. If others keep relationships with us just because we always agree to help, then these people are not worth being our friends.

Do not doubt yourself, trust in your powers and remember that our team is sure that you can do anything (https://resume-writer.net/blog/stop-doubting-yourself-and-stand-out-in-the-labor-market).

Smart employees get dumper under pressure!

Psychologist Sian Beilock from Miami university has found out that people with bigger size of “operational” memory, which usually allows them to present better results than others, “break down under pressure”, i.e. they perform tasks worse at exams rather than in free relaxed atmosphere. Research sets under question validity of special test for check of mental abilities in stress situation to evaluate these very abilities of a person (hired for work employee or university enrollee). Working memory (also, known as short-term memory) keeps information related to current work and contributes to task solution. This is what helps us to remember and recollect the earliest steps of such long tasks as mathematical equations. However, when situation gets complicated, major part of short-term memory is stuffed by thoughts like “can I do this?”, “I need some time to concentrate” and so on. They “eat space”, which in free atmosphere would have been given to task solution itself. What is especially interesting is that people, whose short-term memory capacity is not very big, do not face such difficulties, as a rule.

The psychologist has conducted tests with a big group of students in order to divide them into two parties: with big and small size of short-term memory. Then they all received mathematical tasks. As it was expected, students with bigger size of “operational” memory (here we have direct analogy with computer) coped with their task significantly faster and better than their opponents.

No more reasons to refuse professional assistance

Therefore, it is clear now that saying “no” is useful time to time. Also, there is very good news: no need to say “no”, refusing professional help because “it is too expensive”, “I cannot afford it” or any other reason. We want to emphasize it again: CV services on our site are affordable more than ever. Having decided to work with us, our customers get required services of superior quality; individual approach along with complete privacy; assistance of qualified experts; perfectly executed order according to customer’s requirements. Also, our clients additionally get free services and special bonuses. It looks like now everything is obvious: say “no” to something that does not bring any use and causes inconvenience; say “yes” to expert assistance with professional services. Just buy top CV online on our site.

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