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Do you know that a cover letter can serve not only for good but for bad also? It all depends on how much competently it is built. Do not let it harm you, but make it one of your advantages. For this purpose the most reliable option is on-site cover letter building. The specialists of extra class know what information should be presented, how to order it in a cover letter, what to remove or to add, etc. Naturally, this all will be done by the qualified professional cover letter and resume creators, who are also PhD and Master degree holders. So, quality satisfaction is guaranteed. Furthermore, any order can be made absolutely anonymously to preserve the client's privacy. Get 100% guarantee of quality, professionalism and affordable prices. All in one is on our online custom service. In addition, professional resume writers online conduct various research and present much helpful advice for the present employees, job seekers and anyone who might be interested in it. Now let us share information on how to answer some tricky questions.

How to answer the question "What other job offers are you considering now?"

How to tell in a job interview that other employers are also interested in you? You are doing right if you consider several offers at once in the job searching process. However, does an HR need to know that you have already met some other prospect employer? And how is it correct to answer such question (if it is made) not to lose a good chance? Our experts are trying to find out the right solution. Additionally, they offer their help building a resume.

Why do they need to know it at all?

You can be asked in the end of an interview whether you have other job offers at the moment. The question can be made in the following cases:

  • HR liked the perfect candidate's resume, and the candidate personally made a very positive impression. Now HR needs to understand how much time the candidate has to make the final decision. For instance, the candidate says that there are other several offers, which he (she) needs to respond to in five days. The recruiter realizes that there are several days in reserve, so at the meantime, other resumes and candidates can be found and interviewed. Thus, the most suitable worker might be selected. Do not miss your chance. These useful phrases can help:
  • To understand the professional interests of a job seeker, to get known his (hers) real motivation, which he (she) tells not everything about. Each employee needs motivation, and an HR professional should know what this motivation is. For instance, an applicant honestly says that he (she) considers another attracting offer, but its disadvantage is the need to work extra hours in the report making periods. For HR this is the obvious signal that such candidate needs to execute the work tasks during the working hours only, i.e. the candidate is not ready for extra hours. In this case, the candidate needs to be promised to have a stable schedule with the balance of private and working time.

The response is also the indicator of your demand in the job market. Let us suppose that you have been looking for work for half a year already. Simultaneously you are trying to persuade the recruiter that you have not got any appropriate worthy offer. The HR's conclusions are obvious. He might think that you are the one of those applicants, who do not "shine" demonstrating professional skills or your salary bar is too high.

So, how should the tricky question be answered?

Here we need to stick to the following technique: be honest, speak honestly, nothing but honesty. Here are several examples:

  • Yes, I do have one more offer from some other company, but I am interested more in this vacancy. I am going to make the final decision on the other offer in some time.
  • Since I have not left the work yet, I would not like to announce that I am searching for a new job. That is why my search is not very active and I have not received other offers yet.
  • This is my first interview. I have started my search not so long time ago, that is why your offer is the only one at the moment.

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Here are five “no / do not” rules that will be useful:

  • Do not boast of your popularity and that worthy offers from prospect employers literary "pour on your head".
  • Do not mention the name of some other company and the demands it has set for its vacancy. Thus, you will avoid saying something excess and you will not be treated as a chatterbox.
  • Do not slander those, who have sent you the job offers, do not scold or speak badly. Do not complain. For instance, do not complain that you are a graduate (or a woman who is more than 40 years old, or a young mother, etc.), that is why it is so much difficult to find a job. Complaining about the circumstances, employers, any other external factors, you unwittingly mark down the value of your professionalism. Thus, you admit your low demand, what may influence the future salary and the final decision of a recruiter.
  • Do not admit that any of the offered earlier options does not satisfy you. For instance, such reply as "the “Salesman” company has offered me a sales manager post, but its client base is not big. It does not interest me!" is not acceptable. The reply, first of all, is not ethical, and second of all, it demonstrates your absence of desire to overcome even the temporary difficulties.
  • Do not feel embarrassed to speak in an interview that you have other job offers. This is okay. The fact that you as a specialist interest other employers only increases your value. That means that you are worth fighting for. However, the experts strongly recommend emphasizing at once which vacancy of what company attracts you the most.

Answering the question: "Why should we hire for work exactly you?"

In other words, the question sounds like: "What can you do for us what other candidates cannot do?". More often they ask this question in the end of an interview. In order to answer successfully, you need to get prepared in advance. Preparation is also required for other possible interview questions. We hope our lunch interviewing advice will be helpful.

The correct response direction is to show why you are unique and not to talk badly about the opponents. Our specialists present their own algorithm of how to respond to the question. Also, check out our secrets of resume editing.

Speak for yourself only. More likely you are not familiar with other candidates for the vacancy. So, do not make the mistake judging the features of other candidates.

To denigrate other people is not acceptable in any case, neither virtual opponents, nor former fellow-workers. Demonstrate you are ready for the competition. "I am not aware of what candidates you consider. However, I believe I possess the unique set of qualifications, which can make me the best candidate for the particular work".

Describe your advantages. Speak about your strengths and present the weaknesses as if they are advantages. You can describe some experience got on other positions or any bright situation in detail. The only remark is to avoid the clichés of "friendliness", "communicability", "diplomacy". The vacancy description, which maintains the demanded competencies and skills, will help to prepare for the question.

Do not forget to mention the company. Let us hope that you have got some information about the company where you are going to have an interview. Even being aware of the superficial work specificity, you can combine this knowledge with your advantages. You want to be as useful for the company as the company for you, don't you?

Show that you really want to get the job. Say what is important to you basing on the guarantees that the company offers. This can be competitive salary, company fame, good reputation, growth possibility, work schedule, etc. Necessary information can be got from the vacancy plus external sources to check the data.

We wish you confidence in any situation: However, if you do not have enough time to get prepared really well, you can always use the universal plan of how to respond to the unexpected recruiter's questions. Or just apply for professional assistance, which is available here any moment.

Cover letter writers: better than ever

So, we have shared with you a piece of our wisdom, so now you are better informed on how to act in some particular situations. You can always get more. The certified resume agency provides its best services online for customers all over the globe. Our services are improved, our offers are cheap, our friendly attitude is free. Resumes, which bring job offers, and cover letters, which make recruiters invite you for an interview, are created here. 100% result is real when experts start acting. Order services here and get your perfect result.

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