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Job search has never been easy matter. Job seekers face different troubles looking for work. Very often, these troubles appear already at the stage of CV creation. If errors are not removed in the very beginning, later they will just accrue as a snowball. Do not let this happen! Start of any matter sets the rhythm of its further development. Thus, it is very important to start work search “on a good wave”. Our online agency will help to start it correctly and successfully. We will create professional perfect CV for you. It will set the right direction in job search process. Naturally, this is not the only service offered on our site. CV paper is job seeker’s reflection, representation of what professional and personal features this person has. It is important to present all data in favorable for an applicant light. Poorly or carelessly written CV may turn even strengths into weaknesses. Our experts have professional serious approach. Customers have the opportunity to order CV building or to send us their ready CV for editing. Remember that the best way to write a CV is to make it with support of specialists. Our experts know what to add to CV to make an applicant stand out among other candidates on the labor market. Order best CV writing service on our website. Get prominent CV paper and start work search successfully! To make it even more successful, use universal tips on job search presented further.

Universal tips on job search

The work is lost. The feeling of absolute despair is almost there… Do not panic because there is always movement on the labor market, even during the period of deep crisis. The most important is to organize work search process correctly. Treat obligatory changes as a period of opportunities. Having “cold” clear mind, follow our practical tips, which are tested for many times in difficult moments.

1. CV is a visiting card. Be extremely attentive to CV because this is the pass to interview. All experts on the labor market talk about CV significance. Badly built CV is allowed only to super professionals, whom almost all employers want to hire. If we belong to group of ordinary people, we need to think why we should be chosen among hundreds of others like us. That is why we need to make effort creating worthy CV. Buy cheap CV online now to feel safe.

What is it: perfect CV? Except being carefully and nicely built, it also should be informative, clearly structured, up-to-date, without a single mistake, no more than two pages size, and it would be great if CV were presented in unusual way. These are the major tips of good CV creation. In addition, it is preferable to send along with CV correctly built covering letter, even if employer does not ask about it. This trick will help to stand out among others demonstrating motivation to work at particular company. Cover letter writing service will help to deal with it successfully.

2. Conduct work search in several sources simultaneously. Work search should not be limited by one source only. Labor market should be attacked from all sides:

  • Place CV on recruitment websites; update it regularly so that employers see it in the first positions. Look through the job sites each week and send CV to each interesting vacancy. First of all, apply for “hot and fresh” vacancies, because usually they look for an employee urgently.
  • Recruiting agencies can become a useful bridge between candidate and employer, because they often perform recruiter function for companies.
  • Employment Center is a classic experience in work search, which should not be neglected at least because it can help with qualification increase courses, profession change lessons, etc.
  • Social networks are a great tool in era of informational technology. A job seeker can inform everyone that he (she) is looking for work. “Six degrees of separation” rule is still working.
  • Exhibitions, conferences, seminars that interest us professionally still should be attended. We need to communicate a lot saying that we look for a job actively.
  • Consider job offers from other cities, regions or even countries. Especially, if our profession is rare and local market is limited. Do not be limited by work search in one city only, sometimes changes should be radical.

3. Do not stop. Do not be afraid of refusal. In order to have real option, we need to send up to 30-50 responses per day. Normal response is one or two interview invitations from one hundred sent CVs. It does not mean there is something wrong with us, it is just the feature of modern market, i.e. high competition. Do not be afraid to be refused. Consider each interview as experience, always perform “work on mistakes” and carefully get prepared for the next interview.

4. Do not refuse extra works. Especially when there is no money and work search is extremely urgent. If we have required knowledge, then freelance is the most widespread way to earn money. It is just important not to be deceived and get money for done work.

5. Spend work search time with use. Work search is also the work but with flexible schedule. That is why in free time do not be lazy, but use energy rationally:

  • Get new knowledge: keep on developing professional skills, learn related professions, foreign languages. All invested in education resources will definitely bring benefit and add CV more value.
  • Get new skills: learn self-presentation rules, how to increase self-confidence, how to speak more convincingly; these skills are especially important for successful interview passing.
  • Follow health carefully, especially if previously it has been neglected. Allocate time for sport and healthy food.
  • Allocate time for family and close ones. If earlier we always lacked time on communication, now we have it more, so use it.

Remember that work search is the push for growth and development, which helps to reconsider life, fill in the gaps, spend time with close ones, have a rest, gain new ideas and knowledge. Any changes are always for the best. Our experts recommend in any crisis situation to keep on living normal life of a person, who thinks about future.

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Hidden rules of employment

We are hard-working, ambitious, intelligent. Our CV is perfect, recommendations list and covering letter are also ready. However, still there are no job offers… Probably, not everything is considered yet. It happens that candidate’s brilliant CV and rich experience do not bring expected result. So, where is the problem? Naturally, candidate is not the only one who has required skills. We recommend to pay attention to the following hidden rules of job search, which are not obvious but very important.

Be organized. Use marks for all e-mails connected with job search, make notes about all companies we have sent CV to, and people we have communicated with. We can do it in Excel, for example. We can make notes about results, write comments on each point. Thus, we will always have detailed map, which tells what should be corrected, emphasized, when the next meeting is, etc.

Try every day to talk to at least three new persons about work search. They can be representatives of various companies, friends, friends of friends, former teachers, etc. One can never know where an offer may come from. Often it happens thanks to social activity and live recommendations. Also, it is recommended to write down all contacts and make acquaintance notes, probably, it will be required to call someone back to learn the results.

Do not be afraid to ask. Do not be ashamed and do not be afraid to ask others for help. Often people are ready to give a hand. Be maximally precise and clear about requests and intentions. This is okay to ask a friend or someone we know to arrange meeting with employer to offer our services.

Do not send CV to uninteresting vacancy. We all do that. It seems that sending many CVs to various vacancies helps to find work more quickly / easily. In reality, thus, job seekers waste their own and company time. If a vacancy is not interesting, it is not worth trying to get it. Do we really want this job? Does it fit us?  We need to be honest, to evaluate our powers and aims correctly (

A small test: if we do not want to prepare for a vacancy individually targeted CV and there is no desire to write cover letter to a company, then this work does not interest us.

Be honest. Lie in CV / during interview is a very contradictory issue. In any case, it is better to be honest, not to lie about weaknesses and strengths, experience, skills, etc. First of all, we need to be honest towards ourselves.

Be attentive. Interview is not a “one gate game”. Not only employer needs to figure out whether candidate fits. Candidate also needs to realize how much company along with position fits him (her). Listen attentively to interviewer’s words about company, team, position, corporate culture, etc. How does interviewer treat us? How much convenient do we feel?

An employee, who is satisfied with work conditions and company principles, is almost perfect employee. Employers know about that. That is why job seekers should make interviewer questions and conduct active dialogue. Both parties should be pleased with the result.

Help others. All job seekers on the labor market are competitors ( However, it does not mean they cannot cooperate. If we find a job that suits better someone else, we can share it. We need to help each other and search process will become faster and easier.

Learn. Even during intensive work search, we can study and learn much. Do not waste time. Improve professionalism. Master personal skills. Eventually, it is always demanded, regardless work or position we will get.

Your site is reliable: I want you to write my CV for me

It will be hard to find more professional online agency than ours. Highly qualified experienced team is ready to satisfy any request and execute any order. Statement that our agency is among the best in this field is absolutely objective. It is proved by thousands of satisfied customers, thousands of delivered CV papers, by positive feedback. Edited or built on our site CV paper guarantees successful start and progress of job search process. We want to help. Get answers to any question on employment here. Get superior CV. We are waiting for you!

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