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We want to ask: is your resume well-built? Is it correctly structured and formatted? Can it be called professional? Does it present you as a specialist or at least as a worthy candidate? If yes, accept our congratulations. If no, then we strongly recommend to apply for professional help. Where can this help be got? Our online resume agency will gladly help. Our specialists provide professional services on resume building, correction, editing, formatting, and other related options, including creative professional resume. Good news is that it all has low cost, meanwhile quality of done work is superior. Our clients can order any service absolutely anonymously. Privacy of customers means much to us.  Also, system of payment is very convenient: choose any possible way, which suits you best. There are many pleasant perks, bonuses, free services. It all is available on our site. Additionally, we give consultation on job search and career development. This time information on what to avoid if we want career growth will be presented.

What to avoid if we want career growth

Usually the number of articles on what to do to reach success in job or how to respond to tricky interview questions is bigger than number of posts on what should not be done. Let us fix this. Hardly bookshelves of most of us are filled with books on techniques to shake hands correctly, what should never be said during interview or methods to stop complaining. Several famous businessmen shared their mind on what to avoid to build good career. We have gathered this material and presented it here. Get professional online resume help 24/7 with us.

1. It is well known that when we look for a job it is important to stand out of the crowd. However, are we aware of what should never be said? Very widespread phrases, which we are better to avoid, are numerous. Here are some of them.

  • I do not know. Not to be confused by a sudden difficult question, the requirement is to get prepared in advance (experts’ tips will help to take the stress out of job interviews). Spend some time before interview, this is really useful. It is necessary to know everything about potential employer and be ready to answer any question about our resume. Of course, there can be question, which we do not know how to answer. In such situation, it is not advised to make something up. It is more preferable to calm down and direct question into any sphere we are aware of. Also, remember that this method allows us to get new information.
  • I do not like my present workplace. Even if at present workplace everything is really bad, still this is not the reason to turn interview into conversation about problems. If such strategy is chosen, potential employer may only conclude that it is hard to build relationships with such worker.

2. What happens when we meet unknown person on business reason? That is right, we shake hands. Handshake in business is very important. Bad handshake may cause awkwardness and spoil the first impression.

  • Sweaty palm. Some people’s palms get sweat due to natural reasons. However, when we are nervous it may happen to anyone. It complicates handshake in stress situation, for example, during interview. Nevertheless, many experts say that there is no excuse for a sweaty palm during handshake.
  • Weak hand. It will be a big mistake not to press strongly enough hand of a person we greet or not to shake it with a movement from wrist. It is treated as a message “I am not confident” or “I am weak”.
  • Avoid of contact. If a person does not look in the eyes during handshake or removes palm too fast, it means that this person is not confident enough, timid or maybe he (she) does not want to meet or shake hands.

3. In about ten years after career start, many people face crisis. We are about 30-35 years old. We have a good job, personal life is okay, but something misses. There are no failures, but there is no success. Boss is satisfied with our work, but there is no progress. Why do not we move forward? Why do not we do something we want to? Popular excuses are presented further.

  • I am too busy. Are not others busy? One day each of us will regret about all lost opportunities. If there is a chance, we just need to lay aside other matters. It is a really big problem. We need to stop being lazy (read about laziness and boredom at work here: Chances will not come to our hands on their own. Opportunities demand to be created.
  • Good time has not come yet. There will never be good time. Suitable moment to get married, to quit work, to buy a flat or start business does not exist. Everyone has twenty four hours a day, the way we spend them depends only on us. Right now this moment is a very good time. By the way, very good time to get help with resume writing for fee.

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Three main career errors: fix or do not make them

We will never have successful career until we make these three errors. To learn in what way not to act is more useful than to learn dozens of ways of how to succeed. Even one single mistake can spoil everything. Harsh and unpredictable job market does not change its advice on how to reach success. Wise leaders say: work hard, use opportunities, weigh risks, follow passion, etc. Although, much more attention is better to be paid to what should not be done.

There are three typical career mistakes people make constantly (not only in the beginning or during work search or job change) just because they look at career incorrectly. This is the mind of American doctor with Indian origin, who is also mentor of Hollywood celebrities and author of best-sellers about self-development and health. We present his mind on what prevents people from being successful in work and life. Experience shows: the worst what people do in their career is the following misleading:

  • Not high enough expectations.
  • Feeling that we need stability.
  • Absence of vision on how we will grow.

Let us discuss each point separately, although, they are interrelated, of course.

Misleading #1. Not high enough expectations

Not so many human beings are gifted with a strong confidence to conquer the world. On the contrary, many of us are “fragile” and unconfident. We want to feel safe thinking if we do not want too much, we will find peace. This is not true. Limiting expectations, we push ourselves into a trap getting position with restricted possibilities for development into something at least a little bit valuable. Behind each successful man there are hundreds of those who have stuck at the first level. This is not a work that prevents from development, this is psychological limits, a bar set too low.

Misleading #2. Feeling that we need stability

Life is unpredictable. Most people cannot accept it looking for predictability somewhere it does not even exist. They follow advice of people around them and start working where they are advised just to feel safe when they manage to adapt to others’ expectations. Meanwhile, real success is built on victory over uncertainty, on ability to turn something unknown into a field for creative opportunities. There is no doubt, personal uncertainty is hard to fight. It requires conscious effort to set oneself into position when everything looks movable and changing. However, if we do not do this, the option is only one: all opportunities are closed.

Misleading #3. Neglect of growth

Most interviews are built basing on common template, when a job seeker tries to prove he (she) knows correct way to perform any work before being hired to company ( It is just an “empty ritual”, part of a play, which is needed just to demonstrate confidence. In reality, great careers are built on growing principle. It is hard to see our own growth potential, especially when we are young. However, it is wrong to believe that we will not grow. Future (even if now it seems fantastic) will bring us many chances. What we can do today, what we know, how much far we can see – all this is changeable full of mysteries growth process.

What connects these three errors? Impossibility to predict what we are in the future. Uncertainty, worry, necessity to keep job are strong powers. They seduce us to believe that we will always feel what we feel now, think as we think now and look at the world as we do it now. Necessity to feel safe creates problem. That is why these three career errors are so much widespread.

We can avoid them working on our beliefs, replacing those, which “drag us into past”, with others, which open unconcern future. To develop our expectations means to bring to our life (not only work) open aims, which will bring benefit for long. Here are some mental settings, which lead the most successful people in the world:

  • I need to know what I am.
  • I want to grow and develop.
  • I need vision, which will lead and inspire me for many years, so that I can reach the highest point in self-development.
  • My development does not have limits.
  • I listen to environment and act according to signals I get.
  • My mind is open.
  • I learnt to live with uncertainty, turning fear into faith in wisdom of uncertainty.
  • I listen to intuition to make sure I am honest towards myself.
  • I admit my mistakes and it gives me opportunity to move forward.

This list may seem long, but if we want to get one productive change brought by the list, here it is: find people who share these ideas and follow them. It is not mandatory to turn them into our mentors. It probably would be even better if we are of the same age with them. We need to converse with them. Together we can create common rules and beliefs that will support and inspire us. In this case, work we have, good or bad, will become something secondary. On the first place there will be feeling of perspective, which will appear naturally on its own. This is perfection, which we can start going to right now!

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Now we know that to succeed, sometimes we need not only to act, but also to avoid certain things. Likely, expert assistance in resume creation does not belong to things we need to avoid. On the contrary, we need to tend to professionals. If resume is built or fixed by our specialists, it becomes attractive and selling at once. Our customers prove that having corrected resume on our site, they get many invitations for interview, they find work more quickly and easily. When we get positive responses, we do not dare to dream about bigger appreciation. It makes us do our best providing services of super quality at cheap cost. Also, we offer discounts, present bonuses, some services can be got for free. For more details contact us any moment via live chat or special contact form.

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