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When does job search begin? That is right, when we start building our CV. We need to present us as good professionals, as specialists in our field; we need to emphasize our strengths or to smooth our weaknesses. CV paper is the best way to do all of that. CV as a document was purposely designed to function as one’s reflection. It presents all data about applicants, which may interest potential employer. Sometimes it contains excess information, or vice versa, sometimes something essential misses. Anyway, CV is one of the major tools of a worker (future or present). That is why, CV paper requires to be correctly built, smartly structured, nicely designed. Its format also matters a lot. To reach perfect balance writing a CV, our recommendation is to apply for expert assistance. Who knows better than specialists what to mention or to obviate in CV paper? Who can structure and format it better than professionals? What can help more than CV paper creation services? Probably, nothing. So, it is strongly recommended to ask specialists to revise and edit CV paper, or it is even better if initially paper is created by experts in employment sphere. All this is available and easy to order on our site. Check out our services, get CV writing help, which eventually will bring desired job. No time to waste: do it right now! Is other advice wanted? Look through this post to find out why job search in summer should not be stopped. On the contrary, it may be even more productive rather than in other seasons.

No time to rest or why we should look for a job in summer

Many people are sure that it is useless to look for work in summer. No, it is not! In summer chances for successful employment increase along with degrees on thermometer. Summer, sun, vacation seduce us distracting from the task number one: job search (http://resume-writer.net/blog/how-to-start-working-after-the-holidays-work-resting). Do not be misled by opinion that in summer all business processes freeze, employers and HR managers go on vacation, stuff employment is postponed till autumn. This is true but partially. Our experts give four arguments why work search should not be stopped in summer.

1. Season vacancies are opened in summer. Before and during summer season employers create additional workplaces. Whom do they look for? Employees in agriculture sector, builders, handy-men, stuff for camps and resort centers, animators, dancers, nannies, teachers for individual lessons.

Yes, this is seasonal additional work, but who knows, maybe such additional occupation will become main in the future. We always have a chance to present ourselves as good specialists or a chance to be promoted in job. It is also possible that the next summer we will offer work to someone like us. By the way, not each seasonal occupation is temporary. For example, salesmen, promoters, sales managers are always demanded regardless season.

2. Company needs do not depend on seasons. In summer, level of stuff demand is approximately the same as in any other season. Of course, during this period companies do not publish work offers on employment portals so actively as in autumn or spring, but still publish. Thus, according to analytical data in June 2017 employers published on the average 3,5 thousand vacancies daily (without considering weekends).

It happens that in summer manager is not that much busy with main tasks, so he (she) has some free time to deal with open questions on stuff employment. Besides, vacation makes problem of stuff lack more urgent, so, HR managers need to solve it. That is why do not give up, check updates every day, there can be something interesting among them. Or just check out interesting techniques of persuading (http://resume-writer.net/blog/how-to-make-people-work-as-you-want-fbi-negotiator-secrets).

3. Competitors are fewer in summer. Whereas summer employment goes on, recruiters complain that it becomes more difficult to find workers during this period. It is obvious, because job seekers are attracted more by sea or countryside rest rather than interview passing. They postpone employment issue thinking that anyway, summer is a dead season, search is useless, but in autumn, there will appear more interesting vacancies. Some specialists even refuse job offer saying that they will be ready to consider it only in September. For active candidates such position is very beneficial. Take the moment. When competitors are removed on their own, it becomes easier to be employed. Best CV writing service in UK makes employment even easier.

4. Job seekers have more energy in summer. It is easier to wake up in the morning and keep shape in summer, also, to be active and keep energy during the day. So, why not to use this productivity?  Update CV, send it to attracting vacancies, train in interview passing. We can cope with twice more tasks! Why to postpone something we can do already now?

If a job seeker manages to be employed in summer, there is another advantage. According to HR managers, during this time it is easier to adapt to new place for a worker. Pressure from employer’s side will be less (or there will not be pressure at all if employer is on vacation), atmosphere is relaxing because new projects are only in preparation process. Additionally, many companies hold corporate parties, which help new workers come closer with other team members.

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Job search in summer: a chance or a time waste?

Usually job seekers stop looking for work in summer time, dedicating their life to rest and warm days. Later, in September they continue their searching. So, what is summer job search: a waste of time or a good opportunity to be employed? A lot of applicants do so, because summer is considered to be time of vacation. That is why employment issues are not discussed, since HRs along with employers are often unavailable. Nevertheless, consider it: making break in work search in summer, job seekers will face even bigger competition among them in autumn, because most of them do the same.

Work in companies does not stop in summer: people are still hired for work, dismissed, promoted, etc. Yes, this period is calmer than others, but recruitment and employment processes never stop. Naturally, many workers go on vacation, including HR managers. Anyway, is this the reason to stop search for as long as ninety days?

On the contrary, summer may help greatly. Probably, in quieter and calmer atmosphere HR manager will better and more attentively evaluate candidate as a professional. Also, in the end of spring many projects and directions may fail, so, employers will want to see new faces in their companies.

Tips on work search in summer:

  • Build contacts. In summer, many events take place: festivals, weddings, picnics, etc., at which many people are gathered. These are the great chances to build or improve relationships and announce that we are in job search. Many people find job thanks to personal recommendations.
  • Do not give up. During summer time, it is really harder to contact recruiter or employer, anyway, no reason to give up. Be patient, act step by step, send polite messages and continue searching. We can get desired work, meanwhile, competitors wait for September.
  • Stick to the aims. Summer is summer. Nevertheless, we should not allow laziness to capture us. Dedicate, let us say, one hour per day on job search and follow this schedule every day.
  • Find those who think the same. Keep in touch with other job seekers, exchange information. Something that does not fit us, may fit someone else and vice versa.
  • Reread CV carefully. Summer is a wonderful time to update CV. Reconsider aim and professional skills. Strengthen weak sides or fill in the gaps. Summer is a good time for self-education. Summer is also sales time, so there is the opportunity to buy cheap CV online from specialists.

When it goes about job search, nothing should prevent or stop us from it. Maybe, instead of opportunity to put on our favorite swimming suit we will get a chance to be employed for a new job. Seize the opportunity: use CV maker online.

“Help me do a CV”: we will!

Job search is pretty exhausting. It takes much time along with physical and mental powers. Sometimes, we feel like we can stand it no longer. Our professional team of experts tries to do everything possible to turn this process into easy, fast, more pleasant one. Taking care of our customers, we provide the best CV services at the lowest price for them. We guarantee that CV created with our help will bring many interview invitations, as a consequence, it will bring desired position. Help yourself, make dreams come true. From our part, we will give any required help and support in this matter!

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