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Each modern job seeker is aware of the importance of correctly built CV paper for sure. Also, they know about the significance of a cover letter, which can be a decisive factor in the employment process. When an employer needs to choose between two (or several) seemingly equal candidates, cover letter can influence the choice greatly. So, use CV creation and cover letter building services, which guarantee to make your CV outstanding and create such a cover letter that will become a great addition to the CV. Create your cover letter for CV with our professional assistance. The prices are cheap, the support is around-the-clock, the discounts are available, professional CV assistance is worldwide. All job seekers know that they can look for work absolutely independently or with someone’s help. In this post we present information on what pros and cons the employment by acquaintance has.

Advantages and disadvantages of being employed by acquaintance

Nowadays employment websites have become the main channel of work and employees search. However, employment with the help of acquaintance has not lost its relevance still. When small companies need a new employee, then very often the vacancy is filled with the candidates recommended by the company workers. If in such a way they do not manage to find an appropriate employee, then they use traditional methods (what happens pretty seldom, frankly speaking). Traditionally, we offer affordable cost for experienced CV writing service.

Helping a friend

The longer a specialist is on the labor market, the wider his (or hers) social circle is, and consequently the more chances there are to find a job by acquaintance. On the one hand, such a way of employment has advantages for all parties: for an employer, a person who makes recommendations and for the protégé. Employer fills in the vacancy quickly without using other sources. The person, who makes recommendations, helps the company and the friend. However, the most useful this situation is for a candidate, who comes to a company by the recommendations. Except the work itself, employer’s tolerance towards this employee will be higher than towards any other candidate, since the employee has already got positive recommendations. Such employee will start the work at the new workplace more easily, because he (she) can rely on the help in adaptation from his (hers) friend. We have prepared tips for the first week at a new job for this occasion. Also, the employee can get useful information on the company policy, its work principles, and it will be easier to build contacts with the co-workers.

The reverse side

Despite all advantages, such a method of employment may have negative consequences, bringing many risks for all parties. The one, who recommends another person for work, risks the most. The risk is that not everyone is able to evaluate correctly the qualification of the protégé. As a result, it may turn out that the acquaintance cannot cope with the load, or does not possess enough skills to perform the work. In this case, the main culprit will be the worker, who has brought a bad candidate to the company. The worker’s reputation can be seriously damaged in the eyes of employer and other employees. Good relationships with a friend or an acquaintance can be destroyed. So, it would be better to find professional CV maker online that will help to understand such issues better.

Think it carefully

We recommend to think it twice (or even better three times) before recommending your friends, in whose professional and personal qualities you are not sure by 100%. In such a way, you will render a disservice to all participants of the employment process.

For an employer hiring an employee by acquaintance also brings many risks. If a candidate is not competent, then it will be difficult to fire the candidate not hurting the one, who has made the recommendations Good relationships between employer and staff are very important for productive and well-coordinated work. Loss of time and errors, which a poor employee can cause, may “cost a lot”. In this situation, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences, employer needs to conduct preliminary testing of all candidates, including those, who are hired for work by acquaintance.

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Also, you need to know that there are two types of being employed by acquaintance. In the first case, a candidate is just recommended, what does not give any guarantee, and the recommendations come from ordinary workers. In the second case, it goes about the guaranteed employment from someone, who occupies some managing position.

Whatever negative consequences of the employment by acquaintance are, do not refuse from the additional opportunity to find a job. Do not rush to settle down at a new place, but evaluate carefully the vacancy, which is offered, how much you meet the requirements, whether it is the work you need, etc. The better you are as a specialist, the more chances there are that someone from your social circle will recommend you. However, remember that at the same time you will carry a great responsibility.

Whom an employer will not hire for work

Have you attended many interviews, but still there is no result? Maybe, in the eyes of the employers, you look like a candidate, whom they try to avoid. Of course, it is useful to practice in the interview passing, but we go to an interview because we all need results (https://resume-writer.net/blog/list-of-useful-phrases-for-winning-interview). Employers look for the candidates, whom they can be sure about. Sometimes, enough self-motivation and desire to develop are appreciated more than the particular experience. So, what candidates are not suitable for employers, and what features point at this? How do employers define this?

Important criteria

In fact, the factors are so numerous that they just cannot be presented in one post. They are the absence of any specific knowledge, lack of qualification, inappropriate personal qualities, etc. However, there are banal errors, which are not less important:

  • absence of the particular aim – a candidate cannot say what he (she) wants to be occupied with;
  • lies in CV or at the interview;
  • overstated salary or career expectations;
  • unsuccessful self-presentation;
  • being late for the interview, not muted mobile phone sound and other bad manners.

The secret is in the details

The above-mentioned errors look pretty obvious. However, we miss many obvious things surprisingly often.

Do not submit your CV unsystematically. At least, write down to what companies you have already sent it, not to send your CV for several times to one and the same employer.

Do not forget about self-presentation. A candidate, who faces difficulties talking about oneself, can hardly make employers interested. Without preliminary preparation we risk missing the essential details (https://resume-writer.net/blog/15-secrets-how-to-prepare-for-job-interview). The worst thing you can say is: “All information is in my CV”.

Our specialists advise not to neglect the preparation phase. You need to know what exactly you want from this work, what you can offer, why you suit it, and you should be able to talk about all this. If you are not self-confident, cannot present yourself and demonstrate motivation, then do not expect that potential employer will hire you.

CV or cover letter? Get both!

Cover letter can be a very strong supplement to your CV if it is competently written. So, entrust this task to qualified specialists in the employment sphere, who can cope with it professionally. With us there is no need to choose between CV building or cover letter creation services. They both are absolutely affordable on our site! Job seekers are such a category of people, who needs much support. Our experts provide it by sharing their professional experience, presenting useful tips, following privacy policy, ensuring assistance on any issue at any time. The search for reliable online agency can be stopped here. We are ready to prove that we are worth being trusted!

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