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The cover letter importance and influence should never be underestimated. This is one of the work search tools, which can either bring victory or destroy its owner. This is the tool, which can help you greatly. So why not to use it? Naturally, a cover letter will benefit only if we build it competently. Otherwise, it will have no impact at all or can even harm you. In order to avoid the unpleasant consequences, we advise using professional resume cover letter building services. Our online agency, being engaged in the employment field and being among the top similar agencies, offers its expert services. Making an order on our site, you get your personal assistant, who will work on your case and inform you on any issue. Cooperation with us has many advantages: there is possibility to order the services anonymously, because we respect our clients' privacy; our prices are cheap (comparing with the prices of other companies, we offer the services almost for free); the payment system is very flexible and many discounts are provided. Also, structure and format your document here. Get other affordable services and numerous bonuses collaborating with us. At the mean time, read about the cover letter importance in the work search process.

Why do experts recommend to submit a cover letter?

A cover letter is definitely worth writing. Recruiters receive hundreds of similar resumes that differ only in the workplaces and education, but, on a par, the applications are made by the candidates with pretty similar features. The presence and quality of a cover letter become another advantage of an applicant. So, gain benefit!

Here is additional data that can be presented in case you manage to create a successful cover letter:

  • Ability to express your thoughts and build sentences clearly and accessibly (resume with its points and bullets does not allow to evaluate this skill).
  • Your motivation: why exactly this vacancy has interested you, why this company attracts the attention (this is especially essential if you, having worked all your life in the marketing field, are applying for a sales position).
  • What your experience can be the most useful for the company (resume can maintain many projects, and it can be hard to distinguish those that characterize you as a strong analyst, development manager, negotiator or another kind of specialist).
  • What information you possess about the company: this letter is the only way to demonstrate to a prospective employer that your CV document is not submitted to every single company. Also, thus, you can prove that the offered post is really interesting. Do not forget about the importance of a thank you letter. What is thank-you letter? Read on our blog.

Besides, in a cover letter you may refer to the particular workers, thanks to whom you have learnt about the vacant post. It helps make an impression that you are not a stranger (

You may wonder: why should I write a cover letter if my resume is amazing? Each company looks for the loyal and motivated employees, who not only spend time at the office from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m., but are also interested in business development, want to work for the particular company. Our tips on how to find job with help of cover letter are published in the blog.

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Is a cover letter essential?

Should I write it? How? In what cases? The main reading audience of cover letters, i.e. HRs, was asked these questions. Here is what 65 participants of the query have answered.

Do cover letters help make a resume more distinguishing?

Although, more than half of the respondents say that they do not treat somehow specially resumes with cover letters, 45% of them still look through such resumes first. We believe this is a strong advantage.

How is a candidate, who has sent a cover letter, treated?

Half of the respondents has agreed that a candidate, who has sent a cover letter, is more motivated to work for some particular company. Several HRs commented that the presence of a vacancy adapted cover letter demonstrates "careful thinking over the vacancy or the company / employer", "bigger experience", "serious approach to job hunting", "ability to present oneself in more professional way" (in case, you do not have experience: However, as they have noticed, the cover letter presence is one thing, but its quality is a pretty different matter. About a third of the interviewed employers does not share the mind that a cover letter demonstrates the candidate's interest to work for some particular company.

Do employers want to receive cover letters?

Here everything is simple: 20% have not replied, 20% do not want, and 60% have answered "yes".

Is cover letter worth writing? In what cases?

The options "write it in all cases" and "only if an employer asks" got the same number of votes. Some part of the respondents has appealed to the personal motivation of a candidate and offered to submit it "only when the vacancy has interested you greatly".

Some other reasons to prepare a cover letter given by the respondents:

  • When there is necessity to present data not mentioned in resume.
  • When there are achievements, which may interest the employer.
  • In case when a candidate discussed with HR to send such letter.
  • When your candidacy does not suit the vacancy obviously.

Do the candidates write cover letters?

Most HRs do not very often deal with cover letters. In fact, they usually receive resumes without cover letters, and only in some cases cover letters are submitted.

Tips given by HRs

Here are the questions, answers to which employers want to get, reading cover letters:

The first place: loyalty. Why does an applicant have desire to work for my organization? It is necessary to mention what your desire is and what company can benefit from you. There should not be general phrases taken from books, instead, you need to create such a text, which contains the company name and the facts that a candidate knows about that very organization. Employer should see your preparation, not a cliché. Competently wisely built cover letter distinguishes its owner among others at once. Check out other unusual ways to apply for a job.

The second place: matching the vacancy. What vacancy is a candidate applying for? Why did a candidate respond to a job advertisement? What does he know and can do to occupy the vacant position? Why does he believe that he matches the vacancy? In short, answer "Why do I want? Why do I fit?". A cover letter should demonstrate that a candidate at least realizes what vacancy he is applying for, and that he has read attentively the vacancy description.

The third place: unique offer. How can a candidate be useful for the organization? Why should the company pay attention to him? Why is his candidacy the best one? What strengths / achievements does a candidate believe to possess? What does he want to emphasize? There is sense to present the achievements along with the work results, and not to rewrite resume content.

The fourth place: vision. What are your goals in the company? What can you give occupying this post? What are your expectations from the new work?

The fifth place: important "nota bene". This is any additional information that may have value for the process of acquaintance with an applicant. For instance, an applicant can attach a notice that he is abroad now, so he will get to work in a month; according to the labour agreement, a candidate has the right to leave the present workplace in two weeks, etc. Adhere to the official style. Be polite. Do not overpraise yourself and be sincere.

Make the maximum use of the cover letter creation services

Now it causes no doubts that a cover letter is worth writing and submitting along with your resume. Although, a cover letter is often written in free form, there are certain rules, which should be followed. Our specialists are perfectly aware of these rules and provide related services of extra quality. Use them to gain the maximum benefit. Affordable prices, professional but friendly approach make it even more attracting to cooperate with our online service. If you still hesitate and cannot decide, contact our team using live chat any time. Our team will be waiting for you!

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