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Are you in the job search process or are you just thinking of what to begin with? It is not easy at all to be a job seeker. There are so many details and “traps” of the process that you need to keep in mind. You have to consider a great number of nuances, ignoring which you risk failing. You do not want to fail, don’t you? Prevention is better than cure. In this case, prevention implies professional help. If you appeal to specialists, you will protect yourself from “job search headache”. Begin with the resume creation service. Professional resume help is at your disposal on our site. Our expert team of resume creators and editors makes efforts to ensure our customers with first-class support to meet their demands. A competently written resume paper has a great importance. It will help make positive impression on your prospective employer. Also, it will create you an image of a professional worker and a real specialist in your field. The next step is a cover letter. This is a great supplement, but only in case when it is correctly built. If you decide to do it yourself, anyway, show your letter to professionals and ask them for their expert advice. Ask for help with cover letter for resume on our site and, in addition, get numerous freebies and bonuses. We offer in-house assistance worldwide at reasonable cost. Seize the opportunity and take advantage of our joint cooperation. Contact us in chat or email us any time.

Do not do that: the most common resume mistakes

Want to create your perfect resume? Revise it and check if it has the following mistakes. Every week absolutely different resumes appear on the recruitment websites and portals. They all differ greatly. Thus, it can be really hard for employers to choose the most suitable for their vacancy candidate. Make sure that these widespread mistakes are not present in your resume to become more noticeable in comparison with other candidates.

1. Duties and responsibilities

Let us begin with the hot point. Duties and responsibilities at the previous workplace are what you are occupied with directly and what you have achieved. Do not rewrite all your work instructions. No one is interested in reading this. Another hundred of candidates will do it. You need to find your personal "thing". A small remark: much text is definitely not the "thing". Let professionals help you if something makes you trouble. Do not worry about the price because our cheap resume writers perform high-quality work.

2. Main education

The recent survey has shown that the reputation of your university does not have the first role importance for the employers. Another thing matters: what knowledge you have got during your studying, whether you know how to use it in practice, whether you have managed to finish the university in general, consequently, whether you have managed to accomplish one of the most important projects of your life. So, write not only the name of your university and the years of studying, but also what the studying has brought you. By the way, write the abbreviations of the university and the specialties in full, because recruiters will not want to waste time and look for their meaning.

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3. Supplement the education

If you are applying for an accountant position, but in the field "additional education" mention floristry courses or dancing, it will distract the attention only. Of course, you will show your wide range of interests in such a way. However, it would be better to keep this information for the interview (of course, if you are invited and asked about your hobbies).

4. Professional skills

Now it becomes more interesting. You can be shocked or disappointed, but knowledge of how to use MS Office, Internet Explorer, Opera, copier, printer, telephone and computer is not what recruiters expect. It is 2017 now. If you still do not know how to use the Word or mobile phone, then it is weird how you have managed to create your resume. It will be silly if all office workers enumerate all these skills. If you are applying for a chauffeur or technician post, you will just do not need them. So do not mention them at all.

What to write then? Continue reading this post and you will find all necessary answers. Our top tips on how to present skills in resume correctly will help greatly in this matter. You also need to fix these mistakes in resume to make it more valuable.

5. Additional information

Our advice is if there is no special information, which you would like to demonstrate to an employer, then do not write anything at all. It is better to be brief but precise, than write much excess information (

6. No recommendations

This is not a critical error but a flaw from your side. If you already have work experience, why not use it? Do not feel embarrassed to ask your former employers to provide you with the recommendations. Mention the name and position of a person who can recommend you. Just in case if recruiter wants to know more about you. This is a quite acceptable practice that can bring you some extra points.

7. Formatting

Well, we have already talked much about the content. Now let us proceed with the outward look. First, answer the question of how it is easier for you to perceive some written information: when it is structured, or when it is a big text without paragraphs, lists, tables, etc. For recruiter it is the same. It is much easier to perceive it when there are paragraphs at least.

Do not create "valleys" of a text. Fill in each field separately. Do not write much because no one wants to look for the key points in a huge number of excessive phrases. By the way, remember about the key words importance:

8. Journalist, head assistant, model, singer, technician

Do you know what it is? This is the resume title of a multi-task specialist. Why not? Why do I need to create separate resume for each vacancy if I can use one in every case? Thus, you can only kill the last hope to find a job. Do not do that. Such resume only demonstrates that you are ready to take any job they offer. It means you do not have any value as a specialist. So, they can pay you little money. You do not want this, do you? Then keep in mind that one position supposes one resume. If you get high-quality resume proofreading, it will only increase your chances for success.

Good luck!

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We have presented you the basics of resume creation, in particular what common mistakes to avoid in order to make it outstanding. Our in-house writers will help do it easily. We can write your professional resume from scratch for you, or in case you create it on your own, we can proofread it, edit and rewrite if necessary. With our low reasonable prices you can easily afford it. Resume created by our experts shows what your professional achievements and experiences are, and also demonstrates who you are and who you strive to become. We help job seekers reach their goals.

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