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Today people worldwide strive to build successful career. That is why careerism has become a pretty common phenomenon of our life. It is hard to surprise someone using the words “career”, “careerism”, “careerist”. Everyone has heard them for sure. However, not everyone probably realizes the real meaning of these words. So, let us figure out together what these words mean. The main attention will be paid to the careerism, its pros and cons and possible consequences. We shall begin with the fact that nowadays it is impossible to build successful career without well-written resume. If you are a specialist, you need to present yourself, your professional skills, knowledge, qualification as best and advantageous as possible. You need to sell yourself to prospective employers, and choose the one who offers the most profitable “price”, i.e. working conditions. In this case the best way is to apply to experts for help. Qualified specialists will create your personal business professional resume. CV and resume building or editing services are very popular today. Professionals in different fields use them to achieve better results in the job search process. They know that the expert assistance is required anyway. The good news is that with us you get in-house professional writers that work on your order individually; loyal pricing policy; email support along with online chat; tempting discounts and bonuses. You can afford it on our site. Come and see it all personally. Now let us come back to the careerism issue.

Careerism: unscrupulousness or sense of purpose?

Talking about someone and saying "careerist", we mean that this person is ready for anything to achieve the set goals, in particular to move up the career ladder. We believe that such people are not afraid to set their colleagues up, to intrigue or do whatever possible to be promoted. The word “careerism” has gained negative colouring. Although, not everyone who dreams of career heights is ready to behave dishonourably and dirtily. By the way, if you want to know what to do when you reach the top in your work, here is a good advice: https://resume-writer.net/blog/you-have-reached-the-top-in-the-work-to-stay-or-to-leave.

In spite of the belief that the careerists are such people who are not aware of what sincere human relationships are, more and more successful people prove it is possible to reach the top and preserve an "honest name". It is not necessary to neglect other people to reach your goal. It is enough to choose the right way (without victims or losses), find suitable motivation and not to be one of those who envy others' achievements.

According to people who do not treat the word "careerism" as a bad one, the most essential careerist's feature is the sense of purpose. However, the opponents are convinced that those who seek high positions and good salaries are led by personal interests, neglecting others' needs, team spirit and corporate solidarity (https://resume-writer.net/blog/how-to-look-for-a-job-instruction).

In order to form one's own idea on what a careerist is (a single-minded workaholic or an unprincipled selfish), first of all we need to figure out what differs such people from ordinary workers, and also find out what advantages and disadvantages of the careerist's life are.

What is the difference between a careerist and other employees?

1. A careerist has a goal

A careerist will never say he works to get money, which he will spend on payment of bills and food buying. Careerism is something greater. Such people want to get leading posts in their companies and feel that their decisions influence the company they work for. Having a goal, careerists as a rule have a clear plan for its achievement (https://resume-writer.net/blog/career-plan-what-it-is-and-why-you-need-to-make-it-up). They do not rely on "if" and always rely on themselves only.

2. A careerist wants to develop

Careerists often have a plan. Many ordinary workers see no reason for further self-education. They are satisfied with the got diploma. A careerist will absorb new information like a sponge. He realizes there is no excess knowledge, sooner or later it all will come in handy. Besides, unlike other apathetic fellows, a careerist will never believe that the top is reached and will always strive for more heights.

3. The readiness to take risks

A careerist is ready to leave his “old haunt” at once and go to some other company if realizes that he can achieve more (or lose less) there. Meanwhile colleagues who do not want to achieve something great will say: "What are you doing? You will lose everything", a careerist will take his office stuff and begin to conquer new heights.

4. A careerist believe in himself, not the circumstances

A careerist knows: he has created the present situation, thus, he is the one who can change it for the better. A careerist does not try to blame someone for his failures if something goes wrong. First, he asks what he has done wrong.

Careerism advantages

1. Self-esteem increase. Every time conquering a new height, a careerist becomes again and again convinced of his strength.

2. Ideas bringing to life. Careerists are more initiative in both, work and life. They achieve the set tasks more often. In short, they are the ones who look for, what means they find. Those who succeed in career are really respected and set as a role model for others, as a rule. By the way, if you are an extrovert, these outgoing jobs for extroverts will help find the most suitable job and succeed faster.

3. Stable income. Financial well-being is among the major careerist's points. That is why such people face money difficulties very seldom. Anyway, if you look for where to buy cheap resume, you can order one on our site.

4. Respect of others (relatives, friends, familiars). As a rule, people respect more those who achieve career success.

5. Useful contacts. A careerist will never miss a chance to meet "useful people", thus, his notebook is filled with useful contacts. Our experienced resume service will be an excellent addition to this list.

Disadvantages of careerism

1. Colleagues' dislike. Many less ambitious fellow-workers do not like careerists, believing that they try to come closer to their bosses by any means, they abuse others, etc. They have such opinion even when a careerist does not give reasons to think so.

2. Burnout. Careerists often feel "empty" and hate their job in the morning. It takes too much strength.

3. Lack of free time. Careerists often stay at the office longer because they have more responsibilities, consequently they go home much later than their colleagues.

4. Personal life problems. Often members of the careerists' families feel as if they are of secondary importance, that the work is much more essential than the close ones. Serious conflicts arise on this basis.

A careerist in a team: advantage or disadvantage?

Career growth aspiration is often presented in resume as a positive feature. Really, there is nothing embarrassing about the desire to move up the ladder. However, at the same time, when people speak about someone as a careerist, this desire is treated with a negative shade. Such paradoxes are explained by the fact that careerism can bring either much profit or turn into a big problem for a company and its employees. By the way, professional resume writing companies do not any inconvenience at all.

A careerist-subordinate

The greatest advantage of such worker is his diligence. If a subordinate careerist sees a perspective, he can do much for the company's sake. His high activity is often effective and productive. He does not rest even being on vacation: https://resume-writer.net/blog/perfect-vacation-rules-spend-it-productively. However, if some other company offers better conditions for promotion, such employee can easily quit the present job and can “steal” some clients in addition. Also, the enthusiasm will abruptly disappear if a careerist realizes that the chances to get the desired post are extremely small. Even if a careerist continues working hardly, the minuses are almost inescapable. These are constant intrigues, manipulations, "set-ups" that are directed not only at employees but also managers and bosses.

A careerist-colleague

A worker that dreams of promotion is a chronic headache for a team. With such colleague you need to be always attentive because a classic careerist will stop by no means to reach the set goals. He will gossip, try to please the bosses and managers and do whatever possible to prove he is the best. He builds relationships to use them for the promotion and make friends with "useful" people only. The only plus of the work with a careerist is that he is always ready to take the tasks that others do not want to accomplish.

A careerist-manager

Often careerists occupy some management posts (helpful young boss course will come in handy here). For a high-position manager the situation is almost the same as in "careerist-subordinate" case, but for the subordinates the situation is more complicated. It is pretty difficult and not the most pleasant case to have a manager that wants to get career promotion. Usually, such managers are not only highly demanding but also try to demonstrate their status in any possible way. It may happen that a department will have to perform much more work, since an initiative careerist wants to demonstrate outstanding results. Such leader can easily steal the ides of his subordinates, present them as his own ideas, and blame others for his personal mistakes. The only plus is that such careerist blames his subordinates only in case when there is no one else to blame. Subordinates should not expect to get some reward or bonuses. A careerist does not care for others much. His only goal is the next step up the career ladder.

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Healthy careerism principles

Time makes its changes in the people's idea about many things (fortunately, there are some stable things, such as professional resume writers online that work for our agency). Often some ideas change so much that turn into absolutely opposite ones. Today, for example, such encyclopedic terms as "careerism" or "ambitions" are interpreted differently.

Ambitions - career - success

The encyclopedic word "ambition" comes from Latin "ambitio", what means "excess self-care, vanity, self-esteem and even excess self-pride". However, in modern interpretation ambitions have neutral meaning, such as strongly expressed desire for self-realization, strong professional motivation and career goals. The negative shade has disappeared from the meaning of the word. An ambitious person today is demanded, appreciated by employers, others rely on such people because they are treated as workers who can bring to life any ideas, any goals and finally bring any business to success. We can say that being ambitious is popular nowadays.

The word "careerism" in its encyclopedic meaning has never had negative shade. It has similar roots in two languages: in Italian "carriera" that means "run, life path", and in Latin "cart, carriage", i.e. some things we use to move forward. In such a way, encyclopedically careerism is just the movement up the career ladder, and as its second meaning - this is professional success. This word has got its negative shade because of the social opinion of former times.

Today ambitions and careerism are ordinary phenomena in any profession. The question is how they are presented in a person. It is common to distinguish positive and negative sides of these phenomena. If ambitions are too numerous, inadequate or too high, then careerism becomes cynical, what naturally characterizes a person in a negative way. If ambitions are smart, adequate, if careerism is healthy, not aggressive, then this is good. There is more, in the last case there is interrelation between ambitions that move career, and career that brings success.

In order to save the best side of ambitions and manifest healthy careerism only, it is enough to follow several principles.

The golden mean rule

The ambition level should be strictly regulated by the golden mean rule. Ambitions are not something given and divided among people from above. Each person can control his ambitions on his own. Develop them if they are absent, or calm them down if they are too big (get additional advice on personal skills development). When we build our career, we need to obey the golden mean rule. Thus, our goals, desires, intentions will not be harmful to other people. Adhere to the rule when you want to express your personal ambitions. On the one hand, they should not be hidden. On the other hand, there is no need to show them to everyone. Everything is good within measure.

What for?

Starting career it is important to answer the question "what for?". If career is for career, it does not have value. If it is to prove someone your value, such goal is also doubtful. Even to prove yourself that you can do much is also not a very adequate desire. It is good when the career stimulus is the benefit of humanity. It may sound a little bit funny or weird. However, it leads people to the career heights, where they are satisfied with what they have done and people around appreciate their career. Resume and cover letter writing services will help present your achievements correctly.

Career is not by any means

On a career path not only pure thoughts but also pure means, methods, steps characterize a person positively. Do not ignore others, do not give up your principles, do not set others up, do not cheat or betray. Do not humiliate or suppress others to reach your goals. Be flexible, go the other way sometimes. Know how to reach compromises or alternative decisions. Respect and accept others' mind.

Career growth = professional growth

Often, being involved in the career ladder promotion, people tend to forget an essential principle that the career growth is not the titles or positions but professional growth, first of all. If this fact is always present in your career, then you will protect yourself from "complex of a boss" and such its manifestations as despotism, "the boss is always right", "I am the boss, you are the fool", and so on. Get rid of such thoughts, habits and in addition learn what things to avoid in winning resume to succeed.

Achievable career step

Building career it is important to evaluate correctly the career steps we can achieve. A lot of people are probably familiar with a situation when a good boss is a bad company leader. We need to evaluate our possibilities correctly, the range of the tasks we are able to achieve, and define what career height will bring us happiness and what will turn into an unbearable load that makes your life miserable. Also, be aware of the jobs that make life miserable.

Realize pros and cons

Any career has its advantages and disadvantages. You need to think about it in advance, especially about disadvantages. Ask yourself before taking the next step up the career ladder: are you ready to accept. along with all advantages that attract you, all disadvantages that will become the career inescapable supplement? Here are other questions to ask yourself before starting to write resume. If people do not ask themselves in time, they start complaining about their life later. They are no longer satisfied or pleased with their career. This is in the best possible scenario. At worse, they start transferring their dissatisfaction to the subordinates, colleagues, and even managers and bosses. It goes without saying that such conduct can spoil career.

Not only me, but others as well

Whatever high position you occupy, remember that you cannot solve everything on your own. A wise successful leader always considers the interests of others (partners, colleagues, subordinates). When a boss is good, the subordinates also feel well. A good boss always has good reputation and respect. A good boss is respected and does not make others be afraid. There is another detail. It is logical that the higher one moves up the career ladder, the fewer tasks he solves personally, the more he needs to rely on qualification of others. It means such person should accept the others' right to offer better decisions. It would seem so much logic and doubtless. However, leaders that put this principle into practice are rare. There is a good saying: "I am proud that I have subordinates smarter than me". Our professional resume creator will help choose a good employer and get into the team of experts.

An adequate self-esteem

An adequate self-esteem is important for any person. For the one that builds career it is especially important. There are cases when self-esteem under the pressure of different factors becomes lower, and it is very bad. However, more often self-esteem becomes higher when we climb the career ladder. When it happens, the consequences may be expressed not only in inadequate self-esteem, but also a person starts to treat the reality and people around inadequately, what naturally does not contribute to success. Being led by the healthy careerism principle, we control our ambitions and direct their energy in the right way. In this case our career path will have chances for success. Use reliable resume help online to increase your chances.

Careerist: to be or not to be?

We can hear pretty often the word “careerist”. So, who is a careerist? There is a stereotype that this is a man that succeeds in career by any possible means, including even those that are called “immoral”. However, is it correct? What are these people led by? Is it worth becoming careerist? Why do we need to move up the career ladder? It would seem that the answer is obvious: to get more money. However, in fact, this is not the main motivation that leads a careerist.

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So, why do people become careerists?

1. Desire to get power. Such people are pleased with a thought that other people are their subordinates. They are pleased to know that others listen to their opinion, that many things depend on them (https://resume-writer.net/blog/how-to-make-people-work-as-you-want-fbi-negotiator-secrets). Often, money reward that accompanies the career promotion is not much important for such people. In some cases, being promoted people start behaving arrogantly and superciliously.

2. Desire to assert oneself. Sometimes, people want to reach any high position just to get some social status. Only having achieved something they desire, they feel successful and happy.

3. Attempt to hide from life problems. Yes, it also happens. Often people who have family or personal life problems devote all their time to their job. In such a way it is easier for them not to think about something sad. They try to replace the failures with the victories in some activity field or sphere of life.

4. Inborn workaholism and responsibility. It happens that a person seems not to do something special but his career moves up quickly. A person does not make any conscious efforts to get promotion, but in comparison with others he looks more initiative, more responsible and more loyal to the work.

5. Desire to realize one’s potential. For some people there is nothing more important in life than self-development. That is why, in order to have greater possibilities they climb the career ladder all the time.

6. Desire for recognition. Pretty often people become careerists because they want to get not only money but also moral satisfaction from their work.

Careerism pluses

In the end let us remind and repeat once again the main careerism pros and cons.

1. Stable and often high income, which gives opportunity not “to count every penny”.

2. Respect from friends, familiars, relatives. Parents are proud of you, you are a role model for others at work, etc.

3. Possibility to bring your ideas to life.

4. Right to make responsible decisions. A careerist sooner or later gets a leading post. It means that he will not only implement someone’s orders but will also tell others what to do.

5. Self-esteem increase. Awareness of one’s own importance and solvency gives powers and motivates to achieve more.

6. Favorable boss’ attitude. Bosses treat careerists as their strong support. For them it is much more pleasant to see an interested and devoted worker rather than an employee that cares for the company only during the set working hours.

7. Abilities development based on the constant necessity to improve professional skills. A careerist always learns, reads books, attends refresher courses.

8. Wide business contacts.

Tempting prospects, aren’t they?

Careerism minuses

In spite of the fact that a careerist has many pluses, minuses and different troubles are also present. First of all, if you decide to choose this path, you need to be ready for the difficulties and hardships.

1. Others’ dislike. As soon as you start standing out from the crowd, be ready that others will begin to talk behind your back. It will always seem to your colleagues that you use some dishonest means to achieve your goals. This is the stereotype as it is.

2. Absence of free time. Literary you will have to spend nights at work to be better than others. Also, forget about pleasant talks in a café with friends. You will also have no time for hobby. However, you can get some spare time if use online resume site with its services.

3. Troubles in family and personal life. Many careerists face them. This point is connected with the previous one. According to research, a man obsessed with career building sacrifices his free time, hobby, sleep and eventually personal life if necessary. So, what is the result? If a careerist has family, problems begin to appear there: one of the spouses starts complaining about the attention lack, home life issues, etc. All this in combination with a constant fatigue can ruin relationships. If a careerist does not have family yet, there is the risk not to find the second half at all.

4. Professional burnout. Careerists, workaholics and perfectionists are in the risk group. Their mental health deteriorates all the time because of constant stress and fatigue (https://resume-writer.net/blog/stress-and-the-city-or-how-to-manage-stress-at-work). The self-dissatisfaction feeling, hostility towards others and a state of total weakness appear.

5. Intrigues. If you move up the career ladder quickly, probably you will have enviers that will try to leave you behind or set you up at every opportunity. As a result, you realize that you suspect almost every colleague.

So, to become a careerist or not?

Such path has advantages and disadvantages. So, it is up to you whether you want to achieve career heights or not. First of all, realize if you want it. Are you ready to sacrifice your precious time spending it at work and being stressed? Are you ready to face your colleagues’ dislike and please your boss’ desires? Is your goal worth the hardships? Many people feel more comfortable when they occupy the same position for many years and are engaged in art, needlework, sports, read to their children fairy tales at night, do not worry about work day and night and feel completely happy (here is a list of good jobs for creative minds). However, if you have enough time for everything and you want to achieve more, why not try to become a “big boss”?

Do not forget that career should be built basing on a solid foundation. This foundation consists of many different components. One of them is a competently created resume. It would be better to say that this is one of the most essential components. Well-written selling resume is not a dream but reality with our expert help. Our low prices make resume building, editing, proof reading services more attracting and affordable for everyone. Take the next step up in your career – update and rewrite your resume. Our experts will gladly help do it correctly. Contact us to specify the details.

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