You Have Reached The “Top” In The Work: To Stay Or To Leave?


Leave the job or stay

In spite of the fact that it is said and written a lot of things about success, still each of us passes his own way towards his aims. It is not always easy and not all the choices are obvious. Our resume writers online want to help our clients and visitors to find themselves (in profession or in a new sphere of activity) and give maximally useful tips on how to achieve something they desire the most. That is why we present this post entitled “You have reached the “top” in the work: to stay or to leave?”. Also, you and we together can overcome the fears and obstacles, find hidden in you potential and gain confidence in strengths. Our experts continue to provide you with useful advice on various matters that have relation to the search of job process, work places, schedule, relationships with colleagues, employers, subordinates and so on and so forth.

Previously we have discussed “Top 5 Personal Effectiveness Strategies”, also “How Introvert And Extrovert Can Work Together” and many other issues, posts on which you can read on our website in blog section. Also, there can be found articles on related topics, such as post on best jobs for introverts and so on. Today’s post is dedicated to overcoming of professional “ceiling” that does not allow to see clearly further perspectives in a company or in a sphere in general.

Key point

Do you know what reason of job leaving most candidates mention more often during the interviews? The reason that sounds like “I have overgrown my position”, or “Something I do now does not interest me any longer”, “there is feeling as if I am trampling on the spot”, “I have reached the top”. This is what they usually say.

Probably, a lot of people know this depressing feeling when you have “abutted on a professional ceiling”. One faces atmosphere dark, dull, boring and stifling. It causes desire to break free. To go somewhere, to a place where one has space to grow ( However, is the things are that much obvious? Will the leaving or change of a company solve all your troubles? Let us look deeper in the matter.

The first impulse, when we have reached the limit of our development, is to go to other company, to change the sphere of activity, to undertake any action, which will create the illusion of changes and promise to give new perspectives. Our post on signs to quit job will help to realize if one really needs to undertake such an extreme and radical action. It is the most obvious decision, but not the wisest due to many reasons. These reasons are:

1. There are no guarantees that at a new place you will not experience the same feeling.

2. You already know your company from inside. It gives the understanding of what can be expected and how to act. New company to a certain moment is a “black box”, i.e. it all looks fine, but when one gets inside, the hidden from others’ sight defects may appear. What if they are incompatible with life career?

3. There is no guarantee that to a new company you will not bring your old problems and weak points.

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Decision taking check-list

That is why before one starts to write notice of resignation or take decision about profession change (, he / she needs to look at the following check-list:

1. Talk to your employer or HR manager about what does not satisfy your current situation and what you would like to change.

It is necessary to know that for on employer it is often more profitably to make you stay in a company. Since money and efforts have been already invested in a worker’s expertise, training and there is no sense to increase costs for the search of a new person, his further adaptation and so on.

That is why when a question is made correctly from your side and a company introduces right policy from another side, there are a lot of options to solve the problem in a “win / win” format. Let’s say an employer and HR manager know that soon there will be new department or direction created (about what you may not be aware of) and taking into consideration your wish, they will consider your candidacy for work in it.

Or it is possible to discuss a compromise option. For example, when a company takes time out to find interesting options for you, and you meanwhile take responsibilities to actualize your experience for new professional horizons. It can be additional training, preparation of a product / direction development strategy, logic finishing of the current projects or tasks and so on.

2. Set an aim to pass your knowledge / experience / expertise to those, who will need them.

In such a way you will kill two birds with one stone: bring use to your co-workers and yourself. It is clear in what way it can be useful for others: they can use your valuable achievements and discovering made during the period of your practice.

But what does “self help” imply? While you will prepare material for others, there is a high chance that you will discover some layers of information that you could not even imagine. You just were not aware of the fact you did not know something. And who knows what such searching and discovering may lead to.

The format of knowledge passing can be various, such as performance of the functions of a mentor in a team of beginners, holding of inner master classes, preparation of a report for a conference, also you may start your blog and so on.

3. Go out the borders of your own limits

Our personal settings often prevent us from seeing the perspectives. They may have different forms, sometimes they can pretend your “friends”, but in fact they work against you. You can recognize them by inner voices: “There is nothing you can expect here”, “You can not surprise anyone”, “What is the point to try one more time? All the same, no one will appreciate it”.

Such a situation may happen in real life. But before believing these thoughts you need to try to doubt them. What if this is just your own limitations and restrictions? There are a lot of methods to go out personal borders. One of the most effective ones is to change the setting to “supportive” one. For example, instead of above mentioned phrases you can say yourself: “I am sure that on the current positions I can find the tasks that motivate me”. Start searching and realizing the tasks that “turn on” the interest.

Remember that there will always be time for you to leave. Believe it. But probably it would be wiser to find a treasure that is kept somewhere inside you. It is worth it. Anyway, if you can not do it on your own, our site supporting team waits to offer you its assistance and services.

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