Cost Of Wrong Choice Of Profession


The kind of profession meant a lot in all times. Nowadays nothing has changed drastically. Your wealth firstly depends on your profession. The richness solves lots of issue that may come on. In attempt to stand out among numerous people trying hard to get new job some of unemployed or employees, looking for a better job order professional resume writing services. Also it solves the problem of making popular resume mistakes. But when you’ve finally applied for a job and worked for a brief period ask yourself if this job drives you crazy. In this case not money neither best professional resume writers will save you. That’s why it’s necessary to consider the consequences and reasons of the wrong career path choice.

“It’s my childhood dream”

As a child we’re dreaming about being brave soldiers, police officers, firemen, astronauts, nurses and doctors as well. Some of us carry this dream through during entire life making it one’s profession, but frequently dreams fade away facing the reality. Young and motivated men become disappointed facing army’s commonness and rigor, injustice and death. Not only at war. Astronauts face the problem of the most strict health criteria among all worldwide professions. Time after time while internship in hospitals and another healthcare institutions, students of medical universities find out that they actually can’t stand blood or real human entrails scene. Another one find out they’ve got no ability to take decisions under the pressure of high stress situation and so on. It’s a pity, but here we are. Sometimes our childhood dreams don’t match our personality type, character, way of life and many other factors. ( According to this fact it’s necessary to be honest to ourselves, match our capabilities and our desires looking at ourselves by the other’s eyes and take a decision based on these factors. It will help you find a job which can really make you happy and avoid lots of psychic diseases which were caused by profession that didn’t matched your personality.

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Profession related stereotypes

People all over the world are subject to influence of media, fashion, movies, advertisement and similar stuff. Of course there are tiny percent of people who are not, but they are sort of exception, nothing else. In many movies we may see wealthy and self-confident characters which profession is stockbroker or something like that. All their activities in movies are phone talks and infinite meetings in chic and expensive restaurants. In addition they’ve got several awesome sport cars and at least one yacht. So lots of young and ambition men and women rush to the nearest financial college hoping they’ll get rich fast and easy. Actually some of them will do. But there are very few. Rest of them will work in their hometown earning maybe no little but not big money during the entire life. That’s not bad at all, but maybe they could succeed and get to the stars if they had chosen another career path, if they had lived by they hearts.


Bad times make us to take tough decisions whatever we dream about. You never know when some sort of the local disaster will come around. In this case the only thing we’re able to do trying not to go mad is finding some meantime pleasure or strong meaning of life to fight for.

Now, let’s talk about consequences of the wrong choice of profession.


First time when you’ve just applied for a job everything seems to be quite awesome. You’re no longer on of these unemployed, now you earn money, you’re almost totally independent. Few years pass by and you start to become addicted a little. All of these dreams about beloved profession fade away and you stop your search of the perfect job and concentrate on activity which brings you money and in which you’re quite experienced already. Maybe, you earn big money comparing with your mates and of course you’re proud of it. But in a few years your wages are even and at that very moment different thoughts start to attack you. The question of “is it my purpose of life”, “am I fond of my job” and so on. The fact that after all this time that you’ve been looking for a job, using online resume services, taking lots of interview ( you’ve finally applied for a job doesn’t satisfy anymore. And then the jealousy comes around. You start to hate people who do their job with great pleasure and don’t wake up with the feeling that they’re exploited. It’s an awful feeling and it’s hard to get over it.

“Oh my God, It’s me”

If while reading this post you’ve realized that this description is about you, there are several things to do. At first you should figure out whether your disappointment is cored to the job itself or you’re totally upset about the whole way of life. It’s very important step to do because very often people pass the buck to the job when it has no relation to the upcoming issues in their life. Another widespread mistake is when one jumbles tiredness and dissatisfaction from the job with the same feelings but brought by the environmental causes like annoying co-workers, inconvenient workplace and others. When you’ve passed all above mentioned steps and still think that there is nothing but the kind of job itself makes you unhappy before you quit at first think about what kind of job you’d like to do.

It’s never too late

It’s never too late for trying to live your dream or at least a little piece of it. Keep learning, training and trying to get the job that you think might satisfy you completely. Send your CV wherever you can, make it shine using resume services online. And always remember about consequences of the wrong career path choice.

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