Perfect Vacation Rules: Spend It Productively


Vacation rules

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The rules of perfect vacation

What a desired, warm and so pleasant word "vacation" is. This is our reward for the done work, our opportunity to get distracted from everyday routine. Nevertheless, correct preparation for it is obligatory. How can we achieve it? Our experts are ready to share their tips.

The productive vacation dogmas are well-known to everybody: it is forbidden to turn the mobile phone on, to surf the internet, you just must leave work issues at the workplace, enjoy free time, etc. Nevertheless, a "but" always appears. What if you have not finished the work on time, if the report on the performed work is not ready yet, if some questions just cannot be solved without your direct participation? Does this all worry you or maybe you are ready to leave and forget about everything for a while? Read the tips given below: find the balance between personal needs and necessity to be in touch all the time, not to fail the team and employer, and relax mentally and physically.

Get prepared to go on a vacation

When vacation is planned, start getting prepared for it. We do not hint that it is time to find your suitcase in the attic.

  • Finish each set task. If some tasks are not possible to finish, then make everything possible to help other worker finish them for you.
  • Order your mail. Probably, meanwhile you are absent, other workers will need access to some letters or contacts, so order it all to make your contacts convenient to use.
  • Give all the necessary instructions to your fellow-worker, who is going to replace you while your vacation. Tell him (her) in detail what, when, in what order to perform. Thus, you will not be disturbed and will not worry about the results. Read here how to share information correctly:
  • Do not forget to warn about your absence those colleagues, who often need to contact you on work issues. There can be sense to conduct a conversation with them in advance and specify some moments.

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Take care of the emergency cases (force majeure)

Everyone needs to forget about work at least for a while. However, if you are the only specialist at your company in your direction, you cannot just disappear for a week. An understanding manager will not disturb you because of unimportant things. However, when an unexpected problem occurs, your help might be required. That is why discuss beforehand the ways they can contact you. Maybe, you will be available during the exact hours when you answer the Skype calls, e-mails, if there is such a necessity. Our professional executive resume writers will take care of other emergency cases related to the job search process.


Everything described above is the recommendations to make people feel calm. You never want to face a huge flow of information, complaints and problems when return from vacation, right? For this reason, everything should be well-thought in advance

Nevertheless, on vacation workers need to rest from the work, social networks, negotiations, sales and accounts. It does not matter whether you have gone to the hot countries, to the forest, country house or just sleep at home - enjoy each moment fully. Forget the clients, reports, plans, analytics. Keep in mind: you have already done all of that before leaving, so the reason to be afraid or worry is absent. Any activity requires taking the breaks. Our team recommends using vacation fully to get back to work with new strengths.

Tips on how to spend a vacation successfully and effectively

Do you often feel tired after vacation? Does it seem that you have not had a rest at all? You are not alone. However, we know how to avoid it. You are not the only person who spends vacation not very well. Many people admit it is hard to "switch off the work button". Being on vacation, they think a lot about businesses, check their phones and e-mail boxes constantly, in general, enough attention is not paid to their rest as it should be. They suffer much because of it. Due to this reason experts decided to study how to become more successful in resting. They have tested the rules and made sure that they really work.

1. Leave work for long. Most people need minimally a day or two to get mentally detached from work and from everything related to it. Three-day vacation is funny, but not a real vacation, because it does not give the opportunity to get distracted. The work lifestyle rhythm can be "destroyed" only when we allocate enough time for it. The minimum is six days.

2. It can be unreal to get absolutely detached, so set the frames. People are usually advised to get detached by 100% on vacation. Naturally, this is correct, but we all know it will never happen. For example, you can allocate 20-30 minutes for e-mail reading in the morning. Then, delegate the responses to someone of your fellow-workers or put them aside for later. The rule "no contacts" is great, but it is not acceptable for many workaholics. Avoid troubles with our advice on how to get on well with colleagues.

3. Avoid digital temptations. Deprive yourself of the opportunity to read e-mail, send letters or make phone calls. You can often observe such a picture on vacation: a guy with his phone at the pool, another guy with his phone on the beach, one more is in the bar. If they had left the phones in their rooms, they would not have had to answer the calls.

4. Go to the places, which require your participation and activeness. It can be golf, museums, bicycling or antique items hunting. Just be involved in the process. Try to be involved in suchlike activities as much as possible during your vacation. Throw away all the rest out of the head.

5. If you like planning, do it. Some individuals cannot live without control. They feel pain thinking that they will need to act on the spur of the moment. Reach a compromise: a couple of planned activities will remove the stress partially. Book a restaurant table, or arrange an excursion at the set time, or even a morning walk. Thus, vacation gets structure, and you do not feel as if the control is lost. It is required to know what ways to manage time can be used when you create a plan.

6. Nourish your mind, body and soul. Take a book with you, allocate 30 minutes or an hour for physical exercises, for time to think. It makes you feel more alive. For example, write down someone's name and think what positive features this person has, what makes you feel grateful to this person.

7. Take pencil and paper with you. Brilliant ideas always come to mind when we are on vacation. If we write them down, we can throw them out of the head and continue resting. Otherwise, we risk focusing on these ideas and, consequently, will not manage to relax.

8. Do no rush to "attack" after return. The worst habit ever is to fill the first working day with the tasks. In such a way, we go inside the matters at once, but do not give us time to get adapted. Try not to overload yourself with the tasks at the very beginning at least, not to become a meteor that burns entering the working atmosphere.

9. Remember that you had a vacation, not your fellow-workers. They were working all that time. So, do not splash all your limitless energy on them. There are such bosses, who are afraid that their employees do nothing while their absence (this article will be useful for them: Thus, returning after vacation, they give the staff so much work, that they just cannot cope with it physically. No need to act so, nevertheless, such situations are pretty often.

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How to switch the working mode on after the prolonged weekend

Everyone needs the change of the life rhythm and a rest from working days periodically. Yes, we can regain strength during long vacations. However, simultaneously a lasting rest can make it hard to enter our usual working rhythm. It would seem that after a long break we should enter the office and tune into the working mode at once. However, in fact, this is not that easy. If on vacation people usually enjoy sleeping much, then a standard work schedule can bring great imbalance, what will influence our concentration on the work moments, fast decision-making and capability to function in the multitask mode.

However, not only biological rhythms change is the problem. Returning to the work lifestyle, we face a sharp discrepancy between our desires and duties. Vacation for many workers is the escape from the factors that cause stress. For this reason, it is very difficult to accept the reappearing of these factors right after the return.

Get involved in the work

Some employers treat with understanding the fact that their employees need time to get involved in the work again, but usually they pay very little attention to this problem. Realize it: no one can help us except us. To fight the "post vacation" and "post holiday" syndromes requires following these simple rules:

  • Return back to work gently. Take over the tasks gradually and plan everything carefully. Start with the list of the most urgent tasks.
  • Work in a more light rhythm in the beginning. Since you still live with the emotions and impressions got during vacation, you just cannot be attentive to the details, what may cause errors. So, implement the priority tasks step by step, having planned the periods of their fulfilment. Remember about a little break each hour. Take a break now and check out the most extraordinary jobs article.
  • Try not to spend too much time at your workplace in the beginning. Otherwise, overload may turn into the chronic fatigue.
  • Do not give up the pleasures, and do something pleasant not only at weekends. If during vacation you have used to spend much time in nature or eat fruits for lunch, keep on doing all this, and allocate some time for daily walks. Lead the same lifestyle and you will get back to work almost painlessly. Since we have mentioned eating habits, here are the ways to ace a lunch interview.
  • Since your usual sleep schedule has probably shifted, try to go to sleep an hour or two earlier. It is hard to accept, but this is obligatory. The more powers you have in the day beginning, the easier the adaptation period passes.

How to delve into business matters after prolonged rest

We all love holidays. They give us a great opportunity to restore the strengths. However, everything good ends sooner or later, and we have to return to usual life, what can be difficult.

The first time after holidays can be really difficult (just like the first week at a new job: Yesterday we could lie in the bed thinking about personal matters only. There was no necessity to check the e-mail box all the time, no endless phone calls. Holiday atmosphere itself contributes to throwing out of the head all business issues.

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Nevertheless, work days came back with all their projects, reports, deadlines, letters, calls and other related things. Many people try to be maximally productive at once, but this is dangerous, because they can lose the accumulated during the rest spiritual calmness and balance. This can lead to undesired errors and consequences. So, what is the best way to get back to work not to experience the feeling that vacation is just a dream and the fatigue has returned twice bigger? Our specialists have prepared several useful tips (

Put it in order

First of all, remember what you have managed to implement and what not before leaving. If you have everything noticed, it will be even easier. Just recollect what is planned to fulfill after your return (daily weekly planner at work will help significantly). Having collected all done and unfinished tasks, it becomes possible to make up a preliminary plan of actions for the next several weeks. Each day new points will be added to the list, consequently, it will turn into the clear action plan. Planning helps enter the work slowly and evaluate the current state of things. The clear plan will facilitate the implementation of the tasks.

Be realist

Even when we want it much, hardly we can deal with all tasks at once. Trying to do this, we will feel tired very soon and start dreaming about holidays. Tiredness and bad mood cannot make us more productive. Having built an action plan, begin with the least difficult tasks. Big complicated projects are better to be left for later, when you tune into work completely.

Be polite and mercy

Notice that not only you make attempts to enter the required working mode, but also other workers. Be polite and friendly. Nice calm work atmosphere will be favourable to everyone. Share impressions, build and discuss plans. Maybe, it will make work even more pleasant than it used to be. Top services for resume writing will definitely bring much pleasure.

Tips on how to start working after vacation

After long-lasting summer vacation we need to tune into working process very quickly. For this purpose there are several techniques. Just yesterday you were on the beach sunbathing, swimming, listening to the sea sounds and enjoying your life. And tomorrow you will be forced to go to work, sit in the office wearing tight business suit and shoes. It sounds pretty boring, doesn’t it? Here is the boring jobs list, in addition: Over and above, the thoughts will be somewhere far away, meanwhile your boss will look strictly at you. Turn on the work mode immediately: it will prevent from many problems. There are several methods to do it fast and painlessly.

According to the statistics, 85% of workers write a resignation letter when they return from vacation (speaking about the letters, do not forget about the resume and cover letter services importance). We can understand it: after a good rest a person experiences the stereotypes break. “Happy people lead their happy lives somewhere at the seaside or in the European streets surrounding. So, why do I have to work hard here sitting in the little office? Maybe, the time for changes has already come!” - such thoughts come to a head of most employees during the first days after vacation.

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You can follow these desires only under the conditions when the work does not bring any professional and financial satisfaction. However, if before vacation you have been absolutely satisfied with what you do, then throw these ideas away. If you quit now, you will be sorry later, there will come apathy and you will meet face-to-face with the harsh reality: no work, no livelihoods, no perspectives. Naturally, all this causes stress, which can be avoided with our tips: So, stop being blue and get a hold of yourself.

Wash the floor

Just like most people, your vacation is probably planed so that you could have a couple of free days after return. Thus, you will not have to begin working right after your rest. This is an absolutely right decision: there will be time to think about the future work. However, it will bring use only if you spend these bonus days wisely. Your tired body will start dictating its own terms: it will want to lie on the couch all day long. Never let your body control you. The opinion that weekends spent on the couch is the best way to adapt to everyday life after vacation is wrong. On the contrary, if you sleep too much, you will experience apathy. You will not feel refreshed. However, active exercising will also do no good: if you start doing something interesting, you risk losing touch with reality completely. That is why do something monotonous, for example, clean the house. Believe us, it will not make you much tired, but will help you return the clearness of mind. Certified online resume companies help to take a sober look at the world.

Print the photos

During the first days you will definitely compare the dull office walls with the sand colour, the keyboard noise with the birds singing, and the tired faces of your fellow-workers with the tanned tourists. Unfortunately, the advantage is not on the "office" side. Not to get completely upset, you will need a charge of positive emotions. Do not be lazy and print the taken on vacation photos. Just imagine, how much pride you will be showing others the places you have visited: gorgeous landscapes, architecture monuments, new people. Also, think carefully what to wear on the first day of work. The task is to select such clothes that will emphasize your tanned skin and the spark in the eye.  The admiring sights of the co-workers are the best cure for apathy.

Keep a diary

Do not start working as a crazy workaholic. Anyway, there is nothing much productive you can do on the first day, but it does not mean you can spend it talking to the co-workers only (read related key points of productive home working). Start doing something responsible: order the table, look through the e-mail, plan the following several days dividing them into blocks. For example, one block may contain several phone calls, another one - correspondence replies, the third one - discussion of the personal issues, etc. The specialists are sure that the necessity to reach the exact goals will not allow your thoughts to go outside the office to the seaside. However, try not to overdo with the planning. Some people spend on it more time than on tasks implementation itself. Planning becomes kind of a game for them: the more tasks they write, the more pleasant it will be to cross them out later. Often the list of the done tasks consists of the unimportant things, meanwhile, really important tasks remain unfulfilled.

Go somewhere

Planning and strict duties following will make you work productively (the result will be better in combination with the personal effectiveness strategies), but will not get the sad thoughts about beautiful but brief vacation away. You can get rid of them only if your home life will be as much interesting as your abroad trip. In spite of the bad weather or laziness, dedicate one free day to the active rest: go to your friends' country house, book theatre tickets, learn riding or visit neighbouring cities. Only when weekends promise to bring something exiting, you will stop comparing everyday life with vacation.

Create an idol

Keep in mind: if you spend Saturday actively, Sunday should be spent passively. Whatever happens, body needs to rest. If you overload it, it will not cope with the loads, and the highest work efficiency will decrease. By the by, do not lie on the couch, but watch a movie or read a book. Choose such a movie or book, the plot of which tells how the main characters succeed at work or with the help of work. Being inspired by them, you will restore mental and spiritual powers and get ready for new achievements.

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The expert mind

Disgust to the work after vacation is not rare today. Since it is crisis now, people hold tightly their workplaces. They do not go on vacation till the last moment, because they are afraid to be replaced. The nonstop rhythm of work influences the body negatively. Man literary burns out. When he takes vacation, he becomes totally relaxed and cannot gather the strengths to begin tasks implementation for a long time. After vacation the workers face apathy, and the occupations they appreciated some time ago do not interest them anymore. The more workaholic has no rest, the harder it is to get back to normal life. Take a break and use expert help building resume, which will save some time for you.

Do not waste time on the beach

1. Make up the list. Ideally, to tune into the working mode, a vacationer needs to start getting prepared on the beach. In the last days of vacation, instead of start thinking about the office, find the positive moments. Frankly speaking, the positive moments are more numerous than it may seem. For instance, the work brings not only money. Our work is our strong daily stimulus. It gives us the reason to keep in shape, dress neatly and tidy, updo, etc. Cheap resume writing services are a good way to save money, which can be spent later on new wardrobe, for example.

2. Make up a dream. Lying under a palm tree, we think with horror about the gray dull office... Promise yourself to return to the amazing place in half a year, and then the work will turn into the only way to reach the desired aim, which naturally requires money. Do not hesitate, being inspired by the dream, you will work restlessly.

3. Do not be a sea calf. A person, who spends two weeks walking from the restaurants to the swimming pool, will return much fatter, also, will become more vulnerable to the post vacation syndrome. To come back to work fresh and rested, keep in shape: swim, walk, play volleyball, badminton, etc. Otherwise, you risk becoming so much lazy that you will not manage to start working even in a month after vacation. Maybe, creative job will be your rescue. Here are some job ideas for a creative person.

Celebrities about the rest and vacation

  • Celebrities share their secrets. For instance, do not take vacation for a month, but divide it into two or three parts. In fourteen days you cannot relax totally and get rid of the habit to wake up early and go to work. In general, if you rest during little periods several times per year, you get tired less.
  • Hardly anyone wants to return to the office after a good vacation. The main tip is not to concentrate on the feelings: the more we suffer, the harder it is to tune into the work. Just be grateful that in such crisis time you have opportunity to earn money. This is the best stimulus. Another good stimulus is when employee/employer relationship brings pleasure.
  • They recommend having a good rest to get oneself in the mood to work. For example, you can relax so much that in the last vacation days you will start missing the work days. Coming back home you cannot wait to start working. Relax well to be ready for the new work achievements.

Online services better than others

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