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Often when we hear about resume creation, especially about professional assistance, we believe that this is so much high level, which we just cannot afford or should not even dare to dream about. Yes, resume building really requires special knowledge, but with our professional agency, services related to resume sphere are absolutely affordable. When resume writers wanted, contact professionals. We provide services not only at cheap cost, but also our guarantees are completely private orders, twenty-four-hour support, outstanding resume format. Orders are executed by MBA and PhD resume writers. They guarantee 100% satisfaction. In addition, we offer discount system, what makes services affordable for anyone. Get more details on everything above mentioned on our site. While you are thinking on what to do next, check out this cool post, which tells why most people cannot succeed.

Reasons why we will never do anything cool

This post will give slaps to everyone and make us wake up. We are going to speak about something what people are not taught anywhere, about something what makes us go beyond ordinary existence. For example, to move from parents, to quit job, to quit everything and do at least something ( Experience we get in real life goes beyond the frames of educational system. Such skills we can develop only when we find ourselves for real, when we face the risk of failure. These skills will appear only in case we risk it all to do something really cool. These are the skills, which many of us think that we possess them already. All we are hinting at is that in a game called life our chances are equal zero. Why?

We have not lost or failed enough

We feel comfortable in our routine, desire to try does not even appear. We prefer to say that we would love to learn new language instead of learning it. We prefer to “sit quietly” or implement difficult work “tomorrow” ( Many people hate their work but are not ready to look for a new one. While some people sit with arms crossed, others collect mistakes, test themselves, study new.

When we lose, we learn. We need to change our way so that it always leads forward. This is like a steal hardening process: we are tempered by the fire and get shape. This is the sword shape with sharp edges, which can cut anyone into pieces if more efforts are not made.

We are concerned of what others think about us

We try to adapt to their minds because we are afraid of how the world looks at us. We think so, because we judge others. It seems that other people should also judge us because we do the same. We are more concerned about “junk” we have, instead of actions we have made.

Meanwhile, we spend money purchasing brand clothes, vehicles, expensive food and parties in bars, there are people who find interest in themselves. And meanwhile, some people try to adapt to surrounding, others make the surrounding adapt to them. Really wise people will throw aside all minds and demonstrate others real “I”. They have immunity to others’ mind, they are surrounded by ideas, while others face routine, they discover and study something unusual.

We consider ourselves smarter than we are in fact

Frankly speaking, we do exactly the same other people used to do before us and will continue doing after us. We study the same, read all the same. We think if we study enough to pass tests, we will become smarter. Is it so? Knowledge is not about the way we study. It is about the way we live. Truly intelligent people can pass tests if necessary. Also, they can cope with the tests set by life. Tests, which are evaluated not by school scale or not in percent, but by one criterion only – surviving.

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We do not read

We read only what we have to, otherwise, we do not read anything at all. We think that history is tiresome, philosophy is dull. We prefer to watch TV show instead of discovering new things, instead of trying to understand other person’s mind to see the surrounding more clearly. We refuse to accept that all the world powers are hidden in wisdom of those who lived before us. All we need we can find in a huge number of books, which now are more available than ever. We can bring a horse to water, but we cannot make it drink.

We are not curious

We get news from controlled by state media, which copy them one from another. We do not ask ourselves: “What if all this is a lie?”, do not suppose that probably it is so. Direct responsibility of mass media is to distract us from something essential.

Intelligent people always have thirst for knowledge regardless subject. Meanwhile, someone is busy playing online games, smart people read string theory and quantum mechanics. They can look at different matters from different viewpoints. They are able to understand both sides in any dispute or bet. Their arguments are always convincing.

We do not make questions

We do not doubt authorities and do not ask ourselves. We do not realize value of correctly made question, polite disagreement or opportunity to protect one’s mind when someone does not agree with us. We do not make questions about reality, we are too busy surviving in this monotony.

Our questions to this world need to be structured. We are irritated by truth. We need to admit that, in fact, we know nothing. Maybe, someone is already irritated by this post. Posts on the internet cannot bring back life time spent in vain. We live with proudly raised head without being interested in what is going on around. We know very little about reality, which is so close to us that, if we put out tongue tip, we can feel how much “tasty” the truth is. Then we realize that the only thing that prevents us from doing really cool things is we.

What is the next?

Will we try to prove that everything said is wrong or just close the page? Remember that even a one thousand mile way begins with one step. Are we sure that our resume reveals fully our potential and really can interest employer? Good resume is the first step to a new job. It is recommended to analyze resume right now without postponing it. Personal website resume building is what required in this case. Use professional resume fixer for high quality paper.

Can resume be called “professional”? If no, then what are we waiting for? Act, develop, try, get rid of laziness: everything is possible. One thousand mile way is not so much difficult in case we do not stand, but move constantly. Start this way with the help of proofreader resume online. It will make your starting successful, which will ensure smooth further advancement.

Best resumes site: best resume paper

So far, everything looks clear: now we know what mistakes we make, how to fix them, how not to make others in the future, etc. Maybe, we are even ready to fix it all already now, what is great, although, it always requires time. Unfortunately, time is what we often lack. So, save your time with basic customer service resume site. Remember that services are affordable, cost is low, discount is provided, assistance of specialists is available any time. Experts of professional resume site will accept any request, execute any order related to resume paper. Expert assistance is useful in any case and can help greatly in any situation (even when all opportunities seem to be already lost). Think it over carefully. We look forward to meeting you!

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