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If you want to get a good job and have a good income that will make it possible to create your personal office at home, you will need to create a high-quality CV first. Really good CV will bring the desired job and required money. Specialists of our site know how to create such paper that will guarantee you an interview invitation at least. They know how to make CV attractive and selling. Order CV writing or editing here and make your dreams come true! Discounts are available and freebies are provided. The highest quality combined with the cheapest prices is just what you need. And now we would like to present what the relationship between the workplace design, work efficiency and a good income is, what influence they have on each other and how they influence a worker.

How to design a comfortable workplace: designer’s advice

The organization of a comfortable workplace is a current issue for many people. Since we live in the world of the universal Internet accessibility and powerful technology progress, the number of those who prefer to work at home becomes bigger and bigger. Also, employers who support such form of the work are pretty numerous. For example, there are specialists that provide proficient cover letter and resume help without leaving their houses.

What to begin with?

For the beginning we need to choose a place where we are going to work. There are several obligatory conditions. Thus, for example, the lightening is important for the quality job performance. It is better if there is natural light. That is why we need to choose the lightest place in a house. If due to some reasons it is impossible to organize your working zone at the window, the local illumination of cool “day” specter will also do. It is proved that the lighter a workplace is the higher work efficiency is.

What else? The perfect place for a house office is a calm isolated zone in a flat or a house, which not many people and not often enter. For example, such a room, which children do not attend often.

Another important point is to organize a workplace in such zone where you will not have any distracting objects in front of you. Some people add a TV-set to this list. Others cannot work calmly when there is a fridge next to them. Let your home workplace become a kind of separated (or even isolated) part of your house, where everything will tune you on the working mood (

It is perfect when there is an opportunity to organize a separate work office. If the opportunity is absent, try to allocate the work office in your house with the help of zonal lighting, special partitions and so on.

Chair and table: the most important

If you work at home permanently, if you have to work not one hour per day but full time, you will not manage to carry out your job qualitatively unless you have a comfortable place to work. Of course, the alternative options can be a window sill or a recliner table but only in the case if the sizes of these improvised workplaces allow feeling comfortable and not closed. Otherwise, the hopes for the quality full-time work will disappear with the first signs of tiredness and ache in the neck (

Choose such table that has a convenient height. It should be wide enough to place there a keyboard, a mouse, a notebook, a pen and a calendar. A chair should also match the ergonomic requirements and, what is really important, ensure proper body position when you work. It also should match your table and be comfortable.

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The correct color gamma is the foundation of the successful job process

White is considered the most winning office color. Probably, it is easier to concentrate being surrounded by white. However, not to make your workplace remind hospital room, you can add some bright accents or use contrasts. However, if you love classic beige or black, you should choose them. It is preferable to choose a calm color gamma that will not distract from the working process. It also should match the rest design (in case your workplace is not organized in a separate room but in a bedroom, a kitchen or a living room). The rest is up to your personal taste. Another advantage of working at home is that your small personal office can be designed according to your own desires and wishes. Also, you can select resume writing services based on your preferences.

Office stuff storage

Pay attention to the oversized racks and wall shelves. The last option is especially good if there is not much space in a house. Besides, if they are fixed high enough, it will help preserve the documents from possible “encroachment” of the youngest family members. The built-in table drawers are also convenient for the documents and other papers storage. Special containers and stands will help avoid chaos on your working surface.

Wires! Out of sight!

There is no secret that the office gadgets and devices are often accompanied by a huge number of wires. If they are left on the table, then chaos and, as a consequence, irritation are guaranteed. All the wiring is better to combine in a single line and hide in a box. It will be perfect if you think about the working place beforehand and take care of the wires nuance. This will help provide the necessary number of the power sockets in advance and install concealed wiring. Do not forget that the key to successful repair is a competent planning and a high-quality design project. And the key to success is hidden in our winning resume hints.

Apply for help to a designer

It is not easy at all to create a workplace in a house. As a result of teamwork with a designer you will get such office that will match all your requirements and will be suitable personally for you. A designer will help bring your idea to life and prevent some sad mistakes. Our advice on what things to eliminate from resume will protect you from other common mistakes. The most important is that a workplace should be ergonomically correct, practical and comfortable. In this case any job will bring only pleasure!

How a workplace design influences the work process

The corporate design world changes quickly. Even those who do not have much knowledge of finances know that it is a difficult task to start your own business. When you live in stress day to day, there is no time to think about the office design. However, let us explain how corporate space influences the business. Many things depend on the design: beginning with the task implementation and ending with the moral satisfaction of the workers. Modern design may seem too bright to the companies that stick to the traditional style.

The choice of the colors influences the work efficiency

At the first sight it may seem that the color choice for your workplace is a simple matter. The National Institute of Health research has shown that the colors, which surround us, have a great influence on the work speed of the employees that are occupied with the ideas’ generation. Red is required for those who carry out a scrupulous job. It is not a coincidence that we can often see the combination of red, blue and green. A lot of big corporations have combined them in their office design and their brand marks. Green shadows are often used in the offices because they increase the work efficiency.

Round shapes contribute to cooperation

Buying furniture, without doubts, any employer will consider the highest price, style and color. By the way, here is resume proofreading service at the cheapest price, if needed. However, due to some reasons, the shape is often ignored. It should not be like this. The use of round furniture in the work space will help the employees think more creatively. When it goes about the joint space for the creative teams, one round table will be more beneficial than several separated. So prefer round (curved) furniture for the creative teams.

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Decorated objects will allow attracting the highly qualified workers

Some time ago, the neutral shadows were more preferable and the clean desks were considered standard. However, now it seems that this minimalism tendency has gone too far. The absence of personality in the office design leads to the workers’ dissatisfaction and a pretty high staff turnover. The key to the successful decoration is in its moderate amount (and the key to the successful working day is here: Too little objects and furniture seem unwelcoming but too many will seem chaotic and unorganized. Offices, in which they pay attention to decoration, make employees happier.


Right office temperature

There are always fights and quarrels about temperature in any office, regardless of the activity form. The quarrels occur especially often when a team consists of the extroverts mostly, so consider top careers for extroverts when you choose your future workplace. There is always such group that complains about heat in the middle of winter and another one that demands warm blankets in the middle of summer. It may seem that it is impossible to make everyone happy. However, we will try to help employees work more effectively.

The normative documents claim that the office temperature should be between 20-25°C, i.e. the medium between heat and cold. For example, you can include a programmable thermostat in the workplace space design to keep the temperature stable. Of course, you should not forget about the workers that prefer cool weather. You can purchase the fridges or ice generators for them. It will show them how much they are appreciated. So demonstrate an individual approach to the workers who like cold.

There is no wonder that most employers do not pay enough attention to the working design engineering because of their load. However, the incorrect design may cause serious damage to your business. Research shows that the environment has a great influence on how employees feel at their workplaces and how much better they fulfill their tasks and duties. This is especially important for the introverts (and to make their life more pleasant we have prepared this list of the cool jobs for introverts). Take the given advice into consideration to achieve positive results in all spheres. This can become one of the wisest business decisions you have ever made.

10 nonstandard ways to organize a workplace at home

A workplace at home can be created anywhere: in the kitchen, balcony, bedroom, living room, etc. We will present you the experts’ advice on the work space organization in your interior (additionally, get our advice on how to tell about yourself during an interview). A home workplace is the space that is required in any flat or house. However, unfortunately, not everyone can have a personal room (office). That is why there is a question of where to find and how to organize the work space in a flat so that:

  • it is comfortable;
  • it has everything necessary;
  • it fits the general flat interior.

To answer the question how to create and organize the home workplace, it is necessary to know several rules of the comfortable space creation.

The organization rules

№1. First of all, it is necessary to decide how much space you need and what this zone will maintain. If you work with a computer, a small computer table will suit you. If you deal with papers and books, you need to think in advance where to put all this so that they do not bother you all the time.

№2. Look at your flat / house and think if there is a room suitable for your work zone. If there is such place, you will just need to design it appropriately. If such zone is absent, try to rearrange the space.

№3. Think beforehand how your workplace will be lighted: whether the light comes from a window, from lamps, etc. Think about whether you can install and switch on a lamp so that you have enough light.

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A separate room

The best option is a separate room. In this case you can organize a room in such a way that suits you the most. Install the necessary number of racks, use a desk of a required size, design a rest zone by placing a small coach or a soft armchair.

In a living room

In the modern world not everyone has the possibility to organize a workplace in a separate room. As a rule, one of the rooms, for example, a living room, is used for this purpose. It is necessary to think carefully about the workplace design, racks and shelves that will be required to make your work zone fit the rest of your home design. The space can be separated with the help of partitions or big floor racks (that will serve as partitions and a place to storage necessary items simultaneously).

In a bedroom

If in a living room your family members can bother you, then a bedroom is a more suitable place. Here you need to separate the sleep zone. For this purpose it is enough to hang a curtain, put a rack or place a canopy between bad and table.

In a kitchen

Organizing your “corner” in the kitchen, keep in mind that the neighboring of oven and sink will be dangerous for the gadgets and documents. That is why you can zone the kitchen space with the help of several racks or using a double table: from one side it will be a writing table, from the other side it will be used for the kitchen needs.

On a balcony

As a rule, each flat has a balcony, but it is often used as a place to keep unnecessary items. You can make your balcony more useful and turn it into your office. However, first, you will need to warm (insulate) and glaze the balcony to use it not only in summer but in winter as well.

The warm floor and high-quality windows will turn the balcony into a comfortable place to work. The sizes of the table and shelves should be chosen according to the balcony size. Try to use all available space to put there all required things. A huge advantage of this zone is that there is much light and fresh air. It all makes the work hours much more enjoyable.

In a storeroom

It is easier to create a workplace in a storeroom rather than on a balcony because there is no need to warm and install additional heating devices, but you will need to demonstrate more creativity ( Storerooms, as a rule, are smaller than balconies, but they usually have doors that make it possible to separate them from other living space. You can put a small desk there, and the rest space can be left for the shelves and additional storage organizers. Give preference to the light colors and think about the lighting system. In this case, in this room, you probably will not have natural light. So it would be better to put several lighting devices.

Placing options

We present you several original ideas for the work desk placing that will help organize the work zone correctly without taking much space.

In the niche

Many flats have wall niches, which are usually used for decorating elements, but they can be used more practically: a place for the writing desk and several shelves.

In a cabinet

Putting a desk in a cabinet (wardrobe) is a good option for those who do not have a storeroom. You can not only save the flat space by putting your desk in a wardrobe, but you will also hide your work zone in the moments when you need it (just close the wardrobe doors). This idea of placing is pretty good because a wardrobe, in addition, has enough room to put there all necessary work items. Of course, do not forget to leave some room for your outfits for a job interview.

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Folding table

If you have a small flat and you need to save the space, you may not buy a big desk but use a small folding desk. It is usually placed next to a wall and «recline» when you need to use it. Save some money ordering cheap resume services and spend them on other things you need now.


Space at the window often does not perform any functions, but you can organize there your work zone. A workplace at the window is the window-sill continuation, its enlargement. At the same time you do not lose the space but get perfect lightening and a comfortable workplace. Decorate it with the flowers that will perfectly suit the zone. A window workplace will also give you a beautiful view. If you look for more perfection and wonder “how to fix my resume urgently”, we advise you to use our guide for ideal image creation.

For two

If there are several persons in a flat that need a workplace, then you can organize it for two. For this purpose, as a rule, they use long tables placed next to one of the room walls. If you cannot do this, then there is another suitable option: the desk for two divided with a rack. In such a way you will organize both, a desk and a storage space. In addition, read our advice on how to make other people work:

Interesting ideas

It is not so difficult to build a workplace at home as it may seem.

№1. In order to use the space more economically, install the shelves and small organizers on the walls to unload the working surface.

№2. A printer can be put not only on the table but on a specially fixed shelf. Thus you will always have it close at hand and get some additional free space.

№3. Use the slates to make important notes.

№4. Add the flowers to your working zone that will help make the design of your surrounding more live and fresh.

Other useful ideas and tips on how to build your home workplace

How to create a house office that will be comfortable to work in? We are going to give several other good ideas on how to organize the work zone not only in a living room, on a window-sill but even under the stairs. A job that implies eight-twelve hours of sitting in the office has almost passed. Thanks to the science, technology and communication means development it became possible to work in almost any place of the globe. Keep in mind that the traveling without job leaving is real.

Many employers accept and even encourage their workers to work remotely. There are pluses and minuses of such approach. To work at home is convenient, of course, however, the distraction objects are too many (a cozy sofa, a TV-set and pets that demand attention). The question is how to create such space, in which you will feel comfortable and inspired for the productive work process (learn the best methods to increase productivity). We present several ways on how to make your working space comfortable.

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Everyone knows that it is difficult to create an office in a flat. However, it is absolutely possible to build your own workplace that will be perfect for you. Designing your home office keep in mind these terms: practical and functional use, individuality. This is what you need to make your office comfortable. Besides, such small house office should be effective. Keep in mind that you create a perfect balance between work and rest ( This matters a lot. It will not be good if your work space is filled with personal stuff that prevents from the performance of your work duties.


1. Where to create a home office? The most important for a home office is its correct place. This place should be comfortable, and there should be as little distracting objects as possible.

2. Make it decorated. Act according to your individual taste and liking. You will carry out your job more effectively when you feel comfortable. However, do not use too many decoration objects because they can spoil everything.

3. Use the storage places. Use all available space of the walls, racks and shelves. It is important to keep the necessary items close at hand so that you do not need to look for them for a long time.

4. What room to choose? Any of the rooms will do for this purpose. Add a stand in a bedroom, enlarge a window-sill, fix a lift table top on the wall. Different variants are acceptable.

5. What about the kitchen. Very often this is the brightest room in the house. A table is already there, so you will not need to put another one. And one of the shelves can be used to keep the documents.

6. Select the pieces of furniture. This point belongs to the most important ones. A chair should be comfortable, a table should have a suitable size to keep on it everything necessary. Remember that the drawers help greatly: they are very functional. The great advantage is that you can choose the furniture based on your personal preferences.

Unfortunately, sometimes the place you choose for the office does not have a big size. In this situation the compact tables will come in handy. If there are no unnecessary things, a small desk will be perfect for the work. The desks that can be fixed on the walls take even less space. In fact, this is just a surface without feet and drawers. In case you do not use the desk very often, such option will fit you perfectly. You can find a table with a top that lifts.

7. What color to choose? White is the best for concentration. Use several contrast details to enliven the space.

8. Organize the storage space. Be attentive to the storage of your documents, papers and tools. Use special folders and containers to keep papers and to avoid the chaos creation.

9. Hide the wires. Think about comfortable wiring for different electrical devices: PC, screen, printer, fax, charging, etc. In such a way, you will not have to look for free power sockets and everything will be within easy reach. Hide the wires in a box so that they do not bother you.

10. If you organize your workplace at the window, there will always be enough light and fresh air. If during the computer work your eyes get tired, you can let them rest for several minutes looking out the window and observing what is going on outside. This is better than staring at the wall.

11. Organize your office under the staircase. If you are a lucky owner of a two-store house, then there is probably the staircase. You will always find some place under it to put there a desk and several shelves to store the documents and other stuff.


  • Do not feel ashamed to look for ideas, look at how the offices of your fellows are organized, get inspired by the pictures online, ask your friends and experts for advice (our experts, for example, will help with making a resume). Each office has something personal: a big announcement desk, convenient storages, gorgeous floors, a big sunny window or a round picture over the desk. It can be the color of your work zone or an amusing carpet, wallpapers, book-shelves, desk shape or “weird” chair.
  • There is nothing embarrassed to make the furniture with your own hands. The shelves, desks or chairs of a required size and shape are not always available in the stores. Such creativity can be very useful for a worker. Additionally, read about the impact of character traits on work success.
  • If you cannot make furniture or lack time, hire a specialist that will create the items that lack personally for you. Search for such a specialist online. Also, a good online resume website is at your disposal anytime.
  • If you have children, make sure that there are some protected places in your office, such as upper shelves or drawers that lock. It will be sad if the result of your hard work will be damaged by accident.
  • Divide the work and rest zones. There should be working atmosphere in the office. Having finished the tasks, you rest in any of the rooms or go outside. The office at home is for the work only!

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