Rules to Deal with a Bad Boss


How to deal with a Bad BossResume writing experts reveal the secrets

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Another secret we want to share concerns the professional communication and relationships. In particular, we are going to tell you how to deal with a bad-bad boss if this is your case. The expert team of our site has much to share with you. This is exactly what they do in the posts published on our blog. Since today’s topic is extremely urgent, we believe it will interest many readers. So keep on reading and be among the first ones who will get much useful information.

Communication with a difficult boss

The knowledge of different types of «difficult» bosses, the ability to recognize and treat them can help you build healthier and more productive relationships with your direct employer. Further, we are going to present the types of complicated bosses, and some tips on the correct building of the strategy of how their subordinates should behave as well.

So, difficult bosses have several standard features.

• First of all, if you have bad relationships with your boss, it does not necessarily mean that he (she) belongs to the «difficult» category. Maybe you just have different tempers that do not match each other. The fact that your boss is a jerk should be supported not only by you but also by most employees.

• Second of all, such bosses are very stable and persistent in their complex behavior. They have a strictly fixed style and their own set of weird habits, i.e., unique features that they use to control others. Such bosses are literarily obsessed with their conduct style. That is why their subordinates always know what their bosses will do before they do this. Read more about the role of personal qualities in a workplace because this is a really essential matter.

• Third, communication with such a boss takes much energy and nerves of the workers.

• Fourth, the energy spent on contact with such a boss is usually equal to the importance of a problem.

• And finally, any of these bosses can be a man or a woman. If you are also a boss or want to get this position once, you need to read this post necessarily:

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Types of difficult bosses

1. Authority. A domineering, influential leader of the authoritarian style who does not tolerate objections. This is the image of a classical boss: strict, imposing, experienced, who knows everything and does his (her) business. People who belong to this type accept servility and hierarchy. Subordinates who do not want to obey unquestioningly cause an aggressive reaction. Such a boss is led by the idea “The boss is always right.” Disobedient workers can be quickly and easily fired even when this is one of the closest assistants. In general, an authority leader does not allow people to be too close. Usually, he (she) has a strong will and powerful energy. The need for power and control over people is extremely strong. The workers must fulfill all the orders unquestioningly. If you are interested in how to make people work, we have something to tell you.

The treatment of subordinates is often harsh; nevertheless, such a boss is open enough and ready to listen to the arguments expressed correctly. The decisions are made quickly that is why they are not always reasoned and fair. It is difficult for him (her) to adapt to the modern business world, so this is a disappearing type. If you know someone who belongs to this category, it can be not late to change the situation and help a person change to become more competitive. Begin with a modern resume. Our leading custom resumes writing services are the best option, in this case.

2. Napoleon. Usually (but not always) this is a short person with an unattractive appearance and a lot of complexes. IQ is often average, i.e., there is nothing much special. He (she) strives for power to heal the psychological trauma. Since childhood, such a person experienced inferiority: girls (or boys) did not notice him (her), peers and adults humiliated, had to chase after “the lucky ones” all the time. With time, the desire to overcome all the weaknesses made him (her) develop and improve oneself. Thus, this type is very persistent, diligent and hard-working but simultaneously vain. The biggest fear is to lose the position and status. He (she) is disciplined and introverted (also, read what job positions for introverts are the most suitable), has the nature of organizer. Such a boss loves him(her)self, can be easily offended, does not forgive jokes and criticism, prefers flattering, adores when others praise him (her), his (her) accomplishments, office, achievements, whatever else.

3. Nob. This is a pretty popular type of leaders who have become bosses just recently (speaking about leaders, we want to mention that our top resume writing service in the USA is the world leader in its field). He (she) likes to play a high-flyer, tries to look mysteriously letting others know that he (she) knows and can do much, and also, has many useful acquaintances. In fact, this person became a boss by chance. His (her) abilities are average: intuitive personality type, low or medium IQ, poor memory and analytical skills, arrogant. He (she) is focused on personal and family needs and does not care much for the employees. Also, compliant and weak subordinates are preferred in a team.

4. Organizer (enthusiast). He (she) is always in motion, extremely active (choleric), prefers to solve quickly operational problems to the detriment of strategic, and often has high IQ. Such a person has the image of a friendly, lively, enthusiastic interlocutor. He (she) can organize the fulfillment of any task and mobilize the team to achieve the goals. However, such a boss can drive the workers crazy with his (her) stupid undertakings and seemingly valuable initiatives. That is why “organizers” become big bosses very seldom; usually, they get the position of managers. The office and desktop are always filled with papers, documents, newspapers, and no one is allowed to put it all in order. This type has a good memory and is known as a public-spirited person.

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5. Smart Fox is an always smiling and pleasant person. He (she) has got a good education, is a comprehensively developed personality, necessarily has a hobby (drawing, poetry, numismatics, music), is also a creative personality type, choleric or phlegmatic, focused on the surrounding reality, quickly responds to changes in the environment, usually has no problems with morality, avoids conflicts. If it occurs, we know how to handle a conflict at work. Such a boss has a firm authority, and others often appeal to him (her) for advice. While working with him (her), it is essential to document the course of negotiations, endorse documents, keep the minutes of meetings and reach the agreement. Otherwise, a smart fox can refuse the agreement you have reached.

6. Eminence grise is a very powerful person in a team who prefers staying in the shade or play the second role assisting a bigger boss. He (she) has an excellent education, brilliant intelligence, good memory, and vast experience. An eminence grise does not make a decision on one’s own but likes to prepare the decisions and bring them to life with the help of a big boss. He (she) is a good diplomat who follows the interests of an enterprise or company. By the way, many customers who made us a request “do my best resume for me now” became successful heads of departments, managers, and outstanding bosses.

7. Bully is loud, persistent, firm, formidable, aggressive, and they say that he (she) has very influential friends. Bully has a strong desire to control others. Life is a constant race for power. This type is afraid of two things: one’s own imperfection and any kind of closeness. When you deal with a suchlike boss, stand still, watch and speak openly, call him (her) by name to attract attention but do not take a fighting posture and try to solve together the problem that concerns both of you. Try to control your fear because the fear only encourages the boss of this type. Do not show your anxiety and let the bully fulminate.

When a bully’s anger starts ceasing it is your turn to take the initiative. Avoid any confrontation. Be friendly but firm. Smile if this is appropriate but do not be scared. Focus on the problem and your needs. If you demonstrate respect and not fear the bully will start looking for another victim. Even if your boss leaves you alone, anyway, it is useful to know how to manage work stress.

8. Teddy bear is usually friendly, nice, and kind. However, such bosses have two main disadvantages: to postpone the decisions by any means and to use the general statements avoiding being specific. They are often sluggish and have received an exacting, pedantic education. They postpone the fulfillment of tasks to avoid troubles and beat around the bush because they are afraid to be sincere and hurt someone’s feelings.

Slow bosses are afraid to make a mistake that can reveal their professional incompetence and failures. If your boss is like this you need to be firm, let him (her) realize that it is not a big deal to be mistaken when you learn something. Ask him (her) what he (she) means when uses vague or ambiguous words and agree on precise and real deadlines for the fulfillment of a task. Be flexible but rely on facts. Use positive techniques and avoid pressing: your boss is already uncertain, so do not make the situation worse. Try to solve the problems with the help of several alternative options. Support your boss when he (she) has made a decision. When your boss is in the process of decision-making, be more attentive, receive orders and do not rush things. Also, you can advise your boss how to time manage effectively.

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9. Fighter (Amazon) is a “walking time bomb.” His (her) anger does not lie on the surface. A fighter explodes suddenly: cries a lot, attacks and express much sarcasm. He (she) likes “shooting” quickly and often. When the flash of aggression finishes, a fighter returns to his (her) usual gloomy silence. Justice recovery (real or artificial) is the goal of a fighter and revenge is the tool. It is possible to tolerate such a boss only if you really love your job, and this post will help you figure it out:

A boss-fighter is afraid of his (her) anger, expression of emotions, and any kind of insincerity. When you appeal to the boss of this type try to resist him (her) affirmatively. You can even say that it is difficult to deal with someone who gets angry so easily and quickly. Ask for a private meeting with your boss and do not let him (her) become angry and deviate from the topic. Try to direct all your energy at the solution to a problem. Turn it into a challenge for your boss: he (she) likes challenges.

10. Flatterer always smiles, is friendly, obsequious, has a sense of humor. Flatterers tell people what they want to hear. Flatterers believe more in the form and influence rather than essence and competence. The need for approval makes them real tricks specialists.

A flatterer is afraid of a direct conversation and direct action that may lead to the appearance of enemies. He (she) strives for approval, so get it to him (her): laugh at his (her) jokes and enjoy the stories he (she) tells. Support his (her) responsibility and demand facts: names, places, specific tasks, and confirmation of truth. Let your boss understand that honesty is the best policy. Thus, we are always honest with our clients and provide them with the UK cover letter writing services of premium quality.

11. Wisenheimer knows a lot, but the problem is that he (she) behaves as if he or she knows absolutely everything. He (she) is very impatient, and it is expressed in the inability to listen. If a wisenheimer faces negative phenomena he (she) criticizes the things he (she) does not know, blames others because he (she) almost never needs help and does not like to work in a team. A wisenheimer thinks that his (her) intelligence and knowledge is the only tool to evaluate the work done by others.

A wisenheimer is afraid of not pleasing others and an abrupt drop in his (her) own standards of excellence. Do not fight with a wisenheimer, do not blame him (her) and avoid confrontations, do not try to be a “counter-expert” (i.e., to object to him (her) in what he (she) considers him(her)self an expert). Vice versa, direct him (her) at the solution to a problem. Ask a wisenheimer, listen to him (her) and express your appreciation. After that, set the feedback and offer your alternative. Since you will be occupied with searching for an alternative option, we suggest you to hire a resume service to build your resume if you need to do it quickly and competently.

12. Lazybones (idler). Personal habits of a lazybones can irritate or even cause disgust. There are constant chaos and mess in his (her) work and private life. Idlers cannot define the order of things and priority of tasks. Their clothes are always wrinkled, dirty, and torn. They can overeat, smoke, spread the smell of alcohol or have pieces of lunch on his (her) mustache.

A lazybones does not want to admit that he (she) is responsible for his (her) actions and demonstrates childishness and carelessness instead. If you work with a lazybones, support him (her) when he (she) accidentally shows neatness in behavior and help him (her) achiever better order in his (her) private and professional life. Demonstrate that if you behave just like him (her) nothing will work out. An idler requires a hard-working and clear secretary who is able to close the problems. If you are too busy trying to deal with your bad boss and you need somebody to improve your resume, we will gladly do this for you.

13. Abnormal (insane). Such a boss demonstrates an abnormal (deviant) behavior. The abnormality is manifested in either sexual harassment or frequent absenteeism, or constant lies. Abnormal bosses try to get rid of responsibility and hope that people will cover them. They are too anxious, ineffective, and it is hard to understand whether this anxiety and irrepressible whims are the cause or consequence of their own problems.

An insane boss is afraid of responsibility and most likely even when succeeds behaves inadequately. It is better to documents all the manifestations of his (her) inadequacy so that you could provide a piece of reliable evidence, in case of need, i.e., in order to win if a boss tries to lie to protect him(her)self. Some employees should have their own dossier on abnormal actions of their boss: such documents can become a convincing proof of your innocence, in case of confrontation.

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Techniques of treating difficult bosses

When you deal with a difficult boss, you can choose several appropriate options. The most effective strategy is defined according to the type of a difficult boss and your own features of temper along with the art of control. We are going to present you several techniques, among which you can select the ones that will suit you the best. Get more effectiveness strategies here:

Do nothing. Just continue doing what you have been doing all the time. Naturally, it has already led to the present situation and does not promise anything good. However, if your fear is bigger than the level of your dissatisfaction, maybe the best option is to let the events take their course; otherwise, you risk adding fuel to the fire.

Revalue your boss. Some bosses are not difficult, in fact. Some workers think they have too demanding employers, but the real situation is that they just have a different idea about their roles, goals, and values. Or it can be the matter of the incompatibility (discrepancy) of individuals. For instance, an extrovert (a person interested in external things) works with an introvert (a person focused on one’s feelings and experiences). Read a post related to the relationships between extroverts and introverts: Also, it can be the problem of contradictory perspectives, such as detail-oriented and the perspective of “the whole picture,” which contradicts the first one. The meaning of these differences depends on how you look at them and how you use them: the combination of people who have the perspective of “the whole picture” and those who are focused on details can give a great team or can lead to confrontation. Reconsider and revalue your boss.

Improve your style. Sometimes the best approach is to forget your intention to change your boss and improve your own conduct. Of course, you should have the desire to change; otherwise, your attempt will not be successful. If you decide to change, try to do only one or two conscious and vital changes in your approach to work. Change the things that directly interfere with the efficiency of your relationships with the boss. Naturally, first, you need to find out what these things are. You will need some time to do this; meanwhile, our experts will create your modern resume that will prove to your boss that you are an extremely valuable worker.

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Talk to your boss. First of all, you need to evaluate whether your boss is a good candidate for a private conversation. Some employers do not accept the suchlike style of interpersonal communication and, in this case, it is better to quit such an idea (more about relationships between employers and employees is here: Is your boss able to listen to the criticism?  Is he (she) a caring person? Can he (she) listen? If your boss is a good candidacy for a dialogue, ask him (her) about a meeting, prepare for it carefully. During the meeting ask the questions that make sense and observe his (her) reactions, simultaneously use feedback expressing your approval, in the cases when you consider it is necessary and appropriate. Bear in mind that most employers want to get honest, attentive feedback to ease the burden created by their complex behavior. If your difficult boss also has his (her) own difficult employer, then, your direct boss can require someone’s support even more than you. So give an excellent example of how to act.

Talk anonymously. If you are afraid to tell your boss what you think directly, you can try to express your thought with the help of a careful, tactful and polite letter. Sometimes an anonymous message is the only adequate opportunity to attract someone’s attention. However, be cautious not to be caught red-handed. Since we are speaking about letters, you should know that it should be smartly written without grammar or spelling mistakes and stylistic flaws. This rule concerns all types of letters. If you deal with a cover letter, an experienced cover letter proofreader is definitely required.

Prefer reassignment. If you like your company (enterprise) but do not like your boss, the reassignment can become the best alternative for you. Choose the type of boss you would like to have and decide on what kind of work you would want to perform for him (her). Make up the list of several bosses with whom you want to work and directly or indirectly hint the best candidate at it. You present boss may learn about your action only in case if you are sure that you will definitely succeed. If you think about such a way out our customers’ service resume online will assist you greatly.

Talk to the “boss of the bosses.” This is a risky strategy, but it can be effective. Bear in mind that there is the possibility that a “big boss” will take the side of your boss. Try to find out how close they are and beware if they belong to the same clan. If you really choose this approach, prepare strong arguments, be objective and useful but do not overdo talking negatively about your boss. Otherwise, you risk losing your job. In any case, you should be prepared for everything, and our fast resume proofreading online will help you get prepared better.

Know how to deal with a difficult boss. If none of the previously mentioned strategies attracts you, there is only one way out: you need to be able to tame your boss. If you meet halfway some of his (her) needs, he (she) usually tries not to lose you. However, whatever you do, do not sacrifice your values: nothing is worth your self-respect. Look at people who get on well with your boss and how they do this. For instance, they take some responsibilities that their boss does not like dealing with, or they do not appeal to him (her) is there is no much need, or keep silence when the boss is furious.

Change the workplace. The change of air can do miracles. But there is no guarantee that another boss at a new company will be better than your present one. However, if you work at a small company close to a bad boss, maybe it is time to look around and think about the change in your workplace. Evaluate a new company and your prospective boss very carefully before you leave your present workplace. If you are sure about leaving but you lack courage, read this post:

Now you can see that it is possible to deal with bad bosses and you know how. Unfortunately, sometimes nothing works and the only solution is to change the workplace. Naturally, you will need a new modern and selling resume to find the job you deserve. We offer to assist you and create your excellent resume paper. Our clients always get discounts and freebies. Other pleasant perks are also waiting for you. Do not hesitate to contact us anytime. We are 24/7 available for our dear customers.

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